Our “Civic Culture” Is Sick of Obama and the DNC Establishment Horror Show

Mr. Obama’s article at Politico, the hack site that never gives all the facts:

Obama, opening his foundation’s first summit, calls for fixing civic culture

He said:

“What we need to do is think about our civic culture, because what’s wrong with our politics is a reflection of something that’s wrong with the civic culture, not just in the United States but around the world.”

No. You’re playing party politics and catering to the establishment corruption. OUR “civic culture” is sick of it. OUR “civic culture” has had enough of the lies, the pandering, the lobbyists, and the legalized briberies.

We didn’t get Clinton elected because she was a BAD candidate. Her egotistical approach to campaigning for the job was “I deserve it”.  She acted like the job’s hers because she’s running and because she lost eight years prior to a 44-year old professor of law so this time, it’s her job.  It’s such a narrow tunnel-visioned approach to campaigning.  She’s not only corrupt, she gave us the middle finger.  Like the following:

She avoided us and the press for 8 months of the election cycle. She went around giving paid speeches instead.  She altogether refused to tell us WHY she was running.  “I’m With Her”, or that other slogan that I can’t even remember because it was so lame-ass, was a bomb waiting to go off.  She was supposed to be this smart person and she lost.  NOT because people voted for Stein or Johnson.  That’s a pathetic excuse to blame the voters instead of looking at yourself to see what it was that they didn’t like.  It’s like that crap with Gore v Bush in 2000.  The DNC is still fuming over that.  Gore actually did win.  BUT.  He would have won a lot more if he had adopted the Progressive platform and not gone further Right.  Sure, he was for the environment, but you can’t be “for the environment” and cater to the corporations’ tax dodging and annihilations of said environment.

So along comes Obama and he basically says the voters are to blame for Donald Trump.

People, please listen up.  “Civic Culture” is a euphemism for voter turnout.  We are to blame.  No.  Clinton is to blame.  The DNC leadership is to blame.

We. Are. Sick. Of. The. Establishment. Corruption.

You, Obama, and the rest of that lot?  You don’t do what we tell you to do.  You treat us as if we’re children acting up.  Only when we put a knife to our throats (Trump) do you sit up and take notice and ask what the hell went wrong.  YOU went wrong.

Mr. Obama.  The DNC got lazy.  They turned into GOP Lite.  They went Right instead of Left and they are in Congress for one reason only:  padding their wallet.  Only the Progressives who have to call themselves Democrats in order to get backing from the DNC care about us.  You don’t.  You started up wars we had no business getting involved in.  You should have apologized to the entire Muslim world for our arrogance and war crimes, but instead, you increased military contractors and our Zero Policy presence in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Indonesia, and Asia.

Why don’t you use your time to tell everyone the truth?  Because you won’t get paid for all those lies you tell in those $quarter-million-dollar speeches.

You booted out Latinos for no good goddamn reason.  “Only the criminals” was a lie.  Trump has ICE outdoing your heinous deeds because you gave him the blueprints.  You went after whistleblowers because they exposed the criminals.  You killed the messenger.

Let’s make a comparison.

Men and women betray our country and they get a slap on the wrist, a stern talking to.  But “leakers” and “whistleblowers” get put in prison for exposing the war crimes we’ve been committing.  So they’re arrested and thrown in a dungeon or they’re forced to go on the run.  They exposed what you were ILLEGALLY doing so they had to pay.

We The People are sick of the lies that have torpedoed our bank accounts and livelihoods over the last 40 years, and all because we bought into the lies you fed us.  We are SICK of you, Clinton, and the DNC’s favoritism for the corrupt.

Progressive want to purge your kind out of government.  And for that, the new establishment hack leader of the DNC purged all Progressive democrats from leadership positions in the DNC.

That’s a message.  And we’re not gonna take it.  JusticeDemocrats.com, people.  Go support.

I fell for your bullshit, Mr. Obama.  I voted for you.  Twice.  The second time was because I absolutely HATE Mitt Romney and every single Republican out there.  He wanted to cut Social Security!  They all do.

And so did YOU.  The ONLY reason you didn’t get your cuts was due to the GOP’s plan of non-governing, refusing to do anything you wanted to do.

Voting for them is signing our death warrant.  But now voting for establishment democrats like you means the same thing, but in a nicer package.  Establishment Dems make speeches, tell us what we want to hear, and then they do the opposite.  Kamala Harris is just like you.  She was a Big Pharma lobbyist.  That’s enough to disqualify her from office.

