A Veterans’ Day Question to All Current and Future Politicians

A Veterans’ Day Question to All Congressional, Senatorial, and Presidential Incumbents and Current or Future Candidates:

Apart from the Progressive candidates who refuse to take high-dollar donor money and don’t have conflict-oriented finances, the rest of you have a hand in the military industrial complex. You have either financial stakes in their stocks or have received repeated high-dollar donations from those companies and corporations who are involved, directly or by proxy, with the Pentagon and the Armed Services, or both.

If one of you went to a civilian company and said, “Design this for me to use in a war game.” And you paid them $100,000 for it, you would get a top-notch, top-drawer result.

Our military doesn’t make their own clothing and equipment. It’s outsourced, just like every many quality jobs in this country. It’s done that way because you refuse to pay a living wage and supply them with health and financial benefits. I say again, for the benefit of the American workforce: You outsource because you refuse to pay us a living wage and quality benefits. You want it all on the cheap, exploiting foreign workers.

The same is done to our military through sub-contracting. You will pay them a high amount of our taxes. But for what? Crap. You don’t reward our soldiers, airmen, marines, sailors, and guardsmen with high quality clothing, equipment, food, shelter, and healthcare, and you don’t do this because you don’t think they’re worth that much. You want them to fight in your pointless wars, but when they come home, the financial and medical care they receive is a pittance compared to the private rewards you give yourselves.

Senator John McCain is getting high-quality care for his brain tumor. The same cannot be said for the Specialist or Sergeant who returns home with either physical injuries, mental injuries, or both. High-ranking members of the military DO get top-notch care, but only because of their rank. You decide that. You reward only the ones who’ve achieved high rank. Everyone else is fodder.

You claim you care about our troops. Our military. But your records show that all you are interested in is in making money off their lives and corpses. What in the hell are you going to do or us Veterans? For the men and women who come home from those wars you greedily sign up for our fellow citizens to fight? For the men and women who currently and in the future serve on active duty and are equipped with the best tools WE can possibly give them? Everything from their boots, quality food, quality billets, quality equipment. All you care about it making money from the weapons they’re equipped with, while at the same time, those weapons are not the best they could get. You paid a handsome dollar to their maker. The person who uses them gets squat.

What are you going to do that will match that so-called support you incessantly spew at the public? What are you going to do that will match that useless and pointless and frankly, offensive, Armed Services salutes you selfishly pay the NFL for? What will you do in order to get our respect and be either elected or re-elected?

Before you answer, you are not allowed to spout off with some insufferable talking point about how brave our soldiers are and that you have always had the highest respect for them. If you do, I will suggest that your constituents elect someone else. If by chance you have rigged their voting system, by purging rolls or gerrymandering districts, then you deserve to be kicked out and someone with an actual plan will take your place.

I am sick and tired of this “fiscal responsibility” lie you and others have shelled out to the American public and toward our military service members and veterans. Our budget is 60% military spending and half of that is handed over in cash to war profiteers who hide behind civilian contracting company boardrooms while they electrocute our soldiers in sub-par housing. KBR, anyone?

Our military is not meant to be a cash cow nor is it meant to be privatized. But many of you make money off the backs of our military personnel and you inhibit, thwart, and contravene them with your outsourcing of their jobs to mercenary armies whose sole purpose is to plunder and pillage.

Exactly what the hell are you people good for if all your intended solutions are geared toward padding your bank accounts?

Either equip our military with expensive and top-notch clothing, equipment, and medical care, or get out and give your job to someone who gives an actual shit.


Our “Civic Culture” Is Sick of Obama and the DNC Establishment Horror Show

Mr. Obama’s article at Politico, the hack site that never gives all the facts:

Obama, opening his foundation’s first summit, calls for fixing civic culture

He said:

“What we need to do is think about our civic culture, because what’s wrong with our politics is a reflection of something that’s wrong with the civic culture, not just in the United States but around the world.”

No. You’re playing party politics and catering to the establishment corruption. OUR “civic culture” is sick of it. OUR “civic culture” has had enough of the lies, the pandering, the lobbyists, and the legalized briberies.

