Trying to Correct the Uncorrectible

There’s this pastor (Protestant: evangelical Christian) who has decided that gays aren’t evil.

Upworthy’s A pastor shares the exact moment he changed his mind about the LGBTQ community.

While Ryan hadn’t been hostile toward the LGBTQ community before, now he admits his lack of attention to the subject helped create a culture of fear surrounding homosexuality and the church.

Since Ryan announced that EastLake would be an open and affirming church, hundreds of people have left the church. But Ryan stands by his decision.

“I don’t care if the Bible says, ‘Gay people suck,’” he says. “I have lots of things I disagree with about the Bible.”

Note: hundreds of people have left over relaxing view of LGBTQ people. Aren’t they supposed to “love everyone” because “Jesus” told them to?  Of course not. Because “he” never “said” that.


Anyways, while his opinion of gays has changed, Pastor Meeks still believes gay people will go to hell.  He’s just decided to be nicer about it so they’ll follow his god’s laws.  Those laws that say:  here’s how to hate and fear everyone who isn’t you, here’s what you eat, here’s when to eat it, here’s what to wear and how to make it, here’s what to grow and and how to grow it, here’s how to slaughter animals to a specific god and for a variety of reasons, and here are all the animals and people you have to hate.


The shitheels writing the Books of Moses while pretending to be Moses were seriously fucked up dudes.  Why am I saying “dudes”?  Because there are four different sources to those books of Moses (documents called “J”, “E”, “P”, and “D”) and those people writing them did so several hundred years after those so-called events happened and they wrote different versions of the same events.


Regardless, we still the problem in believing in a book that has cost MILLIONS of lives, and that’s a low number, especially if you take seriously all the tribes that “Israel” slaughtered for no other reason than a) they had nothing better to do/felt threatened for no good reason, or b) this so-called god told them to do it. That so-called god of the Old Testament murdered millions by flooding the entire planet because he suddenly got a bug up his ass for those millions not worshipping him. Well, if he was really a GOD, then he simply could have changed everyone’s minds instead of pointlessly slaughtering them. Which goes to show you how spectacularly fictional the Old Testament is.

Humans have this need to make sense and meaning out of their lives and basic Pagan religion is the result.  On the other hand, “Religions” based on the Pentateuch/Torah/Qu’ran/New Testament are based on books whose authors were nothing more than authoritarian nutjobs equal to Jim Jones.

Buddha is the exception, but combine Buddhism with authoritarian regimes (pre-1960s China, Far East countries like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, etc., ancient Japan) and voila, murder. Hinduism is an offshoot of Buddhism (determined by archaeological study of migration patterns) which turned into a polytheistic religion, but Mahatma Gandhi was forced to fight for the right to live independent lives and the reason that happened was due to British colonialism, and other countries pulled the same shit due to an authoritarian belief which centered on following the “corrected” Bible, which “told” them to convert every single non-believer.

(I should also add that “Pagan”, Hindu, and Buddhist “religions” don’t feel the need to “convert” non-Pagans/Hindus/Buddhists.)

Currently, we in the U.S. have factions who are ready, willing, and able to slaughter tens of thousands of lives (particularly black and gay) and they “blame” (my word) their need to do this because the Bible tells them to do it. Well, pardon me, but …

a) Christians have nothing whatsoever to do with the Old Testament so whomever they’re following to justify killing gays, it isn’t Jesus.
b) Christians are confused because they don’t know who to worship: Jesus or Yahweh/Elohim/Jehovah. In order to call yourself a Christian, you HAVE TO pick Jesus.

Every single book in the Bible/Torah/Qu’ran is vehemently anti-woman. To single out half the human race for slavery and oppression is a heinous act and deserves no respect. Period.


So while this pastor aims to be a bit more egalitarian toward his fellow humans, he still follows a book that subscribes to murder, rape, and slavery.  I’d admire him more if he chose to be an atheist in order to treat everyone as he would like to be treated.


Lastly, does my being Wiccan say I’m a hypocrite?  No.  What I believe is for me alone.  I despise those who oppress and enslave and murder and I try not to do the same to others.  Does that mean that my “goddess” is no more real than the authoritarian male gods?  Yes.  She is simply my interpretation of nature, which rules all.  And you cannot deny that nature rules us all without looking like a complete moron.

UN Whistleblowing

Kathryn Bolkovac (and Wiki’s article)

Remember all those news stories about UN Peacekeepers committing rape and murder and involved in sex trafficking during the 90s and 2000s?  No?

I do.  You perhaps do not.  Why?


a)  Peacekeepers are immune from prosecution.
b)  Military Industrial Complex will lose money if their private contractors are held responsible.
c)  The victims are women and girls.  Who gives a shit about them?
d)  The Academy of Arts and Sciences (The Oscars) refused to accept this film as a nomination for Best Picture.  If they had, more attention and subsequent worldwide outrage would have been achieved.  However, there are financiers who are involved in “Hollywood” (Steve Mnuchin anyone? He financed a lot of movies, including Jurassic World–and the MFer is now in charge of our treasury) who also have a stake in sex trafficking’s money-making operations and they aren’t about to risk a light shone in their direction.


e)  Barack Obama​ was directly responsible for criminalizing whistleblowing, despite a law that protects them.  Because of his influence, The Whistleblower was forcibly downgraded as an inferior film that no one should believe.