I’m sick it.  I’m sick of you.  Buh-bye, asshole.  Go sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.


A Revolution Do-Over Is Required

Once upon a time, there was a land called New World.  The men and women who lived there for hundreds of years didn’t call it that.  They called it The Land, The Earth surface, Home, the Spirit Lands, and other names.  Each tribe or nation had their own view, their own lands, their own government, their own people.  When one tribe sought to take more than their share, which wasn’t very often, then they went to war to regain the balance.  Balance always returned.

Vikings from Norway traveled to Iceland, Greenland, and what are now provinces of Canada, moved down the coast and settled for a while, but Odin and Thor weren’t happy and they had so much trouble with the strange land that they returned home.  This was long before 1492 C.E., when Spain’s pirates (with royal letters of mark making them “privateers”) set sail to find other lands to conquer because they weren’t getting very far with England and France–and those two countries couldn’t stop warring with each other(and England with Scotland, Ireland, and Wales).  So while they were busy, the pirates set sail.  After a while, England, Portugal, and Italy joined them.


The mindset of these people was greed.  Sure, some of them may have been honest folk, but the religion of these people told them that the world was theirs to conquer and anyone who wasn’t like them was sub-human, not worthy of their own lives, their own governments.  They invaded Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

They murdered millions—people who already lived in the lands they invaded.  Most murders were through direct action.  Many died through indirect means, such as disease and starvation.  Many people were forced into slavery–and slavery was an industry.  An institution.  To do away with it meant a loss of income and they would not stand for that.

By the early 1700s, many “colonists” in North America had murdered, enslaved, and stole lands from, the indigenous peoples.  Many states south of Virginia refused to give up slavery, but since fighting men were needed, they were allowed to keep their slavery in return for joining the men who were determined to create a new nation.

There is an old adage that holds to be true:  Wars of independence are always followed by civil wars.  The reason is because the independence seekers are forced to accept compromises in order to win and those compromises are seeds that foment internal rebellion and self-destruction.  Those compromises weren’t really compromises.  They ultimatums and guns to the head.  In the case of the so-called United States of America, those compromises were about one thing:  slavery.  Or to put it more esoterically, Greed.


As the U.S. grew, greed killed off many more Indigenous Peoples and corralled the rest in ever-shrinking “sovereign” lands.  AKA, reservations.  When the U.S. government’s greed wanted more land, they violated their own word and stole it from the Native Americans.  The “Indians” didn’t–and still don’t–have militias or armies or weapons, so their rights were run over, their people slaughtered.  Meanwhile, the Indians’ sovereignty was thrown in their faces whenever they asked the U.S. government for money.

The U.S. government will steal your sovereign land and deny you the means to live well on that land.  It’s a catch-22, and purposely written that way in order to eventually kill you off and get the land “back”–land that was never theirs to begin with.  All Native American land is surrounded by U.S. land.  There is nowhere to go, no one to seek help from.  Our Native American brothers and sisters are living on borrowed time.

Now, why have we white people put up with this?

Because we’re concerned with our own measly lives.  We are concerned with making a living, having an income, feeding ourselves, housing ourselves, and clothing ourselves.  Many of us are side-tracked with wanting more.  Greed.  But we never get it and there’s a reason:

Our government is run by an oligarchy, not a democracy, and it’s been that way from day one.  The Founding Fathers were rich men, and although some of them died “poor”(Washington), they were still members of the gentry and given special status over so-called “simple” farmers and laborers.  What is now referred to as “workers”, and that name has a slavery connotation to it.

We are peons.  We are ruled by the rich.  They don’t give quarter.  They make us work for it while they reap the rewards that we should all share in and don’t.

When we try to bring balance, we are trod upon, lied to, and always forced to work against our own interests through means of parlor tricks, skullduggery, bald-faced lies, misdirection, and our own bigotries.

So America has limped along since the Civil War, grown little by little after WWI and WWII, and We the People allowed ourselves to conquered and indentured by our so-called leaders.  We gave them power and they ran with it, building it up and up and up until we looked around and found there was an immense inequality.

And we wonder where it came from.

It came from us.  We gave power to representatives–people who were elected to represent our interests.  But we let them squander it away.  We let them build their own fortunes while they robbed us of our own.  They made promises and broke them.

