History Lesson: Las Vegas Wasn’t the Worst in US History

Las Vegas was not the worst mass killing in American history: A history lesson

Many have argued this week and in the past that events like the Colfax Massacre and Wounded Knee are seen as separate because, within American history, the deaths of Native Americans and African Americans have not been seen the same as the deaths of white people — and that failing to specify “modern” history while talking about events like Las Vegas only underscores that idea by implying that earlier shootings don’t count.

What the news outlets should have said was that this was the worst recorded massacre by a single individual.

Worst Massacres, with more than one shooter, non-war.  The reason isn’t given because it doesn’t matter; these murders were against the law:

May 31-June 1, 1921:  Greenwood Community, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Coined The Tulsa Race Riot by White historians

Victims:   300 African-Americans

Shooter:  White Mob


December 29, 1890:  Pine Ridge Agency (reservation) at Wounded Knee Creek

Victims:  200+ Lakota Native Americans

Shooter:  US Cavalry


April 13, 1873, Easter Sunday:  Colfax, Louisiana.  The Colfax Massacre(Whites in 1950 renamed it the Colfax Riots in order to dismiss it)

Victims:  150 African Americans

Shooter:  White “Southern Democrats” (Democrats were modern-day Republicans and the switch came during the 60s Civil Rights Era in what has been coined “the Southern Strategy”)


November 29, 1864:  Sand Creek, Colorado (the Sand Creek Massacre)

Victims:  70-163 Cheyenne and Arapaho (dead and dying)

Shooter:  Colorado volunteers under the command of Col. John Chivington


May 15, 1850:  Clear Lake, Lake County, California.  The Bloody Island Massacre

Victims:  150-200 Pomo Native Americans

Shooter:  1st Dragoons Regiment of the U.S. Army, under the command of Lieutenants Nathaniel Lyon and J.W. Davison


(BTW, I’m White)



Actual Culture Appropriation

This is in response to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issuing a save to wolves and other wildlife that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service tried to kill off.  Minnesota was one of the relevant areas.  The timber wolves are now safe … for the time being.  And consider that there’s a sports team called the Minnesota Timberwolves.  It’s a crime against nature to kill off a species, then name a sports team after it.  Ask the Native Americans.


You know all that bullshit flooding the country about “race/culture appropriation”?

I call it bullshit because it’s sickeningly, offensively, ironic.

Consider the fact that Native Americans have been dealing with *actual* culture/race appropriation for centuries.

During and after the US Government’s genocide of an entire ethnic culture, we have also added a myriad of things with Native American names:

Rivers, counties, cities, towns, villages, states, buildings, farms, companies, sports teams, schools, etc., etc., etc.

And if you’re from an ethnic culture that isn’t Native American and you bitch about your culture getting appropriated, consider the evidence around you of real-world theft.

Now consider your own objections and tell yourself, “It could be worse,” then breathe a huge goddamn sigh of relief that it isn’t.

Does this mean that I think your objections aren’t valid.  No.  But ask a Native American how they’ve fared with fighting against the same thing.  And then consider that their persecution continues (see Dakota Access Pipeline) and yours could be on par but isn’t–and this in no way excuses or minimizes the criminalization of ethnicities over the last 40 years. (see mass incarceration)

My POINT is that the Native Americans continue to be marginalized and appropriated.  Every time someone suggests reparations, they are met with harassment.  Every time someone suggests getting respect via the dislodging of mascot names, they are met with harassment.  And you, a non-Native American, are bitching about someone using a cultural symbol because they like the look?

Perspective, people.  It could always get a lot worse.  Doesn’t mean you should shut up about it but please consider the literal ground you walk on.

A Revolution Do-Over Is Required

Once upon a time, there was a land called New World.  The men and women who lived there for hundreds of years didn’t call it that.  They called it The Land, The Earth surface, Home, the Spirit Lands, and other names.  Each tribe or nation had their own view, their own lands, their own government, their own people.  When one tribe sought to take more than their share, which wasn’t very often, then they went to war to regain the balance.  Balance always returned.

Vikings from Norway traveled to Iceland, Greenland, and what are now provinces of Canada, moved down the coast and settled for a while, but Odin and Thor weren’t happy and they had so much trouble with the strange land that they returned home.  This was long before 1492 C.E., when Spain’s pirates (with royal letters of mark making them “privateers”) set sail to find other lands to conquer because they weren’t getting very far with England and France–and those two countries couldn’t stop warring with each other(and England with Scotland, Ireland, and Wales).  So while they were busy, the pirates set sail.  After a while, England, Portugal, and Italy joined them.


