L Ron Hubbard and Donald J Trump are Personality Twins

I was listening to this psychologist who determined that Hubbard was a malignant narcissist, which is partially defined as a person who aggressively attacks someone who criticizes them or tells them what to do.

If you think about it, compare the two men, it’s like they share the same soul.

Hated and evaded the press.

Hated the government.

Considered the IRS the enemy.

Hated exercise.

Had libertarian ideas but was more extreme in individuality.

Vehemently racist.

He evaded taxes.

Had everyone investigated.

Made shit up and turned it into a philosophy that he sold to people.

He was Trump’s spiritual daddy.


Terrorists Are Also Abusers of Women

Jane Harkness (I love that last name–Torchwood and Dr. Who fans will know what I mean) makes a qualified case about terrorism: The men who do it, by and large, are also abusers of women.

It seems to me that the majority of resources intended for the prevention of terrorism should be to stop misogyny and the victimization of women. This deduction is on par with the serial killer triad, which is: Pyromania(fascination with setting fire to things or people), enuresis(inability to control urination during sleep), and cruelty to animals.

If there’s a child over the age of 10 who has been found to participate in all three of these indicators, that child needs to be hospitalized at a critical care facility for the insane. I’m *not* kidding.  However, former FBI profilers like John Douglas suggest that after the age of 12, a future serial killer is born because it is at that age that most children have personality affectations that are difficult to eradicate.  There are several past serial killers who committed murder before the age of 14.

To ignore this triad of symptoms is to be a (usually unknowing, but that’s the point) participant in future crimes.  Our society breeds these people.  It is We who have to put a stop to it and in the meantime, take care of the damaged (and I don’t mean killing them).  Some blame should be on those who created this aberrant human being, but it’s a case-by-case decision because so many families have been abusive for many generations.

It is also likely that many of these children have or will become political and religious terrorists and the abuse of women will be at the top of the list of criminal deeds.  While many won’t have abused their own female family members, it should be noted that most serial killers murder women exclusively.

Taking this into account, the same qualifiers can be a warning for current and future terrorists, except that the qualifier is the abuse of women. Combine that criminal behavior with an extremist philosophy and you have a potential terrorist (IMO, they have already acquired the terrorist moniker since they’ve committed terror on women). It doesn’t matter what skin color they have, what their religion (if any) is, and it doesn’t matter what class they belong to.  They all need to be stopped.

Your Personal Racism Meter

I think the best way to view your “racism” meter is to imagine a scenario.
It really doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man, but honestly, the threat meter ratchets up if you’re a woman b/c we live in a dangerously sexist society, never mind a racist one.

You’re walking down a sidewalk and you see a group of men. Young, old, take your pick, but they’re usually young and mid-range. (20s-30s and who the hell is afraid of a bunch of beginner teens)

They’re coming toward you. They’re joking, talking, whatever.

They spy you. If you’re a woman, you’re automatically on alert and feel threatened because society in general is blind where women’s fears are concerned. Honestly, we should go on the offensive and start belittling and catcalling, etc. and see how the hell they like it.

If you’re a man, you’re not threatened unless you belong to a minority that is daily threatened. Gay men, for example.

Now, if they’re white, how do you feel?


Personally, I’ve changed my outlook over the years. I used to feel threatened by black men because I was brainwashed by society in general to think this way. Now, I feel threatened when I see a group of white men congregating or coming toward me or even driving by. The racist ones think they’re being threatened by having this view put upon them, but the dumbfucks don’t understand that they’re the ones who rule and any condemnation toward their attitude makes them feel threatened and they literally can’t see how ironic that is, never mind seriously sick.

I’m a white woman (57) and I have a few prejudices against me–female, short, fat, poor, older. I have Native blood (1/8th, if my alcoholic dad could be trusted on his failing knowledge, and as a poor person, I can’t go get a DNA test just for shits and giggles) so I’m well aware of the racist history there.

I use this scenario as a test on my personal racism. I can say that I’m damn glad I’ve changed over the years, but it still pisses me off that I thought that shit to begin with.

Using Race When You Mean Skin Color or Culture

(repeating a facebook post)

Using Race When You Mean Skin Color or Culture


Dear … People:

When you say someone’s of a different race, you’re unknowingly (most of you) perpetuating a racist meme.

Those of us who aren’t prejudiced, bigoted, asshole racists have gotten into the habit of calling different cultures “races”.

What we all have to understand is that we’re all part of the human *race* and to refer to someone who’s Black, Asian, Indian, Mexican, Arab, Iraqi, etc. as a different race is actually a racist slur intended to dehumanize non-Caucasians.

I know you’re not doing it on purpose.  I think, however, that it’s high time we all acknowledge what we’ve been doing and to put a stop to it.  As for me, I’m not a member of the White race.  I’m a member of a race abbreviated as human being (homo sapien) with a mostly Caucasian background.