Why are all politicians scorned?  Because we know them to be liars.  But we *made them* politicians.  Why are we suddenly scornful?  Because we’re lazy good-for-nothing slackers, that’s why.  We refuse to do the hard work of keeping them on their toes.  We think, “Okay, you’re elected, now do a good job.”

Except most of them won’t.  They are in it for the money, not your welfare.  In order to keep getting rich, they sell you lies.  They take advantage of your beliefs, your bigotries, your prejudices, and in return, they’ll fuck you over so fast it’ll make your head spin.

Every election cycle, we choose people to represent us and believe them when they tell us what we need.  We give up our rights to make our own choices by letting them make them for us.  And to get there, they feed us lies.  When they’ve won, in return for our loyalty, they sell us to the highest bidder.

Why have we allowed that?  Why have we buried our heads in the sand?

We’ve become so preoccupied with our own bigoted views that we have ignored the sickness that surrounds us.  We have no power until we stand up and put a stop to it.  We’re treated like peasants.  We’re told who to hate, who to love, who give our blood to, and when to die.  We’re told behave and be controlled.  By police.  By the military.  By corruption.

We let this happen.

The entire system is corrupt.  It isn’t just about who sits in the Oval Office.  It’s about who sit in our state capitals and our local town councils and who provides law and order and for what purpose.  It doesn’t matter if we go to church or synagogue or mosque.  It no longer matters if we believe we’re the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Because it’s a lie.

We have no control, no say in what happens to us.  No say in what our leaders do to others outside our country.  Our military and our genius has been turned over to people who have evil intentions.  All for greed.  All for power.  America is no longer the land of opportunity or of freedom.  It now stands for blood and horror.

Go anywhere outside the United States and you will find a country that has been screwed over by our politicians.  You will find a country that has been threatened.  You will find a country that has been bombed.  You will find citizens who have been raped and murdered.  And guess what?  You will find the Same Thing Here.  What do you think has been going on in rural towns?  What do you think has been happening to Native Americans?  What do you think will happen to you?

Do you even care?  Do you even have a soul?

We have to snap out of our force-fed bigotry.  The only way out of this corruption we’ve allowed to happen is to start another revolution and that will only happen if we get involved.  That will only happen if we sacrifice our peace, our comfort, and our apathy.  We can’t be complacent any more.

Oath of Office

A 2009 publication written by Jonathan L. Rudd, J.D., an FBI Academy Legal Instructor:

Oath of Office: A Solemn Promise

every aspect of an officer’s job touches that area where the authority of government and the liberty of the individual meet. Arrests, searches and seizures, investigative detentions, eyewitness identification, interrogations—all of these everyday law enforcement tasks, and more, are governed by the Federal Constitution. Under their own constitutions, the States may provide greater protections to their people; but by virtue of the Due Process Clause of the 14th amendment, they cannot provide less.


The Oath:

I [name] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.


This oath isn’t just for Presidents, heads of office, or law enforcement.  It’s also what every member of the military has to take at the conclusion of their basic training.  It’s an oath *I* took when I completed basic training in the Army in January 1980.


It is obvious, judging by the plethora of unjust and blatantly illegal behaviors performed by all members of law enforcement, including the FBI, that law enforcement academies of instruction no longer teach their recruits the rule of law.

Example:  A kidnapping/rape victim was re-assaulted repeatedly by law enforcement when she was kidnapped (held against her will; she wasn’t arrested) and forced to occupy a cell next to her rapist and sit next to him during transports to court.  Why?  Law enforcement’s excuse was that she became “combative” during her “prep” for court and they feared she’d refuse to show up for court.

It is not required of her to show up for court.  She can be video-conferenced in order to fulfill the requirement that the accused can face their accuser.  She can sign affidavits.  She can request to appear separately on the grounds that she fears for her life.

She doesn’t need to be Pollyanna.  She doesn’t need to act like a “good girl”.  She’s justifiably upset and has the right to behave however she sees fit as long as she’s not breaking any laws.  During “Prep” for court, attorneys or law enforcement (it should be attorneys only) will “grill” the plaintiff, preparing her for cross-examination.  During this “Prep”, the victim will get upset and angry.  The officers who said she was “combative” deliberately ignored the fact that “Practice” cross-examinations are hard on witnesses/victims, knowing full well that the “practice” is intended to get the witness/victim used to the adversarial attack-dog style of questioning by defense lawyers.  Many rape victims suffer from PTSD and verbal attacks can trigger emotional defensiveness and an emergency desire to protect yourself.  They often become “combative”.  It’s *normal*.

