Microsoft Games Sell Right Wing Political Ads

If you play free games from the Microsoft Store, you’ll be familiar with the AD bar as well as the occasional pop-up ad.  I regularly play “The Backgammon” game.

Today, this popped up:



This is offensive.  Not only does it advertise getting from a slanted political view, it’s advertising to get news from known Hate Speech and Racist groups.

This is all thanks to the age of Trump, where we’ve legitimized hate speech, assault weapons’ murderers, and openly, legally, bribing our politicians and allowing violations of the law to pass while we arrest and violate the rights of people who smoke a joint or have brownish skin.

I sent Microsoft Feedback through that stupid and useless “Feedback Hub”.  I included the above screenshot and told them I object to a political ad that promotes Hate Speech.

Think they’ll listen?

Only if millions –millions– send the same complaint.  I should add that if two Right Wing asshats send in a complaint, it gets seen to.

What the fuck is wrong with this picture?


They’re Complaining About NOT Being Able to Grab Ass

Twin Cities Pioneer Press:  MN lawmakers want to make butt-grabbing illegal. (Currently, there’s a clothed-buttocks exception.)


The press, in a split-decision so far, is treating this as if it’s something BAD. To make it illegal to grope someone’s ass. That’s BAD. No. It is not.

This is small potatoes and should be on the law books in every municipality.

We in the United States of America currently *condone* sexual assault and *condemn* being sexually active and experienced. We *condone* slut-shaming. We *condone* victim-blaming. We *condone* making women afraid via catcalling and unwanted advances.

We *condone* Coercive Control.

We *condone* Stalking.

We *condone* rape. We accommodate *rapists*. Rapists and Serial rapists currently serve 2-5 years after only getting 8 year sentences, on average. It is an outlier if a rapist gets 10 years. It’s virtually impossible to get life in prison. These people are a danger to society, but they’re repeatedly let out of prison or given probation or let off completely because the victims are shamed and revictimized.

We *condone* child abuse. (corporal punishment)

We *condone* parent-authorized child rape. (child marriage) **There is currently NO age limit in the U.S. for child marriage.** This includes so-called Liberal states. If a parent/s wants to marry their daughter off to some pervert, they can. Even if that daughter is five years old. They disguise it as religious freedom, but it’s nothing more than child slavery and child sex trafficking.

And some people are having a fucking cow about not being able to grab ass.

What the fucking goddamn hell is wrong with this picture.

Greatest Country in the world? It never existed and it sure as fuck doesn’t exist now.

I advise everyone who gets their ass grabbed by some dumbfuck who thinks they have the right to break their goddamn fingers, their wrist, and their confidence.  That goes for sexual assault, threats, stalking, and every MFer who thinks they have to right to make people afraid.  It’s long past time to put a stop to it.


Now, all that said, nothing will get done to protect women, children, and those who can’t defend themselves until we stop living in a Patriarchal society that celebrates misogyny and assault.  It’ll never stop until our society turns egalitarian.  Frankly, that’s likely going to take another 1,000 years if we haven’t killed off our entire species by then after Mother Nature’s done with us.




Trump Defends US Steel? LIAR.

From Associated Press:  “Trump to Impose Tariffs on Imports of Steel and Aluminum

“Determined to protect vital American industries, President Donald Trump declared Thursday that he will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, dramatically raising the possibility of a trade showdown with China and other key trading partners.”

This is an example of a BAD and MISLEADING headline.

There is no protection. This is an inept, unqualified leader trying to flex muscles he doesn’t have to bully steel and aluminum makers (not US makers b/c they don’t exist anymore) because they refused to lower prices for the construction of his buildings and future buildings. This isn’t the way trade is responsibly done.

Further. We don’t make steel or aluminum anymore. We used to. But then Congress & their Corporate donors SHIPPED our jobs overseas so the steel and aluminum companies wouldn’t have to deal with the steel and aluminum UNIONS, which demand decent wages and benefits for their workers.