The mindset of these people was greed.  Sure, some of them may have been honest folk, but the religion of these people told them that the world was theirs to conquer and anyone who wasn’t like them was sub-human, not worthy of their own lives, their own governments.  They invaded Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

They murdered millions—people who already lived in the lands they invaded.  Most murders were through direct action.  Many died through indirect means, such as disease and starvation.  Many people were forced into slavery–and slavery was an industry.  An institution.  To do away with it meant a loss of income and they would not stand for that.

By the early 1700s, many “colonists” in North America had murdered, enslaved, and stole lands from, the indigenous peoples.  Many states south of Virginia refused to give up slavery, but since fighting men were needed, they were allowed to keep their slavery in return for joining the men who were determined to create a new nation.

There is an old adage that holds to be true:  Wars of independence are always followed by civil wars.  The reason is because the independence seekers are forced to accept compromises in order to win and those compromises are seeds that foment internal rebellion and self-destruction.  Those compromises weren’t really compromises.  They ultimatums and guns to the head.  In the case of the so-called United States of America, those compromises were about one thing:  slavery.  Or to put it more esoterically, Greed.


As the U.S. grew, greed killed off many more Indigenous Peoples and corralled the rest in ever-shrinking “sovereign” lands.  AKA, reservations.  When the U.S. government’s greed wanted more land, they violated their own word and stole it from the Native Americans.  The “Indians” didn’t–and still don’t–have militias or armies or weapons, so their rights were run over, their people slaughtered.  Meanwhile, the Indians’ sovereignty was thrown in their faces whenever they asked the U.S. government for money.

The U.S. government will steal your sovereign land and deny you the means to live well on that land.  It’s a catch-22, and purposely written that way in order to eventually kill you off and get the land “back”–land that was never theirs to begin with.  All Native American land is surrounded by U.S. land.  There is nowhere to go, no one to seek help from.  Our Native American brothers and sisters are living on borrowed time.

Now, why have we white people put up with this?

Because we’re concerned with our own measly lives.  We are concerned with making a living, having an income, feeding ourselves, housing ourselves, and clothing ourselves.  Many of us are side-tracked with wanting more.  Greed.  But we never get it and there’s a reason:

Our government is run by an oligarchy, not a democracy, and it’s been that way from day one.  The Founding Fathers were rich men, and although some of them died “poor”(Washington), they were still members of the gentry and given special status over so-called “simple” farmers and laborers.  What is now referred to as “workers”, and that name has a slavery connotation to it.

We are peons.  We are ruled by the rich.  They don’t give quarter.  They make us work for it while they reap the rewards that we should all share in and don’t.

When we try to bring balance, we are trod upon, lied to, and always forced to work against our own interests through means of parlor tricks, skullduggery, bald-faced lies, misdirection, and our own bigotries.

So America has limped along since the Civil War, grown little by little after WWI and WWII, and We the People allowed ourselves to conquered and indentured by our so-called leaders.  We gave them power and they ran with it, building it up and up and up until we looked around and found there was an immense inequality.

And we wonder where it came from.

It came from us.  We gave power to representatives–people who were elected to represent our interests.  But we let them squander it away.  We let them build their own fortunes while they robbed us of our own.  They made promises and broke them.

Why are all politicians scorned?  Because we know them to be liars.  But we *made them* politicians.  Why are we suddenly scornful?  Because we’re lazy good-for-nothing slackers, that’s why.  We refuse to do the hard work of keeping them on their toes.  We think, “Okay, you’re elected, now do a good job.”

Except most of them won’t.  They are in it for the money, not your welfare.  In order to keep getting rich, they sell you lies.  They take advantage of your beliefs, your bigotries, your prejudices, and in return, they’ll fuck you over so fast it’ll make your head spin.

Every election cycle, we choose people to represent us and believe them when they tell us what we need.  We give up our rights to make our own choices by letting them make them for us.  And to get there, they feed us lies.  When they’ve won, in return for our loyalty, they sell us to the highest bidder.

Why have we allowed that?  Why have we buried our heads in the sand?

We’ve become so preoccupied with our own bigoted views that we have ignored the sickness that surrounds us.  We have no power until we stand up and put a stop to it.  We’re treated like peasants.  We’re told who to hate, who to love, who give our blood to, and when to die.  We’re told behave and be controlled.  By police.  By the military.  By corruption.

We let this happen.

The entire system is corrupt.  It isn’t just about who sits in the Oval Office.  It’s about who sit in our state capitals and our local town councils and who provides law and order and for what purpose.  It doesn’t matter if we go to church or synagogue or mosque.  It no longer matters if we believe we’re the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Because it’s a lie.

We have no control, no say in what happens to us.  No say in what our leaders do to others outside our country.  Our military and our genius has been turned over to people who have evil intentions.  All for greed.  All for power.  America is no longer the land of opportunity or of freedom.  It now stands for blood and horror.