Police and Prosecutors involved in this case were either willfully ignorant of the rights of the witness/victim, did not care about the emotional stability of the witness/victim, or both.  They failed this woman by not supplying her with an attorney who has her back and will step in when prosecutorial “prep” ignores her emotional stability.  Hell, when they simply lack common decency.

Examples:  100s of instances of people of color have been shot by police for invalid reasons.

Example:  100s of instances where people of Latino heritage have had their 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th amendment protections violated by city/county/state/federal police as well as law enforcement members of Immigration and “Customs” Enforcement.

In order to carry out the law, police must abide by their oaths, but even after this “reminder” publication was released in 2009, they have frequently violated this oath.  Indeed, police academies across the country seem to have dropped the requirements for teaching recruits about the Constitution and how law enforcement must abide by it.  Instead, they have become lawless vigilantes and bullies.

UN Whistleblowing

Kathryn Bolkovac (and Wiki’s article)

Remember all those news stories about UN Peacekeepers committing rape and murder and involved in sex trafficking during the 90s and 2000s?  No?

I do.  You perhaps do not.  Why?


a)  Peacekeepers are immune from prosecution.
b)  Military Industrial Complex will lose money if their private contractors are held responsible.
c)  The victims are women and girls.  Who gives a shit about them?
d)  The Academy of Arts and Sciences (The Oscars) refused to accept this film as a nomination for Best Picture.  If they had, more attention and subsequent worldwide outrage would have been achieved.  However, there are financiers who are involved in “Hollywood” (Steve Mnuchin anyone? He financed a lot of movies, including Jurassic World–and the MFer is now in charge of our treasury) who also have a stake in sex trafficking’s money-making operations and they aren’t about to risk a light shone in their direction.


e)  Barack Obama​ was directly responsible for criminalizing whistleblowing, despite a law that protects them.  Because of his influence, The Whistleblower was forcibly downgraded as an inferior film that no one should believe.

Because the Military Industrial Complex is so vast and corrupt, it is impossible for the UN to change, to remove immunity for criminals under their direct authority, and for their internal investigative efforts to achieve SQUAT.  When they breathe fire and aggressively condemn a country for human rights abuses, tell them that they’re no better than a contaminated government whose hands are dripping blood.

Intercepted Podcast: On Executive Orders

“Intercepted” by Jeremy Scahill, for The Intercept

At The Intercept, we believe in holding those in power accountable, and our mission couldn’t be more urgent right now. With Donald Trump and his cronies consolidating power, we’ve launched a weekly podcast: Intercepted. Every week, I will bring on guests and colleagues to discuss the most pressing stories—those unfolding in public and the ones hidden in the shadows.

This is taken from the podcast “Intercepted Podcast: President Trump’s Cabinet of Killers and Why Orange Is the New Anti-Black” and the section on Executive Orders:

Intercept’s historian, Jon Schwarz:

“Executive orders can be extremely good. The Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order from Lincoln. Harry Truman used an executive order to abolish racial discrimination in the military. Executive orders can also be extremely bad. FDR used an executive order to create the legal authority for the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, our West Coast became a potential combat zone.

“Truman used another executive order at the start of the Cold War to create loyalty tests for government employees, which was really the birth of McCarthyism.”

Joseph McCarthy: The thing that the American people can do is to be vigilant day and night to make sure they don’t have Communists teaching the sons and daughters of America.

“If you look at modern executive orders, you’ll see that presidents claim their authority is based on two things. First is Article 2 of the Constitution, which gives them executive power, and requires that they take care that the laws be faithfully executed, and then a claim that they are in fact executing some specific law passed by Congress. In the case of Donald Trump’s executive order, shutting the door temporarily or maybe otherwise on refugees and immigrants from seven countries, it was the Immigration and Nationality Act.”

DJT: It’s not a Muslim ban, but we are totally prepared. It’s working out very nicely. You see it at the airports. You see it all over. It’s working out very nicely, and we’re going to have a very, very strict ban, and we’re going to have extreme vetting.

“If you don’t like what Trump did, the good news is that the Supreme Court has famously said about executive orders that, “when the President takes measures incompatible with the expressed or implied will of Congress, his power is at its lowest ebb.” And it looks like that’s what Trump was doing here, because the law he cited bans discriminating among immigrants on the basis of a person’s place of birth or place of residence.”