We should all be more vigilant, especially given the current climate of “last gasp” racist dicks who are so lost and afraid of a uniting of cultures that they’ve come out of the woodwork–mostly as a result of two electoral events:

  1.  The election of Barack Obama.  Twice.
  2.  The election of Donald Trump.  It will be only once.

We’re 8 months into a hate-filled, hate-condoned presidency.  Please.  Let’s put down the phones and bills and remotes and pay attention to what’s happening and what we can do about it.

We’re Not Descended From a Biblical Pair

Adam and Eve.  Biblical people will say that the entire population came from Adam and Eve.

First, no.  It’s scientifically impossible.  Our genetic code would have disintegrated by now.

Second, you haven’t read that stupid book.  If we go by what’s said in the book of Genesis, we’ve descended from a lot of people outside of Elohim’s/El’s/Yahweh’s/God’s (honestly, pick one) chosen couple.  Not just Adam and Eve.

The proof is when Cain is sent on his way after killing his brother.  He’s sent to the land of Nod where he finds a wife and has many children.

A land not of Adam and Eve.  A land god didn’t create or he told Moses (the so-called writer of this book) nothing about it.  Nod contains more people, one of them female.  I’ll assume that Cain had a few choices and chose this unnamed woman.

Many other times within the five books of Moses are there references to Egyptians, Hittites, and other ethnic/culture groups (we’re all the human race but we’ve gotten into this bad habit of calling other cultures a “race” and frankly, it’s a racist attitude meant to dehumanize non-Caucasians) that god never told Moses about–instead having him believe that Moses descended from Adam (Eve’s always left out).

There are even times when one of the descendants of Adam goes his own way, then he fathers a whole culture who somehow becomes the enemy that Moses and his people, as they wander pointlessly around the Arabian desert, are told to slaughter because they’ve lost their way and no longer worship El.  Nice way of saying, “Boo hoo hoo, my sons over there don’t worship me anymore, boo hoo hoo, kill them all.”

There’s a lot of killing of non-Adam descendants during that 40-year wandering that isn’t really 40. It’s more like two years.  So what happened, Moses?  Why didn’t your god tell you about all those cultures?

Because the bible was written by several people who made it all up.

ASIDE:  By the way, the woman Cain marries is unnamed because the writers of the bible were ascetics who hated women and anything that came from carnal desire.  A woman was either the cause of evil (Eve, and in later stories made up by the church, Lilith, in order to continue the oppression of women whenever they ask, “Why are you doing this to us?”) or she’s so insignificant that mentioning her by name is of no interest by these writers.  The few who are named are intended to further the narrative of worshipping the one true god.

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Free Will is Not Biblical

I’m so sick of this “god gave us free will” shit.

When someone who’s a so-called godless heathen (or a child) asks, “Why didn’t god save (insert example)…?”, a bible defender or believer or part-time believer will say “Because God gave us Free Will, so he’s about us taking responsibility for our choices.”

This is bullshit.

Free will. There’s no such thing in the bible. God never says that to Adam and Eve when he kicks them out of the garden for having the stupidity to decide something for themselves–i.e., get some knowledge and therefore execute free will–the free will to do something he told them not to do.

That god didn’t want free will. He wanted obedience and ignorance. And when the two mud monkeys did something against his law, they’re booted out and given suffering for all eternity (mortality, birth pain).

So when someone says “god gave us free will”, they’re peddling propaganda by church officials.

NKorea isn’t serious. Calm the F*ck Down, Trump

There’s this thing called the DMZ (demilitarized zone) that separates North and South.  We have infantry companies who man our side 24/7, 365.  They are armed with some fearsome weapons (I’ve seen and heard them).  The M61 Vulcan was one of them, last I knew. (yes, I know, it’s typically in aircraft, but trust me, its most likely still there, or its upgrade)

We’re not just at the DMZ.  Spread throughout South Korea are several bases, some close to the DMZ.  They’ve been parked there since the end of the Korean War.  We also have a large Navy there.  Whenever the military, en masse, conducts training exercises, the leader of NK will throw a fit because he feels he’s supposed to throw a fit.  “They’re conducting exercises designed to attack me!  How dare they!”

POINT:  If Kim wants to start a war, all he has to do is march across the DMZ.  If Kim wants to shoot a missile at us, all he has to do is fire it into South Korea.  But he won’t.  Why?  Because he’s not serious.  Period.  He’s all bluster and prissy tantrum-throwing.  JUST.  LIKE.  TRUMP.

Consider where Guam is.  Then consider where South Korea is.  Any questions?

So c’mon, @realdonaldtrump, you stupid shit. Find your head, pull it out of your ass, listen to McMaster, and go sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.