This is part of a union-killing effort, spear-headed by Paul Ryan, that started with Reagan. If you don’t know, or have forgotten, the Air Traffic Controllers went on strike in the early 80s (IMS, but it was during his admin) to get better wages and benefits. The government was screwing over controllers who needed stress management. In case you don’t know, that job is one of the highest stressful jobs in the world. The ATC union didn’t reach an agreement with the FAA so the workers went on strike. So what did Reagan do? He interfered ILLEGALLY and killed the union, ordering the workers back on the job without benefit improvements or wage increases or he’d fire the lot and get scabs to replace them. Yes. REagan did that. They no longer have protections and the FAA treats them like shit.

The same thing has happened to US Steel and US Aluminum. They don’t make it anymore. The companies moved their job sites overseas for cheap labor. You see steel products all the time. You see Reynolds aluminum all the time. But they don’t process the ore anymore. Those plants no longer exist.

So protect US Steel? The MFer is LYING. This is about bullying and padding his wallet.

Treat People With Respect & Things May Change in a Hundred Years

Have you ever noticed the horrible stacking of ‘box’ apartment homes in Mexico, Central America, South America, certain portions of Southern Europe?  In movies, you see the stacked housing units in places like Brazil.

Ever noticed the bleak boxes that make up “affordable housing” apartment complexes, also known as Projects in some cities?

Ever here about “slum lords”?  They rent low-cost housing.  They don’t make repairs until the city or state forces them to.  They allow vermin like rats/mice or insects like cockroaches infest these buildings.

Many of these housing units contain lead paint that hasn’t been removed.  This sort of thing also exists in veterans’ temporary housing and rehab housing.  The effects of such things are detrimental to the health of the occupants.  The money isn’t provided to repair the contamination.

Ever asked why all that exists?

This is how the poor are treated by the rich.  The “rich” don’t have to be overly rich, either.  They can be middle class or upper middle class.

The poor are treated with contempt.

The poor can’t rise above their station because the society that has the poor ensures they can’t.  When someone rises above that lowly station, it’s an anomaly.  It doesn’t happen because they worked hard and stayed out of trouble.  It happened because they got lucky.  That’s all.  Lucky.  They ran into the right people.

When you treat the poor like vermin, they’ll behave like vermin.  They’ll treat you and everyone else, regardless of station, with cynical dislike.  They need help.  They need protection.  Their kids will form gangs out of that need.

IF a society smartens up and treats everyone equally, pays everyone equally, and shows the poor a modicum of respect, then things change for the better.  If you tear down the shanty towns and rebuild them, giving the poor good homes and livable jobs, their behavior will change.  There are some who’ll stay trapped in their ‘poor’ mindset and will trample on whatever nice thing you give them.  One must understand that the rich do the same, but for a different reason:  Because they can.

If you treat people with respect, you’ll get respect in return, and things will change.  It won’t happen overnight or even within a few years or maybe even a generation.  But we have to start doing it.  The rich need to be forced to treat everyone the same.  The poor need to be given a chance.

We won’t get rid of stereotypes, racism, sexism, and other forms of hatred until we treat everyone with respect.  Unfortunately, the powerful will not cede their supremacy without a fight and so many people will die without decent housing, food, and healthcare.  Which is what the poor always need as much as everyone else but are forced to live with scraps.

We have to do something about this and one way, if you’ll pardon the political here, is to elect people with spine and ethics.  Sadly, 98% of our elected officials don’t have the latter and those that do lack a spine.  Progressive views are the way to a brighter future for everyone, not just the rich.

Let’s start by treating everyone with respect–but please, be rational about it.

No, you don’t have to treat a wannabe Nazi with respect.  You can treat them with a figurative kick the pants.

You don’t have to treat a fascist with respect.

You don’t have to treat someone who views women as less than human with respect.

You see the thread I’m going with.

Treat a person with respect, they’ll give it back.  If they’re rational, of course.  This doesn’t apply to psychopaths because they don’t know rational or respect.  And it should go without saying that rational also doesn’t apply to the Trump voter.

