We Can’t Be Complacent About Our Government Any More

From The Intercept, in a podcast called “Intercepted“, hosted by Jeremy Scahill.  He had a live interview with Edward Snowden (starting at 16:05 in the podcast).  Now, what you *must* understand is that Snowden didn’t break the law.  The *only* thing that the law could throw at him was that he lied to his superiors when he said he was sick, that he was going to the hospital, when in fact he was going to Hong Kong to meet with journalists about the NSA spying on everyone.  He also isn’t a Russian spy.  He is only in Russia because Obama forced him there.  They revoked his passport before he could transfer to a plane that was heading for South America, thus forcing him to remain in Russia.  Our government chose his final destination, not Edward Snowden.  The man is an intelligent, thoughtful patriot who could no longer stand by while our government spied on us–a fact which they are still doing, by the way.  They have never stopped spying on us.  He also makes it very clear that George Bush is being reinvented by the press, by our government, into some happy little painter.  But the man’s a war criminal.  So is Obama, and Trump has committed treason.  They all belong in prison.

Read the article or listen to the podcast while reading the article–which is a transcript of the podcast.

Now, this last bit of the podcast is very important for us.  We Must Pay Attention.

Edward Snowden:

“Let’s go to President Barack Obama, right? This is a similar thing. Obama was a fairly progressive, fairly liberal politician by American standards. And I don’t mean on the American political spectrum, because he was actually pretty far right, as far as, what people would consider to be a liberal. He was the one who said,

“The world is a global battlefield. I’m going to assassinate U.S. citizens without a trial outside of an actual combat zone because I believe they’re a threat to the United States.”

Now right or wrong, whether you think he was justified or unjustified in that, that’s unprecedented, and that’s clearly a violation of due process, right? But this happened.

When you look at the statements of journalists who worked under the Obama administration — and we’re talking mainstream people, right? They’re describing his activities against the press as a war on whistleblowers, a war against the press. Whenever something comes to the public eye — cyber operations that are questionable, things that failed — he starts trying to put people in jail. The editor of the New York Times, right — this is not what we would consider sort of a radical fringe source — said the Obama White House was the most secretive they’ve ever dealt with. James Risen, who the DOJ for some time threatened with jail if he wouldn’t reveal who his source was, said Obama was the greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation.

Now, what does this all boil down to? Why does this matter? The reality is, all governments lie. All governments break the law. And most frequently, this happens without us realizing it. The majority of us, right? People who follow this, people who study this will see it. They’ll complain, they’ll protest, but they don’t have critical mass because they don’t have control of the airwaves. They’re sort of shuttled off in the corner of the room where they talk amongst each other. But the average person doesn’t care that much because these presidencies, these administrations, give them the space to deny it to themselves, right?

To say, “I can go on with my day. I can go on with my life, and I don’t have to confront these issues. I can live in my comfortable life, I can go home after a hard day, right? I’ve got people to take care of. I’ve got bills to pay. I have obligations. I don’t have time to save the government, right?”

We can’t do that anymore. That is no longer a luxury. And that, more than anything else, may be the silver lining of this disastrous administration, is the fact that people are, for the first time in a generation, realizing that democracy is not an inheritance.

Folks, this is a challenge. This is our challenge. This is something that requires effort. This is something that requires sacrifice. And this is something that, if you turn your back on, will not get better. It will get worse. It is not enough to believe in something. It is not enough to think that America is the land of the free, the home of the brave — we have constitutional values, and these things will simply work out. They will mean nothing unless you make them mean something. It is not enough to believe in something, ladies and gentlemen. You must stand for something.”

We must get rid of our current system.  Replace these people with patriots, not corrupted officials and appointees who are never fired, never retired, but remain to write bad and illegal policy.  They must go and it is incumbent upon us to do this.  We need new people, patriots who demand an accounting of our government’s illegal activities, who say, “No more will be setting the stage for terrorist activities, for illegal behavior, for corruption that has embedded itself within our country and actively works against us for personal profit and hateful ideology.

How?  To start with, by creating an amendment to the constitution that states our elections must be free and fair.  That corporations are not people.  No more will our elections be run by corporate money and the ultra rich.  Wolf-Pac.com.  By forcing our politicians out of office by running regular Americans against them and educating the public about what is right and good for us, not what is good for the politicians.  To speak plainly about what is right.

To get past the labels of “socialist” or “communist” when it comes to taking care of each other.  Socialism isn’t a failed state when it is combined with democratic values.  Those values are:  We are obliged to take care of each other.  To walk by someone lying in a pool of blood, whether literal or metaphorical, and do nothing, is wrong as long as we live in a community.  You want to ignore the pain of others?  Then go live by yourself where your views do not harm others.

If I believe that a mushroom is the source of god, then you have no right to tell me otherwise.  If you believe that Yahweh, whose source is from the Middle East, by the way, is your god and what he says goes, then I have no right to tell you otherwise.  You do not, however, have the right to coerce others into believing what you believe.

When it comes to our community and its laws–our government–we have to choose one that represents US.  They cannot be ideologues.  They cannot be profit-driven.  They cannot be ultra religious.  Our founding fathers created the 1st Amendment for a reason.  The government cannot run only for a select few, be they profit mongers or religious sects.  Our views on what creates life are individual and cannot be made to force others into our view.  It is undemocratic.  Unfair.  Unconstitutional.  Views on contraception are religious in nature and therefore cannot be part of a governmental law that forces the secular majority to believe what the religious minority thinks they should believe.  It is wrong.

Do you believe that we should pay for what we use?  That you should not get things for free?  If you wish to live in a community, you should do what is right for that community.  That means paying a tax.  You want paved roads?  That is what a tax is for.  You want a decent military?  That is what a tax is for.  You want a community hospital?  That is what a tax is for.  A democratic community does live selfishly.  Its members take care of each other.  When we slide into selfish concerns, then we abandon moral principles and we set up class systems.  The rich.  The poor.  Those systems always become corrupt.  They always fail.  We need to be better than that.

Justicedemocrats.com.  The Republican party and a large part of the Democratic party are corrupt.  They have ZERO interest in our welfare.  They are only interested in lining their pockets.  They have to go.  We need representatives who look out for all of us, not a select few.  That means education and healthcare for all.  That means we should have a strong military but NOT at the expense of everyone’s best interests.  We the People.  Not We the Corporations.  Not We the Rich.

Edited to Add:  Capitalism.  This is a failed system.  It is inherently corrupt.  You want to start a business?  You want to make money?  That’s all good, but it is *not* Capitalism.  Capitalism is a system where money rules all.  I say again, that is inherently corrupt.  You cannot make money at the expense of others.  It is wrong.  A democracy cannot survive a capitalistic state.  It becomes, instead, a plutocracy, which is defined as a country ruled by the wealthy.  We live in such a state and have been fooled and brow-beat into believing it is, instead, a democracy.  It isn’t.  We aren’t.  Wake. Up.  Please.


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


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