Go anywhere outside the United States and you will find a country that has been screwed over by our politicians.  You will find a country that has been threatened.  You will find a country that has been bombed.  You will find citizens who have been raped and murdered.  And guess what?  You will find the Same Thing Here.  What do you think has been going on in rural towns?  What do you think has been happening to Native Americans?  What do you think will happen to you?

Do you even care?  Do you even have a soul?

We have to snap out of our force-fed bigotry.  The only way out of this corruption we’ve allowed to happen is to start another revolution and that will only happen if we get involved.  That will only happen if we sacrifice our peace, our comfort, and our apathy.  We can’t be complacent any more.

Nuclear Contamination, UFO misdirection, theft, murder, and human testing

Another history lesson (bizarre as the source material is) from the Twin Peaks book. It details what happens when irresponsible and unknowledgeable people are put in charge of something dangerous, all in the name of warfare power, cloaked in “patriotism”:
“One of the first nuclear production complexes to produce weapons grade plutonium is located at Hanford, WA. Located 200 miles east of Tacoma, around a bare desert-like stretch around the Columbia river. The Hanford Ordinance Works often more benignly referred to as the Hanford Engineering company is nearly half the size of Rhode Island. In 1942, the government seized this land by exercise of Eminent Domain, a constitutional right most citizens don’t even know exists.  Over 1,500 people relocated from two nearby farming communities creating ghost towns that exist to this day. They also removed people of three Native American nations, including the Nez Perce. It was reservation land, and therefore judged ideal by the powers that be for their purposes.
“Having fleeced the Nez Perce out of their land in the mid-19th century treaty, it proved even easier to do it a second time. With world war on this time, patriotism trumped reason. Even the Indians couldn’t refuse pitching in to save the world. Most of the Manhattan Project split the atom. The B reactor the government built at Hanford produced most of the plutonium used in the bomb dropped at Nagasaki, as well as in most of the nuclear weapons America continued to manufacture throughout the Cold War.
“As a result, Hanford also produced a massive amount of nuclear waste. A threat of contamination to the area’s ground water and other resources, before the country had developed a coherent plan on how to store it or contain it. So what did they do with it?
“Recently declassified documents revealed that in 1949, soon after the war, officials at Hanford covertly released massive amounts of raw iradiated uranium fuel into the local environment. Levels monitored in the 200-mile area around Hanford exceeded the established daily limited of iodine 131 by 1,000 %. The water and land rights that were granted to the Nez Perce were fouled for generations to come. But there would be no relocations this time. Citizens in the area were, instead, routinely tested to see what effect these contaminants would have on them. (the Nez Perce and others were lab rats) And in the next few years, thyroid disease and cancer rates soared. At which point, officials at every level denied that any radiation above acceptable levels had ever been released. I wonder what Chief Joseph would have had to say to the government about that.”
This section is used as an alternate theory on what the government was covering up — and hence used the idea of UFOs for misdirection.

Revelations found within “The Secret History of Twin Peaks”

“The Secret History of Twin Peaks” is full of historical accuracies that blend with the supernatural mysteries in the Twin Peaks’ mythology. Among them are two things I didn’t know about (and thus our inept History classes in most public schools should be amended to include them).

  1.  Meriwether (accurate spelling) Lewis was assassinated by a double agent of Spain. To prove it once and for all, the descendants of Lewis petitioned the court to open his grave, which is positioned under a landmark in the forest in Missouri (or Louisiana, I forget my addled brain). The court agreed and ordered the Bureau of Parks and Recreation (managers of all historical landmarks) in 2010. The Bureau refused on the grounds that it would destroy the monument of a great historical figure. ?????????????????????????????
  2. Chief Joseph (aka Hinmatóowyalahtq̓it, or Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt) was ordered by General Oliver Howard to move onto a reservation and the so-called authority for which was that Howard had “bought” the land thru a deal with another tribe. The truth is that white prospectors discovered gold in the Wallawa(sp?) valley and Howard wanted the money the government would give him in return for securing the land. This order to move them was a direct violation of a government treaty already established with the Nez Perce.

Surprise, surprise. Identical to DAPL and many other government/corporate seizures of Native American land out of greed (aka profit).
Chief Hinmatóowyalahtq̓it told Howard in a letter:

“Perhaps you think that the Great Spirit Chief sent you here to dispose of us as you see fit. If I thought you were sent here by the Great Spirit Chief, I might be induced to think that you had the right to dispose of me. Do not misunderstand me, but understand fully with reference to my people’s affection for this land.

“I never said this land was mine to do with as I choose. The only one who has the right to dispose of it is the one who created it. I simply claim a right to live on my land and accord you the privilege to return to yours. In treaty councils, commissioners have claimed that our country had been sold to your government.

