The Anti-President Will Fall

Rolling Stone:  Trump Doesn’t Get to Decide if the Russia Story Is ‘Fake News’
“Once again, the president is acting like he gets to decide what the law is.”

It will bite him on the ass soon enough.  And all his evasions from the law will land squarely on his head.  The presidency will be his undoing.  He doesn’t understand that we live in the United States, not North Korea.  Their “supreme leader” makes the news his citizens swallow.  There is no independent journalism there.  What he says, goes.  He lies to his people on an hourly basis.  He assassinates those who get his way.  Vladimir Putin operates in the same way and he’s murdered journalists who’ve discovered way too much about him.

Apart from outright murder, Trump seems to think that he can do the same thing as his counterparts.  No, he can’t.  This is the United States of America, not North Korea.  Not Russia.  We have many, many voices and we do not answer to only one.  Trump will find that out as all his minions drop like flies and his own arrogance brings him down.



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