Examine the Phrase:

“I’ve had a long day.”

It is a phrase that generally means that someone’s had a stressful day. It can be as mild as being bored to death all day, having a very tedious job, or can be as harsh as having suffered an extremely stressful day, either by pain, weariness, or as an abusive day suffered at the hands of friends, foes, strangers, co-workers, or family. It also depends on how one says it that denotes said types of day.

So a few days ago (and I’m just getting over the mad about it so I’m safe to recount), I ended a friendship of a family member over that phrase. It was me saying it. Bad back and spasm day.

Family member: “How are you doing?”
Me: “I’ve had a long day.”
Family member: “It’s a day, no longer or shorter than any other day.”

I was rather taken aback. The indifference. If you don’t want to know, why ask? Well, because it’s habit and many times, the questioner doesn’t really want a thought-out answer or doesn’t care about hearing it. So often we say, “How’re you?” and the response to and from us is “Fine, how’re you?” Normal pleasantry, ya know? Means nothing offensive. But from a family member or friend? No, uh huh. Not having it.

After a stunned fifteen seconds of silence during which they said nothing, I said, “We’re done. Don’t call again.” And I hung up. Because I’m not having it. Not from family. Not from a friend. Can’t be bothered to give a shit? Buh-bye.


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