Why Mega Corporations Are Bad

Mega-corporations. That's the name for a corporation that's grown so large that it eats other smaller ones. Like a virus. Kraft brands. I'd always preferred to buy them, especially after they openly supported Gay Rights, and same-sex marriage. But it's really interesting to find out what, exactly, Kraft owns. It isn't just the items that … Continue reading Why Mega Corporations Are Bad


To Hell With Civility

To Hell With Civility I was on the side of civility. That we should let people eat wherever they want, regardless of who they are. But I was coming from the old school, where we leave alone people who are different.  Gays, Blacks, Latinos, Syrians, Palestinians, etc.  It should go without saying that I'm referring … Continue reading To Hell With Civility

The Campaign to Stop the Press From Doing Its Job

The Biggest Secret: My Life as a New York Times Reporter in the Shadow of the War on Terror ~ by James Risen "The Obama administration was demanding that I reveal the confidential sources I had relied on for a chapter about a botched CIA operation in my 2006 book, “State of War.” I had … Continue reading The Campaign to Stop the Press From Doing Its Job

The Reason for “Fake News” Accusations

"Fake News" has now become the favorite cry for those who don't like the truth thrown at them.  Whenever Donald Trump hears something he doesn't like, he says, "Fake News". Well, it isn't fake.  It's fact. But where and why did the "fake news" accusation start and why does it continue?  It's not thanks to … Continue reading The Reason for “Fake News” Accusations

We’re Heading For Another Oil War

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuDndMAn9rs&feature=share   You need to be informed. It may not be "sexy" but we've been programmed that way, to ignore what our gov't has been doing in order destabilize a country. You have heard the oft-used mantra about the last three "wars" we responded to, starting with Kuwait: we're there only because of the oil. … Continue reading We’re Heading For Another Oil War

The Corrupt California DNC Omitting Progressive Candidate from Primary Polling Data

The corrupt DNC in California is actively committing fraud against the electorate by omitting the names of other primary candidates (Alison Hartson) from newspaper and television polling data. Help stop them. The petition to stop this bullshit: https://www.alisonhartson.com/petiti…/…/17/unrig-ca-primary… Alison has outspent the other candidates in private citizen (non-corporate donor) donations a la Bernie Sanders.  She … Continue reading The Corrupt California DNC Omitting Progressive Candidate from Primary Polling Data

We Have a Problem: Corporate-Owned Censorship

Edited / Jimmy edited the video to make it shorter. This is a long video, explaining what's really going on. If you want to be informed, please listen to him. https://youtu.be/tYM7Ju-YXmE   I know you probably want kittens or some other distraction. I can't give that to you. We are in trouble. Corporate-owned everything is … Continue reading We Have a Problem: Corporate-Owned Censorship