Adobe’s IT Problem–End It & Support Progressive Politics & the American Workforce

Adobe, like all other American-owned companies that turned into corporations, went international and got foreign investors and sometimes, new co-owners.

Once they started making a ridiculous amount of money, they decided that their shareholders and CEO needed even more money.

This is called GREED.

They also decided that their workforce DID NOT deserve the same extra money as they did.

They fired all American workers in their IT/Customer Service department and “shipped” the jobs to India.

As a result, their Customer Service level dropped dramatically.

Why did they ship the jobs to India?  GREED.

The American workforce needs protections and minimum standards.  Almost all corporations don’t want to treat their workforce like they’re worth something.  They hate the standards they have to keep when hiring American workers.

Americans have to have a minimum wage standard, even though that minimum wage doesn’t allow them to live on it and it needed to be raised to $23/hour in order to bring their wages level with inflation, comparable to what it was in 1979 before Reagan screwed us all.  Americans can’t live on minimum wage, as it stands now, and either need a wage increase or they need a second job.

Americans also need benefits, like paid family leave, paid vacation for at least one week, healthcare (esp where the employer pays half), and job security.

Corporations own politicians.  Their donations ensure that they do what they’re told.  Policitians then serve their donors, not the American people they were hired to represent.  We do NOT live in a Democracy and anyone who says we do is lying or misinformed or willfully blind.

Adobe didn’t want to spend the money they were making on making sure they made their workforce happy.  So they fired all American workers and sent their IT department to India to set up shop and hire Indians to do the work Americans used to have.  And without all the Department of Labor requirements.

As a result, when you call Customer Service for Adobe (& others), you don’t get someone who understands English all that well.  In the Chat part of Customer Service, it’s even worse because now they have to read and understand the English.  Chat is more convenient for Americans who can’t understand the accent of an Indian IT person.  It’s easier, but it’s also just as hard or harder to get your problem across.

First, the IT department has stupid rules.  The Help person you contact has to go through a set of standard responses instead of talking like a real person.

Second, thanks to those rules, you have a harder time getting them to understand what you want.

Now.  After my problem was resolved, and unsatisfactorily, the Adobe Chat person is supposed to ask me (or whomever) to fill out the survey they’re about to get in their email.

So.  I filled it out.  I don’t want the Chat person to get harassed or fired, so I generally give them high marks.  At the end, there’s always a box that asks if there is anything else Adobe can do to improve your Customer Service experience.

This is a standard, meaningless request.  They don’t read them, nor do they give a shit.  What they care about are the multiple-choice responses that are used For or Against the representative–it’s usually Against because they have no interest in patting anyone on the back.

I wrote the following in the box:

Stop your disgusting export of IT jobs for U.S. customers. We’d appreciate it if we could talk to someone who understands all nuances of the English language. Every single time I engage in a Chat, I get an Indian who doesn’t understand English all that well. It’s aggravating and it pisses me off. My issues, whatever they are, will be handled promptly and without a communication problem if the person I’m chatting with doesn’t have to spend time translating what I say. Hire people who can speak and understand English.


The person I spoke with was named Naveen, in case anyone reading this thinks I’m only guessing that the IT Dept is in India.  It isn’t.  You can get a U.S. mailing address but it’s sent to India.

My issue:

I previously contacted Adobe, twice, to change the due date on my CC membership to the 1st of the month (which came about b/c I couldn’t wait until the 1st of the month to start a membership and get to use Photoshop or Illustrator–I’d stupidly run out the full trial period).  They told me I couldn’t change the due date.  Eventually, they cancelled my membership–which usually gets you a cancellation fee anywhere from $21 to $80 (it’s in the membership agreement) if you cancel before your yearly commitment is up.

I did this near the end of January for Photoshop.  I’d previously done it for Illustrator in December 2017–except the membership didn’t end.  Instead, I was given a 7-day extension (aka, a “free week”) of membership.  But as a result of that, I was charged twice in January.

