Where To Report Scams

Got a reply from the Massachusetts AGO today, acknowledging my report of a scam.  They gave me some information on where to report other types of scams so I’m sharing that with you.


Mail Scams: US Postal Inspection Service, Postal Crime Hotline, www.postalinspectors.uspis.gov, 877-876-2455

Telephone/Fax Scams: FTC, Consumer Protection Bureau, www.ftc.gov, 877-382-4357

Internet/Email Scams: FBI, Internet Crime Complaint Center, www.ic3.gov. For foreign companies/websites scamming people, go to www.econsumer.gov.



I would like to point out that if Trump, his Swamp, and the GOP get their way, all of these resources will be eliminated.  Reason:  They’re scamming you, too.


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