We Are At War and You Are Failing To See It

Alternet’s article: Republicans Are Inventing a Delusional Storyline About the Protests Erupting Around the Country—and It Could Cost Them

What’s the delusion? That the protests all over the country, and the Women’s March, are being funded by some anti-Trump agenda. Sigh. If only that were true. We could use the money.  These morons believe this because their false grassroots bullshit in 2009 that spawned the Tea Party was a Koch-funded enterprise, not something born from the hate-filled conservative populous, so they think since they did it, the Left will do it also.

Except it’s not the Left–and we don’t have major donors b/c the whole point in a major uproar is *money in politics* and the corrosive corruption that has invaded both political parties. We on the Left do not trust the Republicans and we sure as shit don’t trust the Democrats. There are a few good people who have been forced to call themselves Democrats (Bernie, but he’s back to being his Independent self) because the system is corrupt and refuses to accept additional parties and the Dems and GOP are run by people who’ve been bought by corporate donors and the uber rich. We Do Not Live In A Democracy. We live in a Plutocracy, and it’s required of us to put a stop to it.

But here’s the problem. Agent Orange’s dictator personality and the psychos he’s placed around him. Congress hasn’t had one meeting about proposed bills.  The Democrats aren’t holding committees to demand investigations into Right Wing Extremist terrorism. Instead, they’ve left it to Der Fuhrer, who has his fascist cronies (not hyperbole) crafting executive orders for him to sign. It is not only possible but likely that when protests get so prevalent, week after week, month after month, that Bannon or some other Nazi will demand that he sign an executive order that calls for national Martial Law.

Martial Law.

The government of the people will no longer answer to the people(as if they do anyway but they’ll stop with the pretenses). Elections will be suspended.  The Bill of Rights will be suspended.  Those in the military who do not obey to enforce this illegal order will be replaced with DAPL-like thug police/Private Contractors (mercenary army).  We will have Chaos because We The People are *armed* citizenry. There will be blood.

And all it took to get us this far was for Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the Corporate Media to alienate those of us who vote for Democratic candidates. They snubbed their noses at the people who called for an end to Citizens United, who demanded radical changes in the status quo. Who demanded Bernie Sanders. They were arrogant and ignorant and they led us down this path of destruction. We rational people knew what was coming but we’re small in number and couldn’t stop it. Now we’re headed off a cliff.

Think this is scare tactics? Paranoia? Delusion? To ask those questions, or be dismissive, means you haven’t you been listening. Wake. Up. We are at war.  Martial Law is coming.


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