Why Mega Corporations Are Bad

Mega-corporations. That's the name for a corporation that's grown so large that it eats other smaller ones. Like a virus. Kraft brands. I'd always preferred to buy them, especially after they openly supported Gay Rights, and same-sex marriage. But it's really interesting to find out what, exactly, Kraft owns. It isn't just the items that … Continue reading Why Mega Corporations Are Bad


Why Other Countries Hate the United States

I'm a vet.  A non-war vet.  And I'm ashamed every day when I hear about our military being sent somewhere, and I'm outraged by the demonization and victimization of those who are brave enough to stand up to their country's purveyors of crime and tell the world what they did.  Snowden, Manning, and several others … Continue reading Why Other Countries Hate the United States

A Reminder of Hate-filled History

"All the Dachaus must remain standing. The Dachaus, the Beltsens, the Buchenwalds, the Auschwitzes. All of them. They must remain standing because they are a monument to a moment in time when some men decided to turn the Earth into a graveyard. Into it they shoveled all of their reason, their logic, their knowledge, but … Continue reading A Reminder of Hate-filled History

We’re Heading For Another Oil War

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuDndMAn9rs&feature=share   You need to be informed. It may not be "sexy" but we've been programmed that way, to ignore what our gov't has been doing in order destabilize a country. You have heard the oft-used mantra about the last three "wars" we responded to, starting with Kuwait: we're there only because of the oil. … Continue reading We’re Heading For Another Oil War

Mass Shooting “Hoaxers” Need To Be Shown as Mentally Ill

Watch this video from Vice. https://www.facebook.com/vicenews/videos/842904982564160/UzpfSTE0ODU0Mzg4MzE3ODU1NDI6MjAwMjQ0MTc3Njc1MTkwOQ/   "We don't give a shit what you say.  We're not afraid of you." ~ David Hogg, survivor of a mass shooting at a school "Right now, they are turning these conspiracy ideas against people, against victims. And that's a very dark evolution." ~ quote from video First. This … Continue reading Mass Shooting “Hoaxers” Need To Be Shown as Mentally Ill

Love & Respect Others With Differing Viewpoints?

I know what you may be thinking. If you're a conservative, you're thinking, "Fuck that.  They're immoral, against god, partisan ..." If you're a liberal, you're thinking, "Okay, sure.  Jesus said turn the other cheek.  And if you don't believe in Jesus, that's okay.  Martin Luther King Jr., said we must strive to get along … Continue reading Love & Respect Others With Differing Viewpoints?