Because the Military Industrial Complex is so vast and corrupt, it is impossible for the UN to change, to remove immunity for criminals under their direct authority, and for their internal investigative efforts to achieve SQUAT.  When they breathe fire and aggressively condemn a country for human rights abuses, tell them that they’re no better than a contaminated government whose hands are dripping blood.

Enough With The Anti-PC

Have you seen this bullshit?

‘Devil’s Advocate Boy’ Statue Erected On Wall Street Next To ‘Fearless Girl’

The plaque at his feet reads, “American women have access to the greatest opportunities in the world, in case you didn’t know. What? Not everyone knows that.”

No, we don’t.  And it’s just like this sexist prick to think otherwise.  Why?  Because they feel threatened.  They have such low self-esteem, such low self-confidence, but it’s coupled with a bizarre arrogance that lets them think that it’s okay to hate women again.

WTF is up with that?  Answer:  Snowflake Backlash.

For the past 20 years or so, there’s been this backlash about Political Correctness. People who have no problems with PC hear it and they don’t pay attention. WHY?
Let’s be clear about something. “Political Correctness” is a term created by bigots, sexists/misogynists, racists, and other hate mongers. It wasn’t created by we rational thinkers who prefer not to denigrate or outright hate “the other”, those groups we’re not a part of.

This PC complaint is about haters who WANT to hate and are sick and tired of not being able to. Oh, you poor little snowflakes. You can’t use the N-word anymore. You can’t sexually harass a woman. You can’t tell women to go make you a sandwich or get in the kitchen or lie down and take it. Poor you. You can’t call people spicks or chinks or any other ethnic slur. Poor you. And fuck you, you backward troglodyte. You are now “the other” and you don’t like it. Boo fucking hoo.

Yes, there’s such a thing as being “too” PC, where some have overreacted to being slighted in some way that’s gone too far. You need your space, your safe space, and that’s okay. But don’t fuck it up for the real reason for political correctness: To stop hatred.
Bill Maher created a show called Politically Incorrect. Despite his being a pot head and part-time liberal, he’s a special little snowflake who goes way overboard when it comes to giving anti-PC folks a chance to air their grievances. And now in his new season on HBO’s “Real Time”, he’s taken things further just to get attention. To be talked about. Well, congrats, asshole. You’ve just dumbed down America.

Haters do NOT get a voice anymore–except for the bullshit election that’s once again given them that voice! That was the whole problem to begin with! Don’t you assholes see that? I’m guessing not. “He tells it like it is.” You mean he’s a soul-sucking demon who gets to shit all over everyone while stealing your wallet? Oh, that’s supposed to be okay again?

Stop being so anti-PC. There’s a reason why we’re supposed to evolve and get past *irrational* hatred. Hate the murderers, the rapists, the demagogues, the KKK, the Nazis, the corrupt. Hate the haters. Don’t fall into the trap of accepting everyone because that condones the crap. It’s fine to want to stop hatred, but be specific, not all-inclusive. Hate has its uses as long as it doesn’t return to old habits–and unfortunately, it has.

The Major Players in GoT

When you read or watch Game of Thrones for the first time, the one thing that stands out starkly in nearly every scene, plot, game, and relationship is the fact that this world is violently, virulently, and catastrophically misogynistic.  Women are property.  They’re either someone’s wife, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, priestess, … and whore or slave.  Queens are at the whim of the Kings.  It is rare that a woman is in charge or has stepped into a role starkly (no pun) reserved for men.

But over time, by the end of the sixth season and in that wonderful climax, the male leadership has severely diminished and women have taken command.

I have yet to see anyone in any “overall” review (and I admit I haven’t read nearly as much as is out there) of Game of Thrones where anyone has even noticed this change, this switch.

I find it extremely gratifying.  I nearly turned the damn thing off after the first six episodes, but I kept hearing things so I gave it chance.  I’m glad I did.

There are, of course, a lot of changes that have occurred during the book-to-screen transition, as is par for the course.  If Stephen King’s “The Stand” or “IT” were to be filmed again, and properly, they would a) be rated severe-R, and b) take nearly as long to tell as Game of Thrones.  And even that said, there’s a bit of stuff HBO’s GoT has left out.

ASIDE:  There is one excessively severe screen “adaptation” that I am extremely thankful for:  Tyrion Lannister.  In the books, he’s a caricature, a stereotypically bad joke relegated to a circus performer when he’s captured and sold as a slave, forced to perform like those sad bastards at Joffrey’s wedding feast.  By the end of the 5th book, he’s nowhere near Daenerys or even in any shape to escape.  There’s no Varys, no Jorah.  Thank you, producers, for making that change.

