Why Mega Corporations Are Bad

Mega-corporations. That's the name for a corporation that's grown so large that it eats other smaller ones. Like a virus. Kraft brands. I'd always preferred to buy them, especially after they openly supported Gay Rights, and same-sex marriage. But it's really interesting to find out what, exactly, Kraft owns. It isn't just the items that … Continue reading Why Mega Corporations Are Bad


Screw Your Border Wall, Just Give Us the Money

Border Wall:  At last count, it's a $6 BILLION waste. Number of Americans to take care of: Est 350 million (Does NOT include children and millionaires/billionaires) Take that $6 BILLION and give it to the American people. Just give it to us. Know how much that would gross us? Per person: $17.145 Million. 25% tax: … Continue reading Screw Your Border Wall, Just Give Us the Money

Patriarchal Hierarchy is Killing Us

(This isn't a rant about being anti-male, anti-men, so get that out of your system right now and I'm not here to suggest that Matriarchy is the answer.) Patriarchy:  A cultural structure that is male-dominated and patrilineal (inheritance through male lines) which appears to be predisposed to run in an hierarchical system. Hierarchy:  a system … Continue reading Patriarchal Hierarchy is Killing Us