Why Mega Corporations Are Bad

Mega-corporations. That's the name for a corporation that's grown so large that it eats other smaller ones. Like a virus. Kraft brands. I'd always preferred to buy them, especially after they openly supported Gay Rights, and same-sex marriage. But it's really interesting to find out what, exactly, Kraft owns. It isn't just the items that … Continue reading Why Mega Corporations Are Bad


Abolishing ICE

ICE was created in 2003 by the Bush Administration.  Not before.  It's a product of the very illegal Patriot Act (which has "suspended Habeas Corpus" and only Martial Law can do that), and replaced INS: Immigration and Naturalization Service. It was created to keep tabs on immigration and H2B Visas from Muslim countries. It was … Continue reading Abolishing ICE

To Hell With Civility

To Hell With Civility I was on the side of civility. That we should let people eat wherever they want, regardless of who they are. But I was coming from the old school, where we leave alone people who are different.  Gays, Blacks, Latinos, Syrians, Palestinians, etc.  It should go without saying that I'm referring … Continue reading To Hell With Civility

Why Other Countries Hate the United States

I'm a vet.  A non-war vet.  And I'm ashamed every day when I hear about our military being sent somewhere, and I'm outraged by the demonization and victimization of those who are brave enough to stand up to their country's purveyors of crime and tell the world what they did.  Snowden, Manning, and several others … Continue reading Why Other Countries Hate the United States

The History of Politically Correct

"Politically Correct" Back in the 70s and 80s, the phrase used to be positive, and denoted the political awakening of those who stopped being racist, sexist, and bigoted. Then in the mid- to late-90s, there came the backlash because PC now included anything that offended anyone for any reason. So now, those who were racist, … Continue reading The History of Politically Correct

Synthetic Weed is Made to Make Pot Look Harmful–& to Replace It

NEWSWEEK: Rat Poison Laced "Synthetic Marijuana Kills Four in Illinois, Officials Warn of People Coughing Up Blood and Internal Bleeding" "Even without the rat poison, synthetic marijuana tends to carry serious side effects including strokes, seizures and hallucinations. More than 450 people went to a hospital after taking synthetic cannabinoids between January 2010 and November … Continue reading Synthetic Weed is Made to Make Pot Look Harmful–& to Replace It

The Corrupt California DNC Omitting Progressive Candidate from Primary Polling Data

The corrupt DNC in California is actively committing fraud against the electorate by omitting the names of other primary candidates (Alison Hartson) from newspaper and television polling data. Help stop them. The petition to stop this bullshit: https://www.alisonhartson.com/petiti…/…/17/unrig-ca-primary… Alison has outspent the other candidates in private citizen (non-corporate donor) donations a la Bernie Sanders.  She … Continue reading The Corrupt California DNC Omitting Progressive Candidate from Primary Polling Data