We didn’t get Clinton elected because she was a BAD candidate. Her egotistical approach to campaigning for the job was “I deserve it”.  She acted like the job’s hers because she’s running and because she lost eight years prior to a 44-year old professor of law so this time, it’s her job.  It’s such a narrow tunnel-visioned approach to campaigning.  She’s not only corrupt, she gave us the middle finger.  Like the following:

She avoided us and the press for 8 months of the election cycle. She went around giving paid speeches instead.  She altogether refused to tell us WHY she was running.  “I’m With Her”, or that other slogan that I can’t even remember because it was so lame-ass, was a bomb waiting to go off.  She was supposed to be this smart person and she lost.  NOT because people voted for Stein or Johnson.  That’s a pathetic excuse to blame the voters instead of looking at yourself to see what it was that they didn’t like.  It’s like that crap with Gore v Bush in 2000.  The DNC is still fuming over that.  Gore actually did win.  BUT.  He would have won a lot more if he had adopted the Progressive platform and not gone further Right.  Sure, he was for the environment, but you can’t be “for the environment” and cater to the corporations’ tax dodging and annihilations of said environment.

So along comes Obama and he basically says the voters are to blame for Donald Trump.

People, please listen up.  “Civic Culture” is a euphemism for voter turnout.  We are to blame.  No.  Clinton is to blame.  The DNC leadership is to blame.

We. Are. Sick. Of. The. Establishment. Corruption.

You, Obama, and the rest of that lot?  You don’t do what we tell you to do.  You treat us as if we’re children acting up.  Only when we put a knife to our throats (Trump) do you sit up and take notice and ask what the hell went wrong.  YOU went wrong.

Mr. Obama.  The DNC got lazy.  They turned into GOP Lite.  They went Right instead of Left and they are in Congress for one reason only:  padding their wallet.  Only the Progressives who have to call themselves Democrats in order to get backing from the DNC care about us.  You don’t.  You started up wars we had no business getting involved in.  You should have apologized to the entire Muslim world for our arrogance and war crimes, but instead, you increased military contractors and our Zero Policy presence in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Indonesia, and Asia.

Why don’t you use your time to tell everyone the truth?  Because you won’t get paid for all those lies you tell in those $quarter-million-dollar speeches.

You booted out Latinos for no good goddamn reason.  “Only the criminals” was a lie.  Trump has ICE outdoing your heinous deeds because you gave him the blueprints.  You went after whistleblowers because they exposed the criminals.  You killed the messenger.

Let’s make a comparison.

Men and women betray our country and they get a slap on the wrist, a stern talking to.  But “leakers” and “whistleblowers” get put in prison for exposing the war crimes we’ve been committing.  So they’re arrested and thrown in a dungeon or they’re forced to go on the run.  They exposed what you were ILLEGALLY doing so they had to pay.

We The People are sick of the lies that have torpedoed our bank accounts and livelihoods over the last 40 years, and all because we bought into the lies you fed us.  We are SICK of you, Clinton, and the DNC’s favoritism for the corrupt.

Progressive want to purge your kind out of government.  And for that, the new establishment hack leader of the DNC purged all Progressive democrats from leadership positions in the DNC.

That’s a message.  And we’re not gonna take it.  JusticeDemocrats.com, people.  Go support.

I fell for your bullshit, Mr. Obama.  I voted for you.  Twice.  The second time was because I absolutely HATE Mitt Romney and every single Republican out there.  He wanted to cut Social Security!  They all do.

And so did YOU.  The ONLY reason you didn’t get your cuts was due to the GOP’s plan of non-governing, refusing to do anything you wanted to do.

Voting for them is signing our death warrant.  But now voting for establishment democrats like you means the same thing, but in a nicer package.  Establishment Dems make speeches, tell us what we want to hear, and then they do the opposite.  Kamala Harris is just like you.  She was a Big Pharma lobbyist.  That’s enough to disqualify her from office.