On January 31st, 11 days after I contacted them to change the due date for Photoshop but ended up having to cancel the product instead and wait until the 1st to restart it, I was charged $21.24.  I didn’t notice it until Feb 18th when I went to check my bank balance and payments I’d made.

I contacted them to ask what the $21.24 charge was for.  It’s $21.95 (even though the advertisement says $19.99) per month for a year’s commitment for all single product memberships.  So what was this charge?

The chat took over 30 minutes to complete once I was connected to a Rep.  Typically, the wait time to get a Rep in Chat is at least 20 minutes, but this time, it was 5.

Here is the transcript of my chat:

Naveen D: Thank you for contacting Adobe membership services.
Naveen D: We appreciate your patience and apologize for the wait.
Joy Baker: No problem.
Naveen D: As I can see that you want to know about the $21.24 charge in your account.
Naveen D: Am I correct?
Joy Baker: Yes, please. I don’t know what it’s for.
Naveen D: Sure, I can help you with that.
Naveen D: Please allow me 1-2 minutes to review your account details.
Joy Baker: OK
Naveen D: Meanwhile kindly provide your mobile number to update your profile.
Joy Baker: I prefer not to use my cellphone number. You have my landline on file.
Naveen D: Okay Joy.
Naveen D: We appreciate your patience and apologize for the wait.
Naveen D: As I can see that the charge is for ‘Creative Cloud single-app membership for Illustrator (one-year)’ and ‘Creative Cloud single-app membership for Photoshop (one-year)’.
Naveen D: Are we still connected?
Joy Baker: That makes no sense. I was charged for CC membership for both Illustrator and Photoshop on Feb 2nd, after I restarted my membership on the 1st.
Joy Baker: $21.95 each.
Joy Baker: I had previously called to ask for a cancellation so I could move my due date to the 1st of the month.
Naveen D: For CC membership Illustrator and Photoshop the charge is $21.24/month.
Joy Baker: “called” = chat
Naveen D: You want to know about the charge on Jan 31st 2018?
Joy Baker: Yes. I have separate single memberships for Illustrator and Photoshop. I was charged $21.95 twice on the 2nd of February. One for Illustrator, one for photoshop. But the charge on 31 Jan does not make sense.
Naveen D: But I can see that the charge is $21.24 under your account.
Joy Baker: Yes. I don’t know Why I was charged when my membership was paid for on the 2nd, two days later.
Naveen D: Please don’t worry, I will help you with this.
Naveen D: As I can see that you have been credited with $21.24 on Feb 01 2018 to the credit card ending ending with 8925 for canceling the order ‘ADB015991711’.
Naveen D: You have been charged twice on Feb 01 2018 with $21.24 foe purchasing the Illustrator and Photoshop.
Naveen D: Are we still connected?
Joy Baker: Yes.
Joy Baker: I was told I would not be charged for cancelling.
Naveen D: We have refunded you with $21.24 on Feb 01 2018, kindly check your account once.
Joy Baker: I have. There is no refund.
Naveen D: Would you mind waiting for 2-3 minutes while I research this issue?
Joy Baker: Yes.
Naveen D: Thank you for your patience.
Joy Baker: No problem.
Naveen D: We appreciate your patience and apologize for the wait.
Joy Baker: No problem.
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.
Naveen D: As I can see that you want the refund for the cancellation of Creative Cloud single-app membership for Illustrator (one-year).
Joy Baker: Yes, please.
Naveen D: Apologies Joy, the previous agent cancelled the plan without any cancellation fee, hence you haven’t got the refund for cancellation.
Joy Baker: Right.
Joy Baker: And?
Naveen D: The best I can do is that I will add credit days to your new Illustrator plan.
Joy Baker: Not necessary.
Joy Baker: That means, no, thank you.
Joy Baker: I don’t need the credit since it doesn’t do anything.
Naveen D: Joy, the next billing date will be changed by adding the credit days, you no need pay for the next month.
Joy Baker: The payment is automatic.
Joy Baker: If there is no charge on March 1st, then fine. Thank you. If I am charged, then I am charged. We shall see what happens.
Naveen D: If the payment is automatic, then also your billing date will be changed.
Joy Baker: That’s interesting, since I was told the billing date cannot be changed.
Naveen D: Joy, if I add credit days to you then your billing date will change from 01 March to 14 March 2018.
Naveen D: If you are okay with this, I will proceed further.
Joy Baker: What does that mean for April? Will I be charged on April 1st like normal?
Naveen D: No you will be charged on 14th of every month.
Joy Baker: Then do not credit me. I do not want my due date changed from the 1st.
Joy Baker: I do not want my due date changed. Do NOT credit me.
Naveen D: Please allow me a moment to search for the information.
Joy Baker: OK
Naveen D: Thank you for your patience.
Naveen D: We appreciate your patience and apologize for the wait.
Joy Baker: No problem.
Naveen D: Okay Joy, if your renewal date remains on 1st of every month and the billing date would be 01 April 2018. Now this is okay.
Joy Baker: OK
Naveen D: You are welcome Joy, please be stay connected while I update you.
Joy Baker: OK
Naveen D: Congratulations Joy, I have successfully added 30 credit days to your ‘Creative Cloud single-app membership for Illustrator (one-year)’ plan and your next billing date will be 01 Apr 2018.
Joy Baker: Thank you very much. That was very considerate.
Naveen D: Hope I was able to help you today.
Joy Baker: Yes, thank you.
Naveen D: You are most welcome.
Naveen D: Apologies for the high wait.
Naveen D: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Joy Baker: No problem.
Naveen D: You are welcome.
Joy Baker: No thank you. Have a good evening. Bye.
Naveen D: Have a happy weekend!
Naveen D: You are going to receive a customer satisfaction survey. I would appreciate it if you fill it out.
Joy Baker: OK