Do you see what he says?  Trump based his unconstitutional order on the Immigration and Nationality Act, but the Act says you may not discriminate.  This is why the judge in Seattle overturned and stayed the order.

One more thing:  This podcast also discusses the killing of civilians by the CIA and U.S.-backed (aka, armed) groups who have waged terrorism in the Middle East, Africa, and other places across the globe.  It is this fact that has emboldened our enemies.  They may have attacked us anyway, but this sickening behavior by our government–a government that We The People put in power through stupidity, ignorance, and apathy–only gives them a legitimate reason to do so.  The rest is religious, dogmatic rhetoric that they don’t even believe or follow.

The Hunt For 100s of Serial Killers

The A&E network has a new documentary series about serial killers called “The Killing Season.”  Specifically, it’s initial purpose was to find the Long Island Serial Killer, nicknamed LISK.

While looking for linkage clues in other states, the documentarians discover the *enormous* victim pool of hundreds of serial killers who are currently operating (according to active FBI investigations).  One of the largest (and most difficult to catch) types of serial killer is nicknamed LHSK, or Long Haul Serial Killer.

Now, why don’t we know about these murderers?  Because the victims are, 99% of the time, sex workers who put themselves at risk every time they get into a perp’s car, there is no official attempt to stop the killers.  After all, they’re cleaning up the “trash”.  We will never catch these MFers.  Unless we:

  1.  Stop being complacent about this large victim pool.
  2.  Make prostitution federally legal and placed under governmental regulations.

Making prostitution legal will become a rallying cry ONLY for those who have personally had a stake in these murders.  That is, victims’ families.  But you see, prostitution will never be legalized until we as a society stop the following:

a)  Treating sex like a crime.
b)  Treating women like property.
c)  Dump patriarchy for egalitarian society.

Putting a stop to serial killers *requires* us to stop treating sex like a forbidden subject.  To step away from the so-called “sin” of sex required by male-dominated oppressive religions.  ALL serial killer murders are sex crimes, even if no obvious sexual component is apparent.  Every single serial killer murders for sexual pleasure.  They’ll return to the scene of the crime in order to relive it and will masturbate while doing so.

The Long Island Serial Killer is just one of hundreds of cases of serial murder and the cops need the public to catch these people.  Unfortunately, many precincts are embarrassed by the numbers of victims they haven’t found justice for so they bury the cases or file them as “unsolved”.  They need US but there are too many of them who refuse to ask for help.  It’s a national disgrace.

While serial murder is a sort of hobby horse of mine from a psychological standpoint, I would gladly find another subject to focus on if we could just catch all these fuckers and stop future perps from being made.  And I stress “made”.  No one is born bad.  No one.  Murderers are made.  Medical evidence shows that there are some individuals whose brain chemistry made them susceptible to aberrant behavior due to mental, physical, and sexual abuse, but it is not guaranteed.  There are examples of this in families.  Why does one traumatically-abused brother become an FBI profiler and the other become a murderer? (Gerard Schafer (sp) of Florida was both–and it’s not uncommon b/c all serial killers are fascinated by law enforcement due to its domination factor)

What is, IMO, a fact that creates SKs is abuse, and all of it involves some form of mental abuse.  The severity of its result (a three-person SK who quits compared to an SK who kills dozens) depends on the brain chemistry of the victim-killer.  There are professionals out there who’ll disagree with this assessment.  They like to wallow in “mysterious” cause of an SK, and IMO, again, the reason is part of a societal sickness:

We as a society refuse to accept blame for the things we have caused.


Anyway.  I highly recommend this documentary.  I also hope it wins an Emmy for outstanding investigative journalism.  There’s a significant lacking of that in television news.

Voter Intimidation Will Happen On November 8th

The Nation news magazine:  Trump Is Encouraging Intimidation and Racial Profiling at the Polls

It’s illegal.  Back in 1981, the RNC mailed test ballots (not real ones) to residents in Newark and Trenton and the ballots were returned as undeliverable.  That meant that a) They had the wrong addresses, or b) The addresses were fake.  They tried to purge those names from the registration rolls and when that didn’t happen, they formed a “task force” and hired off-duty cops to patrol the polling sites in African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods; specifically Newark and Trenton.

Police carried firearms at polling places and wore armbands reading “National Ballot Security Task Force,” while the RNC posted large signs saying:  THIS AREA IS BEING PATROLLED BY THE NATIONAL BALLOT SECURITY TASK FORCE.  IT IS A CRIME TO FALSIFY A BALLOT OR TO VIOLATE ELECTION LAWS.

