We Have a Problem: Corporate-Owned Censorship

Edited / Jimmy edited the video to make it shorter. This is a long video, explaining what's really going on. If you want to be informed, please listen to him. https://youtu.be/tYM7Ju-YXmE   I know you probably want kittens or some other distraction. I can't give that to you. We are in trouble. Corporate-owned everything is … Continue reading We Have a Problem: Corporate-Owned Censorship


The Climate Change Monster

"Peoples minds aren't made for problems that large. White Walkers, the Night King, the Army of the Dead. It's almost a relief to confront a comfortable, familiar monster like my sister." Tyrion Lannister, "The Queen's Justice", Game of Thrones   One can use that quote to sort of explain away the assholes who refuse to … Continue reading The Climate Change Monster

Microsoft Games Sell Right Wing Political Ads

If you play free games from the Microsoft Store, you'll be familiar with the AD bar as well as the occasional pop-up ad.  I regularly play "The Backgammon" game. Today, this popped up:   This is offensive.  Not only does it advertise getting from a slanted political view, it's advertising to get news from known … Continue reading Microsoft Games Sell Right Wing Political Ads

Trump Defends US Steel? LIAR.

From Associated Press:  "Trump to Impose Tariffs on Imports of Steel and Aluminum" "Determined to protect vital American industries, President Donald Trump declared Thursday that he will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, dramatically raising the possibility of a trade showdown with China and other key trading partners." This is an example of a … Continue reading Trump Defends US Steel? LIAR.


"Bootstraps". The GOP/RW's favorite fall-back position to excuse their condemnation of the poor. It's also the favorite condemnation of the poor by certain "liberals" and most definitely, well-off Americans regardless of political leaning. Listen, folks. Those who rise out of poverty to become something are *** anomalies ***. We who grew up poor will BE … Continue reading Bootstraps

Love & Respect Others With Differing Viewpoints?

I know what you may be thinking. If you're a conservative, you're thinking, "Fuck that.  They're immoral, against god, partisan ..." If you're a liberal, you're thinking, "Okay, sure.  Jesus said turn the other cheek.  And if you don't believe in Jesus, that's okay.  Martin Luther King Jr., said we must strive to get along … Continue reading Love & Respect Others With Differing Viewpoints?

A Veterans’ Day Question to All Current and Future Politicians

A Veterans' Day Question to All Congressional, Senatorial, and Presidential Incumbents and Current or Future Candidates: Apart from the Progressive candidates who refuse to take high-dollar donor money and don't have conflict-oriented finances, the rest of you have a hand in the military industrial complex. You have either financial stakes in their stocks or have … Continue reading A Veterans’ Day Question to All Current and Future Politicians