End Chat

As you can see, there are required responses.  This happens with Amazon, too, and anyone else you contact via Help Chat.

I wanted a simple answer:  What was the charge for.  It took the person too long to figure out what I wanted, never mind giving me the very simple answer.  The next issue was to then ask for a refund b/c I was told I wouldn’t be charged a cancellation fee.  The Rep said I was refunded.  No, I wasn’t.  So again, a miscommunication because they were going by a set of responses, not actually *listening* to what I had to say.

Finally, their solution, after talking to someone about what they should do, was to give me a free month’s membership, so my next charge won’t be until April 1st.

I will check on the 1st or 2nd, and all days after that, to see if I actually get a free month.  I am highly doubtful.

Adobe’s Customer Service has serious flaws, and the biggest is not using Americans — or at least English-speakers — to conduct business with American clients.

This is what happens when an American company fucks over their American workforce in exchange for saving money so the shareholders and CEO can get undeserved raises and bonuses.

The solution?  Fine every corporation/company who ships jobs overseas.  And the fine should be high enough to make it obvious that keeping an American IT for American customers is cheaper than the fine.  For Adobe, that fine should be no *less* than $300 Million.

This solution will never happen until Republicans, as well as all corporate-owned Democrats, are no longer in power and Progressives have taken their place.  Progressives will also implement the Progressive platform.

You can read it as the People’s Platform on many Progressive non-profits like Our Revolution(Bernie Sanders’ initial non-profit which has expanded to cover all Progressive candidates) and best of all, the platform for Justice Democrats.  Please support and end the systemic corruption of our country and the rampant bribery by corporations like Adobe, Amazon, etc.

Companies need to pay for shipping our jobs to China, India, and everywhere else outside the U.S. and her territories.  That is what will “make America great again”, not the selling off of our jobs, people, and land.