“Suppose a white man should come to me and say, ‘Joseph, I like your horses and I want to buy them.’ I say ‘No’ to him. ‘No. My horses suit me. I will not sell them.’ Then he goes to my neighbor and says to him, ‘Joseph has some good horses and I want to buy them but he refuses to sell.’ My neighbor answers ‘Pay me the money and I will sell you Joseph’s horses.’ The white man returns to me and says, ‘Joseph, I have bought your horses and you must let me have them.’ If we sold our lands to the government, this is the way they were bought.”

Summary: Chief Hinmatóowyalahtq̓it was a hero, justly fighting against the government who stole his land, land that the Great Spirit Chief allowed him to seed. You cannot sell something that is not yours to sell, but our corrupt racist government does it all the time, and not just within the United States. So it is not surprising that this actual history is not taught in our schools.

Are You F*cking Kidding Me?

Amy Goodman, a longtime journalist who hosts The War and Peace Report on DemocracyNow.org and FreeSpeech.org was broadcasting from the Standing Rock Sioux demonstration and prayer site, filming the horrendous methods by the Pipeline corporation’s private security to attack peaceful protesters against the Dakota pipeline.  She then returned to work to continue her job of reporting the important news.  A few days later, the State’s Attorney, Ladd R. Erickson, filed charges of trespassing on her.

She returned to ND to face them.  They were dropped due to lack of evidence.  Then on Friday, Erickson filed new charges against her, for rioting.  Of all things.  But just now, the judge threw it out.  It’s obvious that this Erickson fuck uses his job to persecute people he doesn’t like and he’s clearly violating the press’s right to free speech.  I’m glad that the judge has some goddamn sense.

Today, she was broadcasting from Washburn, ND, home of the McLean County courthouse when the news broke that she wasn’t getting thrown in jail.

BUT.  The thing that infuriates me, aside from the obvious, is that on the grounds of the courthouse sits a marble monument … of the fucking Ten Commandments!  This is in clear violation of the 1st Amendment.  These people have no business putting a loud, arrogant statement regarding a fantasy about a predatory sky god on the grounds of a secular government office.

Don’t Vote For Gary Johnson

Waste it on Jill Stein, if you must, but for Millennials to throw support behind Johnson because he agrees with Bernie Sanders on a few things is Massively Ignorant on who he really is.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the Libertarian platform is dangerous.  The man was governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003 and during that time, this is what he did:

  1.  Froze the wages of government workers.
  2. Got rid of collective bargaining rights for government workers (like Scott Walker of Wisconsin).
  3. Refused to increase the minimum wage.
  4. Privatized over a third of prisons and would have privatized them all.
  5. Lowered the tax rate for the rich.
  6. Slashed funding for social programs, claiming it was for their own good.  People who needed help with food went hungry.
  7. Tried to implement a school voucher program but the Dem legislature shot it down.
  8. Pushed for harsher sentencing laws.  Meaning, throw all non-violent law breakers under the bus.
  9. Repeatedly went over the head of the legislature to illegally award casino licenses to Native American tribes.  While that’s not a big deal since Natives need some way to lift themselves out of the poverty that the government has herded them into, Johnson’s disregard for the legislature proves that he’d have equal disregard for Congress, especially if the Dems are in control(like they were in New Mexico).

If you read rave reviews for him by an outfit called the Cato Institute, don’t be fooled.  It’s a rebrand of Koch Industries.


Gary Johnson’s Hard Right Record

As Joseph T. Hallinan reports in his book on the US prison system, Going Up the River, Johnson accepted at least $9,000 in campaign donations from a prison company that ultimately won a state contract. By the time he left office, New Mexico led the country in for-profit prisons, housing 44 percent of its inmates in private facilities. Only Alaska, with 31 percent, came close.

New Yorker’s Article: The Libertarians’ Secret Weapon

National Review praised him as the “New Mexico maverick” and as a “Reaganite antitax crusader,” who cut income-tax rates, slowed the growth of government, and eliminated the jobs of hundreds of state employees.

The New Mexico Political Report’s article: How Gary Johnson Went From ‘Governor No’ to Third Party Icon

Two decades later amid the rise of Trump, it’s easy to forget how much of an outsider Johnson was.

“He was kind of doing it on his own and he was an unknown in the beginning, except that Big J construction, his company which he and his wife Dee ran, was one of the big contractors that built some of the private prisons,” Feldman said.

Read that last quote again.  He owns a company that profited hugely after he became Governor of New Mexico and privatized 44% of the prisons.  He is no better than Trump, who bribed an official in New York so he would get out of paying dozens of millions of dollars in real estate taxes.

This man wants to get rid of ALL federal regulations.  ALL of them.  Think about that for a minute.

Lastly, he thinks climate change isn’t a thing.  The Earth will eventually warm up.  Not, for example, tomorrow and over the next fifty years, but in a few billion years.  You know.  When the sun expands.

Sure, he smokes pot.  So did a few serial killers.  Doesn’t make him worth voting for.