Back in 1920, after women finally got their right to vote, they were intimidated at the polls, along with minorities.  Voter intimidation violates election laws.  It is overseen by the FBI and is thus a federal crime, not a local one.

Trump has told his supporters to hang around polling stations and make sure people don’t vote 10 times.  Which means that he’s never been at a polling station.  Ever.  It’s highly likely that he’s registered to receive an absentee ballot.  But he’s claiming there will be voter fraud.  The man’s an idiot.  You CAN’T vote 10 times.  Your name is on a voter list and when you get to the desk, you’re recorded as having appeared, then directed to a voting booth where you use an electronic device or have been given a paper ballot.  You CAN’T go back and vote again and you can’t try to vote at another precinct because your name is not on those rolls.

The only time there’s voter fraud is when:

  1.  A ballot is mailed to a dead person and some idiot has filled it out and returned it.  It happens when Public Records (death certifications) haven’t been cross-checked with the Town/City/County Clerk’s office.  It really does happen.  I got a ballot mailed to my address with my Dad’s name on it.  At that time, he’d been dead for 8 years.
  2. The DNC or RNC has suppressed the vote, engaging in deliberate disenfranchisement by:  a)  purging voter registrations, or b)  demanding a voter ID (a driver’s license or state ID).  I’ve been the victim of a purge when the Town Clerk’s office refused to count my ballot because my signature didn’t precisely match.  This is, in my mind, an illegal act.  Town Clerks aren’t handwriting experts.  And just because you sign your entire name or use an initial for your middle name doesn’t mean you should be struck from the registrar or have your ballot tossed in the trash.  This is the real Voter Fraud.  And yes, the DNC is just as guilty as the RNC, though the RNC violates the laws on a yearly basis.
  3. The Voting stations are so disorganized that they don’t have enough ballots, the machines are broken, or they weren’t given the proper ballots.  For example, a polling station in California was only sent provisional ballots, and provisional ballots are NEVER counted in California.  When they say otherwise, they’re lying.
  4.  Blocks are put in place to prevent registration.  For example, making up rules that state you need to register for a certain party by a certain date, and those rules are NEVER put out to the public.

Licensing offices (usually called DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles) in Voter ID states are instructed to refuse African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and other “Minorities” (Whites are rarely refused) who don’t have a means to verify their citizenship–aka, a birth certificate.  People who have never seen their birth certificate, particularly those over the age 90 or those who’ve never had it to begin with, can’t get a replacement birth certificate because:

  • They don’t have the fee to pay to get it, which in my mind should be illegal.  It’s a tactic used against the poor.  I had to pay $65 for mine.  That’s a lot of money for someone who’s unemployed or unable to work.
  • Their birth certificate no longer exists.  This is particularly the case for rural residents of a town where the birth records have been “lost”, usually due to fire or flood damage.  In some cases, the fire damage is due to arson.  In all of those cases, all residents should be given waivers, but they rarely are.
  • Birth Records were purged before a certain year.  1915, for example.  It’s illegal, but it’s done anyway and then claimed as an accident.

As I said, Voter Fraud exists as Voter Intimidation or Disenfranchisement.  On November 8th, polling sites are going to be subjected to those insane Trump supporters who are claiming that they’ll assassinate Clinton if she’s elected (I’m not making a supposition; they’ve actually said that when interviewed at Trump rallies).  If the Secret Service is doing its  job–given recent scandals, that’s iffy–they’ll have those people located and detained, but that is unlikely since most of those threats come from CaucasiansThe excuse will be “Freedom of Speech”, and that’s typically used by people who don’t understand the caveat of yelling fire in a crowded theater when there isn’t a fire.

If the government agencies were smart, they’d have hired a lot of police to monitor the polling places–but this time, to discourage Trump supporters from intimidation tactics like the ones in 1981, or worse.  But alas.  Our governments, federal and local, refuse to take the “suggestions” by Trump seriously.  So it should be up to us law-abiding citizens to put a stop to it by calling the police when we see the harassment of those who’re standing in line.  This includes Trump supporters who are literally picketing polling places.  It’s illegal, and cops need to take it seriously.  Any attempt to intimidate a voter–aka, a member of a minority–should be treated with the same level of threat assessment as a terrorist.

Side Note:  IMO, the Secret Service should only be staffed by thoroughly-vetted active duty Marines.