Interpretation & Context of Two Songs

Interpretation & Context
Was listening to oldies and two songs were a perfect mirror of each other:
Runaround Sue – Dion
You Don’t Own Me – Lesley Gore
Runaround Sue:
Here’s a guy who’s whining about how his girlfriend goes out with other guys. He’s a possessive jerk who thinks she’s supposed to stick at his side.
You Don’t Own Me:
Here’s a woman who’s sick of being treated like possession and trophy. She can do whatever she wants, dammit, so stop treating her like you own her.
Play them back to back and you get the whiny bitch first and the fed up girl second.
Or. Vice Versa. Play her first, then him:
She’s bitching about being treated like a possession and he starts whining about how she wants to see other guys.
It’s two songs that perfectly mirror each other.  If Lesley’s song had been a tap-clap rock song, they’d have been perfect. 🙂


“Bootstraps”. The GOP/RW’s favorite fall-back position to excuse their condemnation of the poor.

It’s also the favorite condemnation of the poor by certain “liberals” and most definitely, well-off Americans regardless of political leaning.

Listen, folks. Those who rise out of poverty to become something are *** anomalies ***. We who grew up poor will BE poor for the rest of our lives (unless we excel in the military) because we simply aren’t in a position to *change* the deck stacked against us.

There’s college, which we can try like fuck to get to via scholarship, but there are obstacles along the way, placed there because you have no money to take care of them.
During college, if anything bad, financially, happens (health issue or your car dies), we have no fall-back or rainy day fund or rich parents to rescue us from it. We’re forced to take out loans to finish college or we’re forced to take crap jobs to help pay for the stuff we need, which puts us in a bind to *finish* college.

We’re fucked. We have to find a job to pay for those financial problems, and thanks to everyone voting against their best interests, all jobs aren’t good enough to live on.
And so, we have to go on food stamps, and if we’re stupid enough to have children, we can’t get welfare unless we have three or more. So on and on it goes.

We’re maneuvered into shit jobs, into having babies we can’t afford, all so we pay higher taxes because we elected people who refuse to pay theirs.

Fuck your goddamn bootstraps.

Y’all should listen or read “The Liberal Redneck Manifesto”, a partly-serious, partly-funny book written by three southern comedians (who’re awesome, hey Trae).  They make a damn good case about why “bootstraps” aren’t available to the poor because the game is goddamn *rigged*.

Edited to Add:

Oh, AND, we elected an asshole who lied to people who didn’t bother going online to read about his cons, his bankruptcies, his financial *debt* ties to many countries, most importantly Turkey and Russia.  Y’all elected this moron knowing full well that he’s a braggart, a narcissist, and a racist, misogynistic sexual predator that you gave a *pass* to.  You knew what you were doing and you didn’t care.

You wanted to upend the apple cart.  Well, congratulations.  Thanks to this MFer, he’s appointed people deeper than the swamp he lives in, who’ve trashed the EPA, trashed our climate arrangement, trashed our position in the world, trashed our military, trashed our competency, and trashed our bloody economy!

Wait, you say.  Trashed our military?  He ain’t trashed our military!  OH, yes, he has!  He’s gotten us bogged down tighter than a tick in deer country in places like Yemen, Syria, and Niger.  Know why Niger’s important?  Uranium.  Syria?  Putin’s money.  Yemen?  Saudi Arabia’s money.

AND he’s appointed people who’ve trashed our internet security, so in the near future, you’re going to see some interesting changes in your goddamn cable company.  They’re going to set up a tier system for the internet, just like they do for cable.  They’ll lie about giving you a “fast lane”, when really, it’s the high one they already have.  What they’ll do is slow us all down, then force us to pay for higher speeds.  BTW, these people gave a lot of money to Trump.  Ajit Pai?  He’s leader of the FCC, who trashed our internet security protection.  You know who he used to work for prior to this appointment?  Verizon.  Guess who he’s going to back when he’s done giving them the hen house?  Verizon.

AND you know that government security you rely on?  SSA(Social Security).  SSI (for those of us stupid and weak (their words) enough to get disabled).  Medicare.  Medicaid.  SNAP.  CHIP.  We pay for these things in taxes.  SSA and Medicare are deductions from our paychecks, not *taxes*.  We put into these programs so that when the time comes, we’ll have some protection, some sort of backup.