There are, IMO, five major players at the end of season 6.

  1. Daenerys
  2. Sansa
  3. Arya
  4. Cersei
  5. Ellaria

While it’s arguable that Ellaria is one of them, she’s in a leadership role.  Arya isn’t, except that she’s captain of her own destiny who’s become a revenge assassin–which I adore–but I think she’s a major player because she’s changing the political landscape of everyone else.  I think it would be *awesome* if she does indeed murder Cersei.  While Elena Tyrell is the leader of her family–by the fact that she’s now the only surviving member of the top tier Tyrells–she’s not really in a position to jockey for the Queen of Westeros.  The rest of the women are–even if it’s really only a contest between Daenerys and Cersei.

I left out Brienne of Tarth because she’s still in a subordinate role, despite being a badass.  Some would argue that Sansa is still in a subordinate role under her half-brother (which he isn’t) Jon because he’s now King of the North, she’s also the Lady of Winterfell and a pure blood.  It isn’t likely that Jon will get the Stark name and it isn’t likely that Bran will take over because he’s now, permanently, the Three-Eyed Raven.

The series began with a five-way battle for King of Westeros.  It’s ended in a two-way battle for *Queen* between Daenerys and Cersei.  Two women who are miles apart in character and temperament.  It’s ironic that though the Targaryens have this insanity trait in the family, it’s conceivable that Cersei, a Lannister, has gone mad.  Her power-hungry personality makes her hated, and she’s the complete opposite of her Targaryen counterpart.

No matter how the remaining two seasons play out, equality is well on its way to the world of Game of Thrones.  Providing the men don’t screw it up and the other women don’t find their backbones.

White Male Privilege: 1, Feminism: 0

Article at Alternet:  Yes, the White Male Anger that Fueled Trump’s Victory Was Real-But It Isn’t Valid: “Make no mistake, Trumpers are angry. What they’re angry about is the loss of unearned race and gender privilege.”


You couldn’t get a better spokesman for unearned male privilege than Trump. The man is lazy, stupid and deeply incurious, but he always speaks in this lecturing tone — with the perennial fingers pinched in the air — as if he were the preeminent authority on whatever topic he’s ignorantly bullshitting about. He talks down to women like Clinton, even though they are clearly smarter than he is.

He is fat and ugly and his hair is creepy and you know he’s never actually gone down on one of those pussies he likes to grab, but he feels entitled to have a model wife young enough to be his daughter, and who is terrified to smile all the way lest we see any hint of a crow’s-foot. He seems like a lonely person who has never really loved a woman. But he treats women like servants or property, and that has its appeal to a certain kind of man.

(Women, especially white women, go along with this sexism for complex and often deeply sad reasons.)

This can be tough to accept, but so are a lot of things that are simply true: Given the choice between improving their own lives and screwing over someone else’s life so they can feel superior, large numbers of Americans will choose the latter. They have found their champion in Trump, a man who has never found a bridge he wouldn’t burn and for whom vengeance is a way of life.







Climate Change, “Before the Flood”, and Hillary Clinton’s Carbon Tax Intention

Alternet’s interview with Fisher Stevens, the director of the new docu, “Before the Flood”:  The New “Inconvenient Truth”: Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Documentary Wants to Challenge Climate Change Skeptics

Excellent article.  The film will also air, fittingly, on the National Geographic Channel on October 30th at 8 pm.

One thing the film is promoting, in internet links at the end of the film, is a carbon tax.  You can go to and voluntarily pay a carbon tax yourself.

The most illuminating bit, as far as politics and this election is concerned, is the last paragraph where the director of the film says:

“Ironically, in the Wikileaks just released, it turns out that Hillary Clinton is actually for a carbon tax, but didn’t want it to come out. I have to say, I was really psyched. It made me love Hillary even more.”

Do you understand what that means?  Just because HRC doesn’t want something to get out into the mainstream, doesn’t mean it reveals something corrupt.  Follow the logic.  She doesn’t want to lose the bastards who are giving her campaign millions.  Some of the exposed “secrets” by Wikileaks aren’t bad news for us regular folk.  They’re bad news for the gluttonous corporations.

Just because she’s in bed with Wall Street doesn’t mean she isn’t playing them, isn’t planning to eviscerate them.  She’s one canny politician.  And for the record, she’s an advocate for universal healthcare.  She has been for her entire life.  Or did you forget history?  She was condemned and maligned for it, by the Senate(Dems included), during her senate years and lost her bid to get it done.  I think she’s going to try for something like it.  I hope she does and I hope it is aimed to effectively slash apart the problematic “Obamacare” and clean it up so it actually covers everyone.  Medicare for all.

Me, Pie-eyed?  No.  Just look at her good record as well as the bad (gigantic paid speeches, Foundation problems, Wall Street connections, for example).  And hold her feet to the fire after she’s elected President.