Snowden, Russia, and Hacking Lies

Every US intel agency is blasting Russia, claiming (without proof) they were deliberately involved in sabotaging our election. First of all, the threat to our voting begins with the owners of the electronic voting machines who are in bed with Trump, having donated to his campaign as well as being in business with him. Second, if our states (like Arizona or North Carolina) were truly hacked, The Guardian or The Intercept would have proof. Both publications were instrumental in getting Snowden’s revelations out to the public. The latter still is, having dumped hundreds of NSA messages onto the internet–messages that were part of what Snowden copied from his time at the CIA when he created Heartbeat, a centralized database program for all surveillance.

Neither publication has printed anything that reveals a hack of our machines. Rather, the hacks of those machines are a) unprovable because we can’t audit them, which in and of itself proves that the system is corrupt by virtue of it not being auditible, and b) the GOP and DEMs are the ones responsible for changing votes, not Russia. There’s exit poll data proving this, during a) the primary between Clinton and Sanders with the latter having had his votes changed, and b) the general election’s exit polling data was interfered with by virtue of it being halted by order of the GOP-controlled states. Those that weren’t interfered with showed Clinton winning those states.

After watching Snowden, which I found to be extremely well done and worth watching, I got this idea. Perhaps the intel community is so anti-Russia right now because Vlad is allowing Snowden to set up a residency in Moscow (not at the airport but with a 3-year residency grant–which was up last year so I don’t know if he was granted another 3 years or more) and refusing to allow extradition. Snowden showed them up, presented their illegal activities to the public, and proved that Obama was a lying piece of shit when it came to his campaign promise of halting illegal surveillance.  Now, I’m well aware that Trump has business ties to Putin and Russian businessmen, and that may well have an effect on Snowden–either to get Putin to extradite him or certain business ventures will not go forward (unlikely) or to ignore Snowden in favor of making money in Russia (more likely).  Greed, as the man said, is good.


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