BUT.  Thanks to you voting against your best interests, you put Republicans in charge.  They have been after SSA and Medicare, as well as the other things, for a long goddamn time.  They want to kill them.  Just listen to Paul Ryan on the evening news, if the news hasn’t been co-opted to edit *him* now.  (The news networks and papers are now owned by mega-corporations who now refuse to follow the 1st Amendment and allow a free press.  They control what information gets out, and we’re left with noise and bullshit.  Those of us who want to stay informed follow independent news online–which Ajit Pai has now co-opted for his mega-corp, Verizon.

Over time, since we stupidly elected Reagan, Republicans have been chipping away at SSA, stealing money from it.  Those of us who’ll be 65 in 8 years, who were home taking care of kids or forced to stay at home by ill parents or an asshole spouse, won’t get more than $600/month.  Know why?  The money’s been cut from it to pay for taxes that were cut so that the rich wouldn’t have to pay.

Do you even know why we pay taxes?  Why they’re important?  They allow us to have roads, hospitals, parks, freeways, lights, water.  Over time, light and water have been sold off to private corporations, and look what they’ve done to us.  The Republicans now want to privatize everything else, which will mean those private companies who would own the roads we drive on would be tolled.  That’s how we’d pay for them.  Not out of taxes.

Our taxes would go up.  Why?  Because Republicans gave themselves huge tax CUTS.  Now the money we need to pay for everything, including our military, has to come from somewhere.  So, A) They’ll claim they HAVE TO cut SSA and Medicare.  To GUT Medicaid and SNAP.

SNAP.  They’ve already gutted it.  Know how much I get in food stamps every month?  For a single person?  $15.  It was $16.  And I’m in Liberal Massachusetts.

They want to kill these programs so that they’ll have the money to pay off their donors.  Those donors are Big Pharma (now you know why we’ve suddenly had pill ads on TV for the last twelve years–thank you, Bush), Big Agro (corn), and the Military Industrial Complex–aka, contractors, who waste millions of dollars on bullshit.

These people say they’re pro-military.  Oh, really?  Then why is the Veteran’s Administration getting much needed funding cut?  To pay for cutting taxes to the wealthy.

Pro-military?  Oh really?  Then why doesn’t the military pay their own people a living fucking wage?  Oh, you get a big-ass bonus when you sign up.  But your pay remains stagnant.  If you get killed over there in Iraq, who gets the bonus?  If you’re not married, the military does.  It gets absorbed into the kitty to pay for stupid shit that we don’t need instead of paying for upgrades that we do.  Do you remember the fiasco the military was experiencing once Bush lied us into Iraq (and the MFer would’ve been in prison had he been a Democrat, but Noooo)?  Our soldiers had SHIT equipment and uniform protection.  They weren’t prepared for war.  But Congress decided to throw them to the wolves anyway.  But to keep their jobs, they gave the military what it *should have already had*, instead of paying off contractors who electrocuted our boys in Afghanistan thanks to shit-ass showers and bad plumbing and wiring.

It gets even worse.  But I think you get the bloody point.

We, who are poor, will have our numbers increased now, thanks to Republicans and Establishment Democrats (who’re nothing more than Republican-lite) killing our safety nets and increasing our taxes, killing off our high paying jobs, and doing it by distracting you with bullshit theology and a goddamn fake moral high-ground.  BUT, most of those Dems aren’t stupid.  They wouldn’t have fucked us over like the GOP has done.

As for Hillary.  She’s corrupt.  She ran a shit campaign.  She’s a snooty-ass bitch.  Elizabeth Warren isn’t perfect, but she would have been a lot better.  Bernie Sanders would have been even better.  But the Dems rigged the system.  And they didn’t do a goddamn thing to help Hillary, either, despite their shenanigans.

So now, instead of Hillary, who wouldn’t have done any of the bullshit you see daily in the news, we have someone in that Oval Office that makes us look bad by the goddamn *hour*.

You want to get us back on the right road that Roosevelt and Eisenhower tried to build?  That Bernie Sanders and other Progressives want for all of us, not the rich?  We have to stop listening to squirrels.  We have to make the system work for us, because as I said before.  The goddamn game is rigged.