The Missing Yemen Raid Outrage

For Your Consideration: The Yemen Raid

The failed Yemen Raid, in which a Navy SEAL lost his life, 30 people were killed and among them were over 10 women and children, and a helicopter went down.

1. Trump couldn’t be bothered to be in the Situation Room during his 1st military decision.
2. Trump was briefed three days earlier during a *Dinner* (because he also couldn’t be bothered with a military briefing).
3. At the dinner was Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner. A National Security Adviser and his son-in-law. Neither of them should have been present.
4. The dinner was no place to discuss a military raid.

**5**. What if this had been a raid conducted under President Hillary Clinton, during which she’d discussed it and made the decision during a dinner where her daughter’s husband and someone from the JSC (who have no business conducting military affairs)? If it had been, the following would have happened:

a. The Republicans would have lost their minds and demanded multiple hearings.
b. The Republicans would have instituted impeachment proceedings because the raid was discussed out in the open during a dinner and the Republicans would have shit themselves over the possible leak of classified information.

What are the Democrats doing? NOTHING.

Sean Spicer has ordered the WH press corp to STFU about it and will not allow any criticism. What if this was a press secretary under Clinton?

The sheer amount of double standards and lack of transparency regarding this matter is unbelievable. And where is the Press’s objections about this raid? What would they have been doing if this had been done under President HRC? Along with the GOP and other conservative elements (never mind Chump’s constant tweeting about it), the public would have lost its shit over this fiasco.

Where is the outrage?


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