My name is Joy Anne Baker.  I’m from Everett, WA but now live in Greenfield, MA.

I’m an artist and writer, non-paid.

I’m also a contrary person.  I’m a Wiccan and a Progressive(not “Liberal” but “Progressive” since “Liberal” seems to have been demonized by morons), as well as a Veteran with a combat medic MOS.

I love science.  Seriously *love* it.  I also sci-fi and fantasy.  I love expansiveness, generosity, equality.  I oppose the death penalty.  You can’t punish people if they’re dead.  I also love being an all-around pain in the ass to every conservative element on the planet.

That said, I also, contrarily, believe in retaliatory punishment when the legal system refuses to work:  When raped, I believe in going after the rapist in the form of “vigilantism”, which is what happened to me in 1982 while serving in Korea (South, obviously, but in close proximity to the DMZ) and what I did about it.  The “day after”, I had some CID friends locate the bastard, take him into an alley, and then tell me where so I could beat the fuck out of the bastard–he wasn’t about to report that he was beaten up by a “girl”: see patriarchal note.  When the system fails, and it is overtly and purposely refusing to fix itself, we have to fix it ourselves in whatever way we can–short of murder–until the proper lawmakers are in power.

We live in an overall patriarchal world society which is inherently misogynistic.  This means that violence against women is not punished nor punished fairly:  1.745% of rapists are convicted and less than 10% of those convicted actually do time and of those, less than 10% serve long sentences(couldn’t find the stat verification; forgive me).  Perps and scope of sexual violence.  Opponents of convictions against rapists love to bring up the less than 1% of accusers who give false reports as if they’re the majority of reports, thus falsely (ironic) justifying their refusals for justice.  Many of these people–the majority are in a position to change laws–are themselves perpetrators of sexual violence and harassment.

As an Aside:  the GOP congress refused to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, proving that they have no interest in protecting women against the massive violence perpetrated every minute of every day.  It is therefore incumbent upon all rape survivors to privately go after the rapist–and that includes male victims, the majority of whom are in prison.

Another contrary position:  While I believe in science, I also believe in the “science” of astrology.  Astrology was the basis for the formation of astronomy and all of its (factual) data was used for scientific analysis, yet astrology was deemed “fantasy” and therefore unscientific because of its “metaphysical” belief system. This is illogical to me and on the same wavelength as stating we have no souls simply because we can’t scientifically prove it, or because we can’t “see, taste, and/or smell” it.  You can’t see or taste or smell oxygen or gravity either–although technically, we can “see” gravity in action simply because everything is “grounded”.

I do *not* believe, however, in the bullshit versions of astrology, such as these astrology reports placed in newspapers and magazines as “entertainment”.  Each of the twelve signs in astrology “reports” listed in newspapers and magazines refers to roughly 500 Million people each.  Hardly an accurate representation of your “personal” sign report for that day or week or month or other set time frame.

For astrology to be relevant, and accurate, for each person reading an astrology “report”, you need three things: birth date, birth place, and birth time.  These three things give you: Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant (rising) sign, as well as the position of the 12 houses and the influencing aspects of stellar bodies (planets plus minor planets/large “asteroids”; the sun and moon are considered “planets” in this analytical structure) in geometric relationship to your position on the planet at the date, place, and time of your birth.

This can be problematic when it comes to everyone born in the same hospital, which is why a generalized horoscope is anathema and a personalized horoscope is preferred, which takes into account your personality and experiences to further individualize your personal reports.  One *can*, therefore, further coordinate your exact micro positions in longitude/latitude placements.  For hospitals, it’s narrowed to feet and inches/meters and centimeters.  For places like cars, homes, and other locations, it’s more precise.  There are also many types of astrology, as well as specific natal (birth) astrologies for entities like cities and countries.  Types include horary (“hourly”, aka specific place using your birthday as the base date and literal date as the comparison date), event, and political.  For example, there is a natal chart for the U.S.A. and “sub-charts” (horary, event, political) for things like elections and major events like 9/11.

The charts for New York City and the U.S. show very negative aspects in transiting and returns and one could have “foreseen” the catastrophe if you’d advanced a chart for both the city and country at that date and time, but it’s also a guessing game since we don’t know if a certain date and time will be relevant.  For getting a forecast of a catastrophic event, you’d have to look at the birth chart/return chart/horary chart for NYC, plus two different charts for the US and D.C., and then try to figure out whether or not the negatives are for a specific event at the tower or D.C.’s Pentagon attacks.

It can get very specific, but it’s impossible to “predict” events, just overall influences for possible events on that day.  The only way to correlate a warning with cities (such as an earthquake in San Francisco, for example) and the country as a whole is to have those natal charts as well the ephemerides input into a huge astrological statistical database.  Astrologers simply don’t have one set up.  Only those who do charts for the day in cities all over the world will see an aspect chart that signals general disaster(they can).

Opponents and critics of astrology like to claim that astrology is “nonsense” because it basically tells you whether you should get out of bed on a certain day.  That, in itself, is nonsense.  Astrology is a guide, not a blueprint.

About the Featured Image:  This is the upper form of a full image.  It is from an image of an extremely pixelated/damaged image of a scrying witch that I downloaded in 1998 and redrew in Paint Shop Pro 5(these days I’d have used Photoshop or Corel Painter).  The features of the figure were vague points (dot pixels and short lines of dot pixels) for things like the headband, eyes, nose, mouth, cleavage, shape outline.  The result was a detailed image only vaguely resembling the original.


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