THE Best Report On What’s Wrong and How to Fix It

In my opinion, one of the best writers (not a journalist but I would call him one) on history and politics is Samuel C. Spitale.  His blog is under read, under advertised, and under maximized.

To find out what’s wrong with our country and how to fix, I recommend Spitale’s 10-part series, “Goodbye, Middle Class”.

This 10-part series is as follows:

Part 1: Our Growing Inequality. It’s Worse than You Think.

Part 2: Declining Wages. Or, Why the Poor Get Poorer

Part 3: Increasing Poverty, Declining Health

Part 4: Return of the Robber Barons. Or, Why the Rich Get Richer

Part 5: Credit Debt. Or, The Only Way We Get By

Part 6: Our National Debt: From Tax Creeps to Tax Cuts

Part 7: Slashed and Spent

Part 8: The Powell Memorandum: Profits over People

Part 9: Trickle-Down, Voodoo, Reaganomics; Or B.S. by Any Other Name

Part 10: Tear Down this Myth

I implore you, the average American, to read this.  If you must choose one or two, then try Parts 4 and 9.  You WILL get mad.

What is the answer in how to fix it?

Elect REAL Progressive “politicians” (those who aren’t but will run for office for the right reasons) who refuse to be bought.  Progressive doesn’t equal Democrat.  Most of them are as corrupt as all Republicans and both work to advance the Rich.  We need to eliminate the DNC, the RNC, and the Electoral College.  They have led us down the path of destruction and helped to a) disgust the electorate, b) pacify the electorate, and c) by virtue of a and b, helped elect a man who is a shining example of greed, gluttony, criminality, fraudulence, ignorance, and is, most of all, the least experienced person for the job of President of the United States in our nation’s history.  It’s not hyperbole.  It’s fact.  Not “alternative fact” either.  That bullshit phrase means “lie” and I implore everyone to state it loudly on social media and get it through the thick skulls of people who voted for our destruction.

You NEED to understand something.  Conservatism doesn’t mean what it did in 1968.  Ronald Reagan destroyed us, and those in *both* parties, but primarily the Republican party, abetted his hoodwinking of America.  Conservatism is a lie.  Words and phrases like “small government”, “deregulation”, and “lower taxes” have been co-opted to mean that they are what’s needed in order for the average American to get back what they’ve lost in stagnating waging and skyrocketing inflation.  This is a LIE and the last 30 years have proven it to be so.  The articles above explain it much better than I ever could, so please, inform yourself.


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