I Am Anti-Rich But Not Anti-Money

I’m poor.  And I’m anti-Rich.

What does that mean?  It means I’m not anti-money.  I love money.  It gets me things.  Like what?  Well, for the dumbfucks who can’t figure that out, it gets me the basics:  food, shelter, clothing.  It gets me communication.  It gets me entertainment.  Free stuff is awesome, but I also buy what I need.  Most importantly, I buy what I can afford.

And still, I am anti-Rich.  I’m not against people having money.  To say otherwise is the argument of the STUPID. That goddamn argument about who’s deserving and who isn’t?  Who gets to have a TV?  Who gets to have cable?  Who gets to have a DVD or a DVR?  Who gets to splurge on pizza or go out to dinner?  Who gets to have *things* that aren’t basic food, shelter, and clothing?  When you hear a member of Congress, always a Republican, say “If they can afford to have a TV or a DVD player or an iPhone, then they don’t deserve help.”?  That shit comes out of the mouths of the CORRUPT.

Myself, I would LOVE to have money.  Know what I’d do with it?

I’d SPEND it.  I already do.  I participate in the economy, even as a poor person. I shop at grocery stores. I shop at retail stores. I pay taxes on the things I buy.

What do the Rich do?


They don’t contribute. They don’t pay taxes. They don’t participate in the economy. They don’t buy at the stores we buy at.  They don’t *belong*. They aren’t US and they aren’t the U.S.  The one thing they DO participate in?  Corruption.  They buy our inept, feckless, useless so-called Public Servants.  They corrupt our environment.  They corrupt our country.  They need to go.

The Rich don’t care about what they can give to society.  They only care about what they can take.  And when their grandchildren or great grandchildren can’t fucking breathe because their forefathers and mothers have polluted the planet beyond recognition, what do they care?  They’ll be dead and fuck the rest of us.

Now, who do I think qualifies as Rich?  Anyone who consistently nets more than $500,000 per year.  Does that seem low?  Only if you’ve been brainwashed by the Rich to think that it is.

But what if I were to have a lot of money?  What then?  I’m no hypocrite.  Let’s say I were to stupidly play the lottery and win a shitload of money, say $100 Million, and I opt out for a single cash payment of far less, do you think I’d still get $1 M a year after?  No.  First, I’d have to give to the IRS.  It’s my duty as a citizen.  After that, the money would get spent over time.  It would go back into the economy.  I wouldn’t sit on it.  I wouldn’t avoid paying additional taxes. When you buy a car, you pay taxes.  When you buy a TV, you pay taxes.  On the other hand, when you buy a house, you pay taxes and additional taxes and too goddamn many taxes every year afterward and that’s unfair because if you own your home, your land, you should own it outright, not be subjected to property blackmail.  And eminent domain is a system of corruption that should be eliminated, and outside of that, it should be warred against.  Property owners should defend their land with arms, if necessary … but I digress.

I would invest in things like an IRA, a pension fund, and similar things that are specifically aimed at security in times of trouble and old age.  I would not participate in stocks because that is a waste of money.  That is the realm of the corrupt.  Wall Street is nothing more than gambling and I’m far too intelligent to risk money that doesn’t do a damn thing but play into that scamming system.  It is the realm of the Rich.  It belongs to a system that is inherently corrupt and it needs to be done away with… and I’m going off topic again.  Sort of.

I’m anti-Rich.  And perhaps being poor makes me that way, but it also makes me far more aware of what’s fair and what isn’t.  And if you make a lot of money and then look down on others who don’t, you have no business judging anyone but yourself.


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