Our Corruption Has Deep Roots

Re: The U.S. Government.

It’s going to take several decades, if not centuries, to get corruption out.  The corruption I speak of isn’t just among certain members of congress or the presidency.  It has to do with our government turning a blind eye to criminality and atrocity due to GREED.

It belongs to policies.  It belongs to trade.  It belongs to “decorum”, and it belongs to our own Constitution.


  1.  The Constitution.  In 1775, Jefferson was forced to rewrite it time and again because the “southern” states made lots of money from the “industry” of slavery and they refused to give it up.  Our government started out corrupt.
  2. Our National Anthem.  Francis Scott Key was a slaveholder who viewed blacks as subhuman and property.  He wrote it into the third verse of the song.  Despite knowing that, our racist forebears allowed it to become our national anthem and since then, have refused to remove it on the grounds that it’s anti-patriotic.  LIE.  Our patriotism was grounded on rebellion and revolution and written into the constitution (our rights to assemble and protest).  Patriotism is not defined as one who thinks and acts the way the corrupt government tells them to think and act.
  3. Oil and Gas Trade.  WE the People, via our corrupt government, do business with governments who commit atrocities, all because we want their oil and gas.  We prop up/support regimes who routinely murder their own citizens because we’re using them for some heinous means.  Saudi Arabia is one of them.  We did business with the USSR’s Stalin during WWII because we needed his support against Hitler.  Um, NO, we didn’t.  What WE (and the UK) didn’t want was to fight a war on three sides:  Germany, Japan, and Russia.  And because Russia sits on huge oil reserves.
  4. So-called War On Drugs.  Nixon created this problem because he hated “liberals”. i.e., Democratic voters.  Blacks and the poor routinely vote on the Democratic ticket — and generally against war — and in order to reduce their numbers, they had to be targeted.  The best way to do that was to create a drug problem, then to create extreme laws to “fix” the problem.  This also had a secondary industry growth: the private prison industrial complex.  When these people get out of prison, many states refuse to let them vote.  The corrupt members of congress and their industry donors can’t allow blacks to vote.  So if they aren’t going to prison for smoking a joint, then they have to be attacked in other ways.  One of them is to create a false narrative about voter fraud (which doesn’t exist), so voter ID laws were created that force out people who can’t get to a DMV.  DMVs are shut down, bus systems are cut back, and benefits to those on welfare are cut.  The whole point in doing all of that is to keep the political corruption going.
  5. Marijuana Demonization.  In the mid 1800s, the timber industry was booming.  The rich bastards at the top, which included congressmen and senators, who controlled the industry discovered that there were elements among the liberals who were trying to get hemp distributed as an alternate, and safer, source for paper-making.  Our own Constitution and other documents were drafted on it.  BUT.  Hemp would cut into the timber industry’s profits and our crooked Congress members couldn’t have that.  So hemp, and its strains like Cannabis Sativa/Indica, had to be demonized.  A ridiculous film called “Reefer Madness” was distributed in the 1920s as the central part of a campaign to place marijuana and hemp as dangerous substances–all the while, Cocaine and Heroin were widely distributed in medicines and soft drink products like Coca Cola (where do you think the name came from?).  When the FDA was created and drugs were being considered for prohibition, Cannabis was at the top of the list.  NOT for its dangerousness but because it was a rival to the timber industry.  When the pharmaceutical industry got going, cannabis was once again a threat, so the DEA was instructed to keep it on the prohibited list as a Schedule 1 drug, equal to heroin, cocaine, bath salts, LSD, and methamphetamine.  “Big Pharma” currently has developed a synthetic version of marijuana.  It’s addictive and has dangerous side effects.  Unlike the natural plant.  But Big Pharma needs to make money so the plant will stay on the DEA list.  Many states are now realizing the lies surrounding marijuana and are legalizing it, but its federal criminal status keeps the plant out of government tax status, which is illogical.  The government could profit, but Big Pharma is in charge and they pay off politicians (via “legalized bribery” in campaign contributions) to keep it that way.  (to learn more about marijuana, go to herb.co)
  6. Kratom Demonization.  Kratom, aka Mitragyna speciosa, is a member of the coffee plant family whose *miraculous* qualities help people fight their opioid addictions.  BUT.  The pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) will lose money if they can’t peddle their addictive substances like oxycontin, oxycodone, etc., so they bribe our politicians who make DEA policy.  Kratom is currently being considered for the Schedule 1 list.  It’s no more dangerous than the Valerian plant, a natural sedative, which has been synthesized to make Valium.  Fentanyl is a synthetic form of heroin, taken from the poppy.  It is highly addictive and can easily kill.  If anything should be illegal, it should be synthetic versions of plants intended for narcotic addiction.


The list can go on and on, but you get the point.  Our system is corrupt.  To get the corruption out will take a long, long time because they will fight against it.  Money makes people do evil things.  But we need to change, to root it out, to put us on a path where we can be proud to be Americans.

UN Whistleblowing

Kathryn Bolkovac (and Wiki’s article)

Remember all those news stories about UN Peacekeepers committing rape and murder and involved in sex trafficking during the 90s and 2000s?  No?

I do.  You perhaps do not.  Why?


a)  Peacekeepers are immune from prosecution.
b)  Military Industrial Complex will lose money if their private contractors are held responsible.
c)  The victims are women and girls.  Who gives a shit about them?
d)  The Academy of Arts and Sciences (The Oscars) refused to accept this film as a nomination for Best Picture.  If they had, more attention and subsequent worldwide outrage would have been achieved.  However, there are financiers who are involved in “Hollywood” (Steve Mnuchin anyone? He financed a lot of movies, including Jurassic World–and the MFer is now in charge of our treasury) who also have a stake in sex trafficking’s money-making operations and they aren’t about to risk a light shone in their direction.


e)  Barack Obama​ was directly responsible for criminalizing whistleblowing, despite a law that protects them.  Because of his influence, The Whistleblower was forcibly downgraded as an inferior film that no one should believe.

Because the Military Industrial Complex is so vast and corrupt, it is impossible for the UN to change, to remove immunity for criminals under their direct authority, and for their internal investigative efforts to achieve SQUAT.  When they breathe fire and aggressively condemn a country for human rights abuses, tell them that they’re no better than a contaminated government whose hands are dripping blood.

The Rape of Our Country

You need to pay attention.  Now.

What’s happening in the WH and the government is SCARY.  We have three major things that are at serious risk of breaking the back of our country.

1) Internet Security.  We need that baby and trying to control it the way they (the rich) do their lives (ick, lower class, get away, you don’t deserve shit but to shine my shoes and make my cars) will ruin us.

2) TAX CUTS.  Do you understand that taxes pay for everything? What they want to do is give less and make the rest of us give more. Our country cannot handle the tax plan they are intent on implementing. These people don’t want to help us. They want to help themselves. They are going to bankrupt our country and if you can’t or won’t see that, may the gods help you.

3) FARM WORK. Our country depends on seasonal workers to get our produce to market.  Without it, we are fucked.  WHITE people, so-called Americans, don’t want to do the work. Who does? Latino-Americans and undocumented Latinos. Ask every farmer who depends on “migrants” to get their crops picked and processed their opinion on our Latino seasonal workers. You’ll hear nothing but praise. Ask them about American workers, non-latino workers, and you’ll hear disgust and disdain.  When Latinos are employed, 90% of the crops go to market.  When whites and others are employed (only), 30% goes to market.  Why? Because the lazy good-for-nothing white workers don’t want to do seasonal work. Don’t want to do the *hard* