Trump Defends US Steel? LIAR.

From Associated Press:  “Trump to Impose Tariffs on Imports of Steel and Aluminum

“Determined to protect vital American industries, President Donald Trump declared Thursday that he will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, dramatically raising the possibility of a trade showdown with China and other key trading partners.”

This is an example of a BAD and MISLEADING headline.

There is no protection. This is an inept, unqualified leader trying to flex muscles he doesn’t have to bully steel and aluminum makers (not US makers b/c they don’t exist anymore) because they refused to lower prices for the construction of his buildings and future buildings. This isn’t the way trade is responsibly done.

Further. We don’t make steel or aluminum anymore. We used to. But then Congress & their Corporate donors SHIPPED our jobs overseas so the steel and aluminum companies wouldn’t have to deal with the steel and aluminum UNIONS, which demand decent wages and benefits for their workers.

This is part of a union-killing effort, spear-headed by Paul Ryan, that started with Reagan. If you don’t know, or have forgotten, the Air Traffic Controllers went on strike in the early 80s (IMS, but it was during his admin) to get better wages and benefits. The government was screwing over controllers who needed stress management. In case you don’t know, that job is one of the highest stressful jobs in the world. The ATC union didn’t reach an agreement with the FAA so the workers went on strike. So what did Reagan do? He interfered ILLEGALLY and killed the union, ordering the workers back on the job without benefit improvements or wage increases or he’d fire the lot and get scabs to replace them. Yes. REagan did that. They no longer have protections and the FAA treats them like shit.

The same thing has happened to US Steel and US Aluminum. They don’t make it anymore. The companies moved their job sites overseas for cheap labor. You see steel products all the time. You see Reynolds aluminum all the time. But they don’t process the ore anymore. Those plants no longer exist.

So protect US Steel? The MFer is LYING. This is about bullying and padding his wallet.


Adobe’s IT Problem–End It & Support Progressive Politics & the American Workforce

Adobe, like all other American-owned companies that turned into corporations, went international and got foreign investors and sometimes, new co-owners.

Once they started making a ridiculous amount of money, they decided that their shareholders and CEO needed even more money.

This is called GREED.

They also decided that their workforce DID NOT deserve the same extra money as they did.

They fired all American workers in their IT/Customer Service department and “shipped” the jobs to India.

As a result, their Customer Service level dropped dramatically.

Why did they ship the jobs to India?  GREED.

The American workforce needs protections and minimum standards.  Almost all corporations don’t want to treat their workforce like they’re worth something.  They hate the standards they have to keep when hiring American workers.

Americans have to have a minimum wage standard, even though that minimum wage doesn’t allow them to live on it and it needed to be raised to $23/hour in order to bring their wages level with inflation, comparable to what it was in 1979 before Reagan screwed us all.  Americans can’t live on minimum wage, as it stands now, and either need a wage increase or they need a second job.

Americans also need benefits, like paid family leave, paid vacation for at least one week, healthcare (esp where the employer pays half), and job security.

Corporations own politicians.  Their donations ensure that they do what they’re told.  Policitians then serve their donors, not the American people they were hired to represent.  We do NOT live in a Democracy and anyone who says we do is lying or misinformed or willfully blind.

Adobe didn’t want to spend the money they were making on making sure they made their workforce happy.  So they fired all American workers and sent their IT department to India to set up shop and hire Indians to do the work Americans used to have.  And without all the Department of Labor requirements.

As a result, when you call Customer Service for Adobe (& others), you don’t get someone who understands English all that well.  In the Chat part of Customer Service, it’s even worse because now they have to read and understand the English.  Chat is more convenient for Americans who can’t understand the accent of an Indian IT person.  It’s easier, but it’s also just as hard or harder to get your problem across.

First, the IT department has stupid rules.  The Help person you contact has to go through a set of standard responses instead of talking like a real person.

Second, thanks to those rules, you have a harder time getting them to understand what you want.

Now.  After my problem was resolved, and unsatisfactorily, the Adobe Chat person is supposed to ask me (or whomever) to fill out the survey they’re about to get in their email.

So.  I filled it out.  I don’t want the Chat person to get harassed or fired, so I generally give them high marks.  At the end, there’s always a box that asks if there is anything else Adobe can do to improve your Customer Service experience.

This is a standard, meaningless request.  They don’t read them, nor do they give a shit.  What they care about are the multiple-choice responses that are used For or Against the representative–it’s usually Against because they have no interest in patting anyone on the back.

I wrote the following in the box:

Stop your disgusting export of IT jobs for U.S. customers. We’d appreciate it if we could talk to someone who understands all nuances of the English language. Every single time I engage in a Chat, I get an Indian who doesn’t understand English all that well. It’s aggravating and it pisses me off. My issues, whatever they are, will be handled promptly and without a communication problem if the person I’m chatting with doesn’t have to spend time translating what I say. Hire people who can speak and understand English.


The person I spoke with was named Naveen, in case anyone reading this thinks I’m only guessing that the IT Dept is in India.  It isn’t.  You can get a U.S. mailing address but it’s sent to India.

My issue:

I previously contacted Adobe, twice, to change the due date on my CC membership to the 1st of the month (which came about b/c I couldn’t wait until the 1st of the month to start a membership and get to use Photoshop or Illustrator–I’d stupidly run out the full trial period).  They told me I couldn’t change the due date.  Eventually, they cancelled my membership–which usually gets you a cancellation fee anywhere from $21 to $80 (it’s in the membership agreement) if you cancel before your yearly commitment is up.

I did this near the end of January for Photoshop.  I’d previously done it for Illustrator in December 2017–except the membership didn’t end.  Instead, I was given a 7-day extension (aka, a “free week”) of membership.  But as a result of that, I was charged twice in January.

On January 31st, 11 days after I contacted them to change the due date for Photoshop but ended up having to cancel the product instead and wait until the 1st to restart it, I was charged $21.24.  I didn’t notice it until Feb 18th when I went to check my bank balance and payments I’d made.

I contacted them to ask what the $21.24 charge was for.  It’s $21.95 (even though the advertisement says $19.99) per month for a year’s commitment for all single product memberships.  So what was this charge?

The chat took over 30 minutes to complete once I was connected to a Rep.  Typically, the wait time to get a Rep in Chat is at least 20 minutes, but this time, it was 5.

Here is the transcript of my chat:

Naveen D: Thank you for contacting Adobe membership services.
Naveen D: We appreciate your patience and apologize for the wait.
Joy Baker: No problem.
Naveen D: As I can see that you want to know about the $21.24 charge in your account.
Naveen D: Am I correct?
Joy Baker: Yes, please. I don’t know what it’s for.
Naveen D: Sure, I can help you with that.
Naveen D: Please allow me 1-2 minutes to review your account details.
Joy Baker: OK
Naveen D: Meanwhile kindly provide your mobile number to update your profile.
Joy Baker: I prefer not to use my cellphone number. You have my landline on file.
Naveen D: Okay Joy.
Naveen D: We appreciate your patience and apologize for the wait.
Naveen D: As I can see that the charge is for ‘Creative Cloud single-app membership for Illustrator (one-year)’ and ‘Creative Cloud single-app membership for Photoshop (one-year)’.
Naveen D: Are we still connected?
Joy Baker: That makes no sense. I was charged for CC membership for both Illustrator and Photoshop on Feb 2nd, after I restarted my membership on the 1st.
Joy Baker: $21.95 each.
Joy Baker: I had previously called to ask for a cancellation so I could move my due date to the 1st of the month.
Naveen D: For CC membership Illustrator and Photoshop the charge is $21.24/month.
Joy Baker: “called” = chat
Naveen D: You want to know about the charge on Jan 31st 2018?
Joy Baker: Yes. I have separate single memberships for Illustrator and Photoshop. I was charged $21.95 twice on the 2nd of February. One for Illustrator, one for photoshop. But the charge on 31 Jan does not make sense.
Naveen D: But I can see that the charge is $21.24 under your account.
Joy Baker: Yes. I don’t know Why I was charged when my membership was paid for on the 2nd, two days later.
Naveen D: Please don’t worry, I will help you with this.
Naveen D: As I can see that you have been credited with $21.24 on Feb 01 2018 to the credit card ending ending with 8925 for canceling the order ‘ADB015991711’.
Naveen D: You have been charged twice on Feb 01 2018 with $21.24 foe purchasing the Illustrator and Photoshop.
Naveen D: Are we still connected?
Joy Baker: Yes.
Joy Baker: I was told I would not be charged for cancelling.
Naveen D: We have refunded you with $21.24 on Feb 01 2018, kindly check your account once.
Joy Baker: I have. There is no refund.
Naveen D: Would you mind waiting for 2-3 minutes while I research this issue?
Joy Baker: Yes.
Naveen D: Thank you for your patience.
Joy Baker: No problem.
Naveen D: We appreciate your patience and apologize for the wait.
Joy Baker: No problem.
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.
Naveen D: As I can see that you want the refund for the cancellation of Creative Cloud single-app membership for Illustrator (one-year).
Joy Baker: Yes, please.
Naveen D: Apologies Joy, the previous agent cancelled the plan without any cancellation fee, hence you haven’t got the refund for cancellation.
Joy Baker: Right.
Joy Baker: And?
Naveen D: The best I can do is that I will add credit days to your new Illustrator plan.
Joy Baker: Not necessary.
Joy Baker: That means, no, thank you.
Joy Baker: I don’t need the credit since it doesn’t do anything.
Naveen D: Joy, the next billing date will be changed by adding the credit days, you no need pay for the next month.
Joy Baker: The payment is automatic.
Joy Baker: If there is no charge on March 1st, then fine. Thank you. If I am charged, then I am charged. We shall see what happens.
Naveen D: If the payment is automatic, then also your billing date will be changed.
Joy Baker: That’s interesting, since I was told the billing date cannot be changed.
Naveen D: Joy, if I add credit days to you then your billing date will change from 01 March to 14 March 2018.
Naveen D: If you are okay with this, I will proceed further.
Joy Baker: What does that mean for April? Will I be charged on April 1st like normal?
Naveen D: No you will be charged on 14th of every month.
Joy Baker: Then do not credit me. I do not want my due date changed from the 1st.
Joy Baker: I do not want my due date changed. Do NOT credit me.
Naveen D: Please allow me a moment to search for the information.
Joy Baker: OK
Naveen D: Thank you for your patience.
Naveen D: We appreciate your patience and apologize for the wait.
Joy Baker: No problem.
Naveen D: Okay Joy, if your renewal date remains on 1st of every month and the billing date would be 01 April 2018. Now this is okay.
Joy Baker: OK
Naveen D: You are welcome Joy, please be stay connected while I update you.
Joy Baker: OK
Naveen D: Congratulations Joy, I have successfully added 30 credit days to your ‘Creative Cloud single-app membership for Illustrator (one-year)’ plan and your next billing date will be 01 Apr 2018.
Joy Baker: Thank you very much. That was very considerate.
Naveen D: Hope I was able to help you today.
Joy Baker: Yes, thank you.
Naveen D: You are most welcome.
Naveen D: Apologies for the high wait.
Naveen D: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Joy Baker: No problem.
Naveen D: You are welcome.
Joy Baker: No thank you. Have a good evening. Bye.
Naveen D: Have a happy weekend!
Naveen D: You are going to receive a customer satisfaction survey. I would appreciate it if you fill it out.
Joy Baker: OK

End Chat

As you can see, there are required responses.  This happens with Amazon, too, and anyone else you contact via Help Chat.

I wanted a simple answer:  What was the charge for.  It took the person too long to figure out what I wanted, never mind giving me the very simple answer.  The next issue was to then ask for a refund b/c I was told I wouldn’t be charged a cancellation fee.  The Rep said I was refunded.  No, I wasn’t.  So again, a miscommunication because they were going by a set of responses, not actually *listening* to what I had to say.

Finally, their solution, after talking to someone about what they should do, was to give me a free month’s membership, so my next charge won’t be until April 1st.

I will check on the 1st or 2nd, and all days after that, to see if I actually get a free month.  I am highly doubtful.

Adobe’s Customer Service has serious flaws, and the biggest is not using Americans — or at least English-speakers — to conduct business with American clients.

This is what happens when an American company fucks over their American workforce in exchange for saving money so the shareholders and CEO can get undeserved raises and bonuses.

The solution?  Fine every corporation/company who ships jobs overseas.  And the fine should be high enough to make it obvious that keeping an American IT for American customers is cheaper than the fine.  For Adobe, that fine should be no *less* than $300 Million.

This solution will never happen until Republicans, as well as all corporate-owned Democrats, are no longer in power and Progressives have taken their place.  Progressives will also implement the Progressive platform.

You can read it as the People’s Platform on many Progressive non-profits like Our Revolution(Bernie Sanders’ initial non-profit which has expanded to cover all Progressive candidates) and best of all, the platform for Justice Democrats.  Please support and end the systemic corruption of our country and the rampant bribery by corporations like Adobe, Amazon, etc.

Companies need to pay for shipping our jobs to China, India, and everywhere else outside the U.S. and her territories.  That is what will “make America great again”, not the selling off of our jobs, people, and land.

A Veterans’ Day Question to All Current and Future Politicians

A Veterans’ Day Question to All Congressional, Senatorial, and Presidential Incumbents and Current or Future Candidates:

Apart from the Progressive candidates who refuse to take high-dollar donor money and don’t have conflict-oriented finances, the rest of you have a hand in the military industrial complex. You have either financial stakes in their stocks or have received repeated high-dollar donations from those companies and corporations who are involved, directly or by proxy, with the Pentagon and the Armed Services, or both.

If one of you went to a civilian company and said, “Design this for me to use in a war game.” And you paid them $100,000 for it, you would get a top-notch, top-drawer result.

Our military doesn’t make their own clothing and equipment. It’s outsourced, just like every many quality jobs in this country. It’s done that way because you refuse to pay a living wage and supply them with health and financial benefits. I say again, for the benefit of the American workforce: You outsource because you refuse to pay us a living wage and quality benefits. You want it all on the cheap, exploiting foreign workers.

The same is done to our military through sub-contracting. You will pay them a high amount of our taxes. But for what? Crap. You don’t reward our soldiers, airmen, marines, sailors, and guardsmen with high quality clothing, equipment, food, shelter, and healthcare, and you don’t do this because you don’t think they’re worth that much. You want them to fight in your pointless wars, but when they come home, the financial and medical care they receive is a pittance compared to the private rewards you give yourselves.

Senator John McCain is getting high-quality care for his brain tumor. The same cannot be said for the Specialist or Sergeant who returns home with either physical injuries, mental injuries, or both. High-ranking members of the military DO get top-notch care, but only because of their rank. You decide that. You reward only the ones who’ve achieved high rank. Everyone else is fodder.

You claim you care about our troops. Our military. But your records show that all you are interested in is in making money off their lives and corpses. What in the hell are you going to do or us Veterans? For the men and women who come home from those wars you greedily sign up for our fellow citizens to fight? For the men and women who currently and in the future serve on active duty and are equipped with the best tools WE can possibly give them? Everything from their boots, quality food, quality billets, quality equipment. All you care about it making money from the weapons they’re equipped with, while at the same time, those weapons are not the best they could get. You paid a handsome dollar to their maker. The person who uses them gets squat.

What are you going to do that will match that so-called support you incessantly spew at the public? What are you going to do that will match that useless and pointless and frankly, offensive, Armed Services salutes you selfishly pay the NFL for? What will you do in order to get our respect and be either elected or re-elected?

Before you answer, you are not allowed to spout off with some insufferable talking point about how brave our soldiers are and that you have always had the highest respect for them. If you do, I will suggest that your constituents elect someone else. If by chance you have rigged their voting system, by purging rolls or gerrymandering districts, then you deserve to be kicked out and someone with an actual plan will take your place.

I am sick and tired of this “fiscal responsibility” lie you and others have shelled out to the American public and toward our military service members and veterans. Our budget is 60% military spending and half of that is handed over in cash to war profiteers who hide behind civilian contracting company boardrooms while they electrocute our soldiers in sub-par housing. KBR, anyone?

Our military is not meant to be a cash cow nor is it meant to be privatized. But many of you make money off the backs of our military personnel and you inhibit, thwart, and contravene them with your outsourcing of their jobs to mercenary armies whose sole purpose is to plunder and pillage.

Exactly what the hell are you people good for if all your intended solutions are geared toward padding your bank accounts?

Either equip our military with expensive and top-notch clothing, equipment, and medical care, or get out and give your job to someone who gives an actual shit.

Our “Civic Culture” Is Sick of Obama and the DNC Establishment Horror Show

Mr. Obama’s article at Politico, the hack site that never gives all the facts:

Obama, opening his foundation’s first summit, calls for fixing civic culture

He said:

“What we need to do is think about our civic culture, because what’s wrong with our politics is a reflection of something that’s wrong with the civic culture, not just in the United States but around the world.”

No. You’re playing party politics and catering to the establishment corruption. OUR “civic culture” is sick of it. OUR “civic culture” has had enough of the lies, the pandering, the lobbyists, and the legalized briberies.

We didn’t get Clinton elected because she was a BAD candidate. Her egotistical approach to campaigning for the job was “I deserve it”.  She acted like the job’s hers because she’s running and because she lost eight years prior to a 44-year old professor of law so this time, it’s her job.  It’s such a narrow tunnel-visioned approach to campaigning.  She’s not only corrupt, she gave us the middle finger.  Like the following:

She avoided us and the press for 8 months of the election cycle. She went around giving paid speeches instead.  She altogether refused to tell us WHY she was running.  “I’m With Her”, or that other slogan that I can’t even remember because it was so lame-ass, was a bomb waiting to go off.  She was supposed to be this smart person and she lost.  NOT because people voted for Stein or Johnson.  That’s a pathetic excuse to blame the voters instead of looking at yourself to see what it was that they didn’t like.  It’s like that crap with Gore v Bush in 2000.  The DNC is still fuming over that.  Gore actually did win.  BUT.  He would have won a lot more if he had adopted the Progressive platform and not gone further Right.  Sure, he was for the environment, but you can’t be “for the environment” and cater to the corporations’ tax dodging and annihilations of said environment.

So along comes Obama and he basically says the voters are to blame for Donald Trump.

People, please listen up.  “Civic Culture” is a euphemism for voter turnout.  We are to blame.  No.  Clinton is to blame.  The DNC leadership is to blame.

We. Are. Sick. Of. The. Establishment. Corruption.

You, Obama, and the rest of that lot?  You don’t do what we tell you to do.  You treat us as if we’re children acting up.  Only when we put a knife to our throats (Trump) do you sit up and take notice and ask what the hell went wrong.  YOU went wrong.

Mr. Obama.  The DNC got lazy.  They turned into GOP Lite.  They went Right instead of Left and they are in Congress for one reason only:  padding their wallet.  Only the Progressives who have to call themselves Democrats in order to get backing from the DNC care about us.  You don’t.  You started up wars we had no business getting involved in.  You should have apologized to the entire Muslim world for our arrogance and war crimes, but instead, you increased military contractors and our Zero Policy presence in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Indonesia, and Asia.

Why don’t you use your time to tell everyone the truth?  Because you won’t get paid for all those lies you tell in those $quarter-million-dollar speeches.

You booted out Latinos for no good goddamn reason.  “Only the criminals” was a lie.  Trump has ICE outdoing your heinous deeds because you gave him the blueprints.  You went after whistleblowers because they exposed the criminals.  You killed the messenger.

Let’s make a comparison.

Men and women betray our country and they get a slap on the wrist, a stern talking to.  But “leakers” and “whistleblowers” get put in prison for exposing the war crimes we’ve been committing.  So they’re arrested and thrown in a dungeon or they’re forced to go on the run.  They exposed what you were ILLEGALLY doing so they had to pay.

We The People are sick of the lies that have torpedoed our bank accounts and livelihoods over the last 40 years, and all because we bought into the lies you fed us.  We are SICK of you, Clinton, and the DNC’s favoritism for the corrupt.

Progressive want to purge your kind out of government.  And for that, the new establishment hack leader of the DNC purged all Progressive democrats from leadership positions in the DNC.

That’s a message.  And we’re not gonna take it., people.  Go support.

I fell for your bullshit, Mr. Obama.  I voted for you.  Twice.  The second time was because I absolutely HATE Mitt Romney and every single Republican out there.  He wanted to cut Social Security!  They all do.

And so did YOU.  The ONLY reason you didn’t get your cuts was due to the GOP’s plan of non-governing, refusing to do anything you wanted to do.

Voting for them is signing our death warrant.  But now voting for establishment democrats like you means the same thing, but in a nicer package.  Establishment Dems make speeches, tell us what we want to hear, and then they do the opposite.  Kamala Harris is just like you.  She was a Big Pharma lobbyist.  That’s enough to disqualify her from office.

I’m sick it.  I’m sick of you.  Buh-bye, asshole.  Go sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

Anti-Single Payer Controls the Narrative in the News By Way of Lies and Subterfuge

Y’all have probably heard by now about the tragic case of UK baby Charlie Gard. His parents sought an experimental treatment for their son’s brain in order to keep him alive and the Gov’t said no. It went to the UK Supreme Court and they too said no.

Now, those people who are paid by the health insurance industry to keep single-payer from becoming law all use this case as an example of why government shouldn’t be involved in health care.

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper framed the question about Gard’s case to industry-bribed Chuck Schumer as a case of gov’t being the wrong place to run health care.


What they fail to tell you are the details of the case and why the government refused to allow the treatment. (treatment would not improve the life of the infant)

The reason they fail to tell you and instead play this game to fool you is because they’re all bought and sold by the insurance industry, who won’t make a lot of profit under Single Payer.

Our Government Threatens Our Existence

Our own government is filled with corrupt bastards who jerk each other off as well as other nations’ corrupt bastards.  It seems to be their only aim, fueled by greed and a neurotic desire to control.

The only way to get rid of it all is to bring it all down and start over–and this time, learn from the past.  I’m not advocating any sort of violent coup.  I’m advocating that we try to root it out from within, not a baby/bathwater/antibiotic(kill healthy microbes/bacteria/tissue with the bad) approach.  In the meantime, they’ll bring it down for us.

While that’s being done, hunker down and prepare for disaster, assuming you live long enough to see it happen and survive the fallout.  These governments, like that of ancient Rome, will fall under the weight of their own corrupt flesh.  It’s inevitable and the corrupt leaders and the corporations who tell them what to do all *know* it and don’t care.  They’re taking whatever they can while they can and to hell with the rest of us.

He Chose His Daughter, Who Is No LESS Qualified Than Trump’s CEO Cabinet

The Intercept:  It Gets Worse: Ivanka Trump Takes Her Father’s Seat in Meeting of World Leaders

“President Donald Trump decided on Saturday to skip part of a discussion about what the leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies could do to help Africans improve their lives at home.”

He couldn’t be bothered, and frankly, couldn’t keep his attention focused on it. So he sent Ivanka.

Now, please understand something here.  Having Ivanka sit there in his place isn’t an example of bad leadership.  She’s got the same experience and qualifications as every single member of his cabinet:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — former head of Exxon.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin — financier–someone who has a lot of money from questionable sources who funds things like Hollywood films and ads for Republican candidates.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross — billionaire investor and giver of bribes to corporate-owned political candidates.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster — a military veteran who has no business at an economic summit never mind as a director of intelligence for the National Security Agency–aka, as a Spy.

They’re CEOs and Spies, not qualified science and humanitarian figures who know how to HELP people.