I’m sick it.  I’m sick of you.  Buh-bye, asshole.  Go sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

Amendment Suggestion Regarding Political Salaries

Missouri lawmakers just took raises away from minimum wage workers

Cities within Missouri raised the minimum wage.  The state legislature has finally been able to veto it and everyone who makes the current raised minimum will now go back to $7.70/hr.  They’ve all just been given a pay cut.

This should be illegal.

Suggestion for inbound Democrats in Congress:  When you get the majority, find your fucking backbones and institute a new unbreakable rule, even making it an amendment:

“All politicians, either in office or retired, are hereby prohibited from earning a salary that is higher than the federal and pertinent states’ minimum wage.”


Take away their fucking government Single Payer Healthcare, too . . .


“Those that work against their constituents’ constitutional right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness will have their government healthcare plan revoked until they meet the minimum standards for serving the people.”

Corruption Was Not Built in a Day

You know that cliched saying, “Rome was not built in a day”?
Consider applying that to getting rid of the corruption in our political system and government.  We will NOT get rid of it in the next four years.  It will increase a thousand-fold. It will now be harder to get rid of, but it is incumbent upon us to do it regardless of the uphill battle.  It won’t take a new president and a new congress to get it done.  It will take several.  We have to understand and accept that.  Corruption is part and parcel in politics.  Has been from day one.
But consider the second cliched, and more apt, saying(and I’m paraphrasing):
“The only way for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing.”
That goes for every subject under the sun, and most especially, for our country’s future.  We cannot slide into apathy, depression, and a feeling of helplessness.  We have to get angry and stay angry and do whatever it takes to kill the corruption that rules over us.  We have to do this or we will die.  This is not hyperbole.  After our current crop of criminals get done with removing our health insurance, thousands WILL die.
Perhaps that will be enough to get those stay-at-home apathetic voters to get off their ass.  Or perhaps they’ll need another financial crisis (that WILL happen) or another war (that WILL happen).
When we see our civil liberties taken away by a dictator and his unqualified cabinet, will we stand up and scream “Fuck You”?  We had better, and we had better tell all the corrupt cops to fuck off too when they try to keep us from getting out the vote in 2020.  Am I wrong?  I don’t think so.  I also think that half the country, or maybe most of it, doesn’t understand the desperate condition we’re in and will be in for four years.  They’re going to find out.  And half of them will only find out if the corrupt broadcast news networks wake up and act like journalists, not defacto ratings whores.

Proof of Election Fraud

Can We Count on the Election Results? Exit Poll Discrepancies and Voter Suppression Are Serious Issues

“According to the exit polls conducted by Edison Research, Clinton won four key battleground states (NC, PA, WI, and FL) in the 2016 presidential election that she went on to lose in the computerized vote counts. With these states Clinton wins the Electoral College with a count of 302 versus 205 for Trump. Clinton also won the national exit poll by 3.2% and holds a narrow lead in the national vote count still in progress.

“Exit polls were conducted in 28 states. In 23 states the discrepancies between the exit polls and the vote count favored Trump. In 13 of these states the discrepancies favoring Trump exceeded the margin of error of the state.”


To brush up what an Exit Poll is:  Pollsters stand outside the polling stations with a clipboard and ask people who they voted for.  Exit Polling is also under-represented because many people have been brow-beat throughout their lives that sharing who they voted for is somehow wrong.  So those who answer the Exit Pollster are among the few who don’t have a problem sharing their vote.  Also consider the voter who is with a family member or significant other who intimidates them into telling the Pollster what the S.O. or family member wants to hear.  So Exit Polling is, by its nature, not at all accurate.  BUT.  When it swings wildly when compared to the electronic vote, then there is something wrong with the machines.  North Carolina’s voting system was hacked, too, because the owners of the machines had their company in Florida hacked by the Russians.  Clinton should have won, according to Exit Polls.

In my not so humble opinion, as it never is, Hillary Clinton won, and by a larger margin than is currently presented.  Voter Suppression and Voter Disenfranchisement by Republican-controlled areas (they can’t win unless they cheat) makes it clear that those small margins which showed Clinton and Trump nearly tied but with Trump in the lead are in areas whose Republican-registered town clerks cancelled many *Democratic* registrations for no good reason.  Almost all purges, in every Voter ID state and in every state who shut down polling stations and eliminated early voting, were against self-identified Democratic voters.

In Wisconsin, where Trump was ahead by 27,000 votes, attorneys trying to challenge that state’s new law said upwards of 300,000 residents lacked the required IDs. That early attack was bookended at the election’s close by Republican election officials, from Ohio’s secretary of state to North Carolina county election boards, who gamed the field for brazen partisan advantage. They curtailed early voting, moved precincts, inaccurately purged voter rolls, and made perplexing decisions-as in Ohio-not to activate voting machine audit software, which means the results cannot be verified.


Look at the numbers.  It’s a pattern in every single state and especially high in Red states.  Voters had the correct documentation for getting voter-suppression Voter IDs but the town clerks were instructed to purge those who claimed they were Democrats or Independents.  I don’t have proof.  I don’t need proof.  The facts speak for themselves.  To arrive at another result is either through deliberate obtuseness and bald-face lying.

Purging registrations weren’t the only reason Hillary Clinton “lost”.  She also lost in the Electoral College, which is not only outdated but was always an anti-democratic body that caters to the few, not the many.  It is corruption at its highest and it needs to be eliminated by 2020.  If it takes a revolution to make it so, so be it.

While fixing the voting system, Election Day needs to be made a permanent holiday that cannot be changed by future administrations and Congresses.  Unfortunately, all the fixes needed to make our voting system legitimate can’t–won’t–be done by a Republican president and Congress.

Audit software also needs to be mandatory.  Those who refused to use it do so because they refuse to have their Republican candidate lose.  They have proven themselves to be corrupt.  It isn’t just the Republicans, either.  In audit software as in voter suppression tactics, the leaders of the Democratic National Committee pulled the same shit during the 2016 primaries that disenfranchised Bernie Sanders voters in preference to Hillary Clinton.  Exit Polling was extremely unbalanced compared to the electronic votes cast.

So it isn’t just the Republicans, though their corruption is more wide-spread and doesn’t seem to differentiate between poor white voters and rich white voters.  They’re interested, at the moment, in only tanking the Democratic vote.  The DNC is interested in tanking anti-corporation non-corruptible Presidential candidates.  The DNC needs Progressive leaders who can’t be bought who will get control of the system so they can put an end to donor and lobbyist money.  Bribery needs to go back to being illegal.  The GOP needs to do the same, but they first need to join the 21st century as well as stop being a bunch of cheating, whiny bitches who bury their heads in the sand the moment someone says “climate change”.  For fuck’s sake, grow the hell up.

Dear DNC …

This is YOUR FAULT.  It’s not Bernie’s.  It’s not all of us who voted for him.  It’s YOU.

You corrupt bastards have torpedoed our democracy, all because you wanted to keep your jobs.

How’s that working out?

Bernie would’ve fired your asses and gone after corruption so that’s why you rigged the primaries through Sabotage.  It resulted in:

  1.  Purposely making sure TV news didn’t cover him.
  2. Controlling the narrative so Bernie came across badly.
  3. Refusing to have more debates.
  4. Sabotaging all other campaigns by people like him.

Now look at what you’ve wrought.  Our country will be led by an orange-haired demagogue who’ll shit-can all over our rights and turn our country into a hate machine dystopia.  Thanks for nothing, you spineless MFing rat bastards.

Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Committed Any Crimes! Enough!

What have we learned about those HACKED emails?  The inner workings of the Democratic party.  Distasteful perhaps, but it isn’t illegal by any angle, never mind the fact that it pales in comparison to the inner workings of the GOP.

Hillary Clinton hasn’t committed a crime, now or in the past.  The Clinton Foundation hasn’t committed any crimes.  But let’s be honest here.  We are vilifying Hillary because she’s pissed off the Boy’s Club and she’s married to a serial adulterer.

By comparison, Donald Trump HAS committed crimes and instead of getting jailed, he’s paid people off (in the form of penalties and court settlements in order to escape jail).

If the SEC actually worked, the GOP con-didate (candidate) would have had his presidential run revoked and massive fines thrown at him for his *illegal* acts of eliciting money from foreign governments.  To have these charges dismissed on the grounds of campaign ignorance is nothing short of SEC malfeasance.

Let’s review:

Trump hasn’t released his tax returns, showing that he has something to hide.

He’s refused to pay his contractors by declaring bankruptcy after bankruptcy.  *Any normal person who declares bankruptcy gets their credit tanked for 10 years.*  Thanks to our unofficial Oligarchy (NOT a democracy), Trump still has credit and a shitload of money.

Trump routinely demands non-disclosure agreements from everyone connected to him, whether by personal or business relationships.  Only a criminal demands that you keep your trap shut.

Trump has used undocumented workers whom he refused to pay until forced to do so by a judge.

He uses foreign workers and materials, contradicting campaign “promises” of getting jobs for Americans.  When he rides in on a White Horse, telling people how prosperous they’re going to be (like he did in Atlantic City), he stays around for a bit, then he bails on them, refusing to pay contractors and employees and declares bankruptcy to get away with it.  This is a  *pattern*, not an outlyer.

He will go to court next month to fight criminal charges of the rape of a 13-year-old.  He has sexually assaulted women on a regular basis and bragged about doing so.  He’s a sexual predator.

He race-baits.  He gender-baits.  He religion-baits.  He has the support of the KKK and other Right Wing Terrorists.

He is a serial liar and routinely ignores facts in favor of his own disproven statements.

He ignores Intelligence briefings and refuses to listen to facts about Russia because he owes them money and has current projects in place to make more money.  The same thing can be said for Turkey, China, and other countries.

HE has *never* been subpoenaed to appear before Congress to answer for alleged criminal behavior despite the fact that he’s blatantly broken SEC and IRS laws.  By comparison, Clinton has appeared numerous times–despite the fact that no wrong-doing was ever found.

He is a Criminal.  He CAN’T be trusted.

By comparison, Hillary Clinton is condemned for being a dumbass about using a private email server.  She’s being vilified for unsubstantiated, as well as being cleared of, corruption charges by way of GOP manipulation of the public.

She’s the victim of numerous and baseless Witch Hunts.

She’s blamed for what the DCCC does and thinks.

She’s blamed for the DNC’s blatant bias against Bernie Sanders.

No evidence of criminality exists, but SHE’S the bad guy.  SHE can’t be trusted.


Hillary Clinton has been the victim of a 30-year old smear campaign and a considerable majority of the American people have been duped into believing constructed lies *despite* the fact that there is no evidence justifying this negative view.

Set aside the political quagmire that Progressives have been rallying against and look at the big picture.  Are you actually willing to be duped because of your disgust at the blatant corruption that infects the entire political system?

Now, consider what has happened over the last month.

  1.  Clinton is connected to people whose emails contained personal attacks on her character.  The emails revealed the inner workings of a political party.   Distasteful to a regular person, but unsurprising to people in the sphere of politics.  They haven’t revealed criminal behavior or acts.
  2. Trump has been revealed to be a willful liar, serial predator, and a thin-skinned immature man who throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way.  He’s advocating violence if he doesn’t win the election.  He’s advocating voter intimidation on election day.
  3. The FBI director notified the public (via a corrupt congressman) about *unknown* emails discovered on a laptop owned by the husband of Hillary’s former assistant.  Their importance is unknown, but he purposely let the public think they were significant.  He’s known about the emails for a month and he purposely sabotaged Clinton’s election chances because of the successful manipulation of the public thanks to longtime-GOP trolls like Roger Stone, conspiracy nut Alex Jones.  What the FBI Director did is illegal, violating election laws.

The GOP can’t win unless they lie.  And the public is fellating these lies.


If Trump wins, despite all evidence showing he isn’t qualified (due to lack of experience and extremely flawed character) never mind that he owns a Get Out Of Jail Free Card, We The People will deserve what we get as a result.  We Progressives and You Disaffected will be subjected to a *massive* “I Told You So”.