The Hunt For 100s of Serial Killers

The A&E network has a new documentary series about serial killers called “The Killing Season.”  Specifically, it’s initial purpose was to find the Long Island Serial Killer, nicknamed LISK.

While looking for linkage clues in other states, the documentarians discover the *enormous* victim pool of hundreds of serial killers who are currently operating (according to active FBI investigations).  One of the largest (and most difficult to catch) types of serial killer is nicknamed LHSK, or Long Haul Serial Killer.

Now, why don’t we know about these murderers?  Because the victims are, 99% of the time, sex workers who put themselves at risk every time they get into a perp’s car, there is no official attempt to stop the killers.  After all, they’re cleaning up the “trash”.  We will never catch these MFers.  Unless we:

  1.  Stop being complacent about this large victim pool.
  2.  Make prostitution federally legal and placed under governmental regulations.

Making prostitution legal will become a rallying cry ONLY for those who have personally had a stake in these murders.  That is, victims’ families.  But you see, prostitution will never be legalized until we as a society stop the following:

a)  Treating sex like a crime.
b)  Treating women like property.
c)  Dump patriarchy for egalitarian society.

Putting a stop to serial killers *requires* us to stop treating sex like a forbidden subject.  To step away from the so-called “sin” of sex required by male-dominated oppressive religions.  ALL serial killer murders are sex crimes, even if no obvious sexual component is apparent.  Every single serial killer murders for sexual pleasure.  They’ll return to the scene of the crime in order to relive it and will masturbate while doing so.

The Long Island Serial Killer is just one of hundreds of cases of serial murder and the cops need the public to catch these people.  Unfortunately, many precincts are embarrassed by the numbers of victims they haven’t found justice for so they bury the cases or file them as “unsolved”.  They need US but there are too many of them who refuse to ask for help.  It’s a national disgrace.

While serial murder is a sort of hobby horse of mine from a psychological standpoint, I would gladly find another subject to focus on if we could just catch all these fuckers and stop future perps from being made.  And I stress “made”.  No one is born bad.  No one.  Murderers are made.  Medical evidence shows that there are some individuals whose brain chemistry made them susceptible to aberrant behavior due to mental, physical, and sexual abuse, but it is not guaranteed.  There are examples of this in families.  Why does one traumatically-abused brother become an FBI profiler and the other become a murderer? (Gerard Schafer (sp) of Florida was both–and it’s not uncommon b/c all serial killers are fascinated by law enforcement due to its domination factor)

What is, IMO, a fact that creates SKs is abuse, and all of it involves some form of mental abuse.  The severity of its result (a three-person SK who quits compared to an SK who kills dozens) depends on the brain chemistry of the victim-killer.  There are professionals out there who’ll disagree with this assessment.  They like to wallow in “mysterious” cause of an SK, and IMO, again, the reason is part of a societal sickness:

We as a society refuse to accept blame for the things we have caused.


Anyway.  I highly recommend this documentary.  I also hope it wins an Emmy for outstanding investigative journalism.  There’s a significant lacking of that in television news.


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