You Can No Longer Afford To Ignore Politics

Politics. You hate talking about it, am I right? Many of you ignore my posts because most are political.

But here’s the thing. We’re in crisis. The TV and Print media has been corrupted.  They no longer inform us.  They act as if they need to treat every side equally.  But here’s the thing.  They’re no longer serving the public good.

Let’s use an example.  Side A says the water is clean.  Side B says the water is dirty.  The news, let’s say CNN, reports what both Sides are saying about the water.  But they act as if both sides are correct and who’s to say who is right and who is wrong.  Give equal weight to both sides.

NO.  Wrong.  Investigate.  Find out who’s right and who’s wrong.  Is the water really dirty?  If so, tell everyone it is and show them a glass of dirty water.

They’re doing that with the healthcare debate.  Republicans say the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is failing.  The Democrats say (in a tinny, tiny voice no one hears) it’s just fine.

The “media” tells everyone what both sides are saying, but they don’t tell everyone the truth.

The truth:

  1.  The ACA works as intended–as a giveaway to the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies.  It gets everyone insured, yes, but it has major flaws and at least 23 million Americans still don’t have health insurance.
  2.   It isn’t failing in its intended form.
  3.   The Democrats aren’t telling Americans, via TV and Print media, that the Republicans are lying.  The reason is because many of them are paid off by insurance and pharma companies via “campaign donations” and donors tell them what to do, so they do it or lose their cash cows.
  4.   There are some politicians who are trying to look out for Americans by offering a third solution, but the media acts as if they’re revolutionaries out to destroy the system.
  5.   The MSM (mainstream media like network/cable news) has failed to offer Americans a disclaimer:  That their owners are, or have been bought by, rich conservatives whose agenda is bent on destroying social safety nets and Obamacare and paying less taxes than anyone in a lower tax bracket.  This is called class warfare.

On America’s escape mechanism, aka television, network TV (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS) and Cable TV (TNT, TBS, USA, etc) has been co-opted by reality TV.  It’s a misnomer, by the way.  It’s not “reality”.  It’s stupidity.  It’s been designed to distract you from what’s going on in the halls of “power”, and that’s a power we gave them.  We trusted them to represent us but they don’t.  And we *know* they don’t.  Why do you think politicians have such a bad rep?  But we still elect them.  WHY?

Because we’ve been led by the nose and because we live in a patriarchal system that says those at the top are father and you have to do what father says or else.

Our lives have been choreographed through a careful maze of distractions by a rich conservative construct.  Not only does it require a dumbed-down citizenry in order to run rampant, a dumbed-down citizenry allows it even after they’ve been told.

While some of us are engaged and knowledgeable, most Americans choose to be informed until it bites us on the ass and then it’s too damn late to fix it before it harms us all.  Now we have to fix this broken system we’ve trusted to the wrong people.

It’s like ignoring a broken water heater.

It’s such a tiresome and back-breaking effort to go clean up all that water so you just start accepting the fact that you have to boil water to get anything hot.

But your showers and washes are cold, there’s mineral stains in the pots and pans and porcelain sinks and you start to smell something funky in the water itself–lead.

Still, that basement–if your water heater is in one–is flooded and it’s going to take too long to clean up. It’ll take time off work, cost money that you were saving for whatever, take you away from the fun stuff and reality-ignoring fantasy things, etc. And now, that water has climbed all the way up the basement steps and you can’t ignore it anymore. But now you have no idea how to get rid of the ‘swamp’ it’s become.

THAT is America, ladies and gentlemen, and you can no longer afford to hate politics and ignore politics and just go on about your business.  We’re drowning.


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