Weirdo Trump

Alternet’s 7 Disturbing Facts About Donald Trump’s Personality

Senator Al Franken, who formerly made his living in comedy, recently made a weirdly unsettling observation about Donald Trump. He never seems to laugh. And it’s true. The New York Times reporter to whom Franken made the comment did some research, observing Trump at events where normal people tend to crack up, like the Al Smith Dinner. Though Trump smiles, he never seems to laugh.

“I don’t know what it is,” Franken says.

We don’t either, but it’s creepy.

An abundance of pieces have been written about Donald Trump’s malignantly narcissistic personality, his lack of impulse control, his gnat-like attention span on any topic but his own fabulousness, his ability to lie, and the fact that he’s a racist, sexist bully who may also be fairly unintelligent.

All true.

But he also has some weird and disturbing personality tics that are less frequently mentioned, but which nonetheless give us the heebie jeebies.

I just love Al Franken.  Next to Elizabeth Warren, he’s my favorite senator.


  1.  Never done drugs.  Includes alcohol.  While some religions forbid it (Islam, Mormonism), for someone without a desire to do it(like Ted Nugent), he seems to find it a weakness.  He doesn’t even drink coffee.
  2.  Suffers from an Extreme form of Germophobia.
  3.  Doesn’t like shaking hands.  It’s related to his germophobia.  When he has to shake hands, he yanks the person close.  (This is an aggression, and is done by people who have a paranoid form self-esteem:  always show dominance, or you’ll be seen as weak.)
  4.  Has a 10-year old’s mentality about bodily functions.  “And when Hillary Clinton had to use the ladies room (at least, we think that’s where she went) before a debate, he called it “disgusting.””
  5.  Doesn’t have pets.  Never did.  Doesn’t have empathy, which is something he would have learned if he’d had pets.  Humane Society says he has a loathsome approach to animals.  (This is too damn close to a psychopath’s lack of empathy as well as a desire to torture animals.)  “It also takes aim at Forrest Lucas, an oil tycoon who founded a farmers’ advocacy group that fights animal rights organizations; and Bruce Rastetter, an Iowa agribusiness entrepreneur. Both are on Trump’s agricultural advisory committee and are among “a who’s who of zealous anti-animal welfare activists” allied with the candidate, according to Humane Society Legislative Fund President Michael Markarian.”  By contrast, Clinton has a huge animal defense record.
  6.  Bizarre Ideas about exercise and sleep.  Doesn’t do much of either and thinks exercise is bad for you and that needing sleep makes you weak.  “I’m a guy who lies awake and thinks and plots,” he told New York magazine in 1992, somewhat terrifyingly. Among the things he likes to plot, he said, are revenge strategies.
  7.  Never wears anything but suits.  Once slapped Don Jr. across the face, in front of freshman dorm mates(so there’s proof), for wearing a sports jersey before going to a Yankees’ game.  Made him change into a suit.  Mostly refuses to allow his youngest son, Barron, to wear anything but suits.  The kid has only ever worn a polo shirt, and that’s only because it’s a rich man’s sport.

This is the guy that 15% of Americans elected, by virtue of staying home and refusing to vote.

This is the guy who hires anti-animal businessmen.

The Guardian: Rampant Abuse at Alabama Chicken Processing Plant

Trump has picked Charles Herbster, who runs a large “multi-level marketing” agricultural supply business called Conklin, to run his agriculture advisory committee. Andy Puzder, the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr executive who has campaigned against minimum wage rises, is Trump’s nominee for labor secretary. Workplace reforms in the agriculture business seem unlikely to come from regulators under Trump, to put it mildly.


The man-boy is a threat in more ways than voters can conceive.

Aside:  I suggest that people who want fair wages boycott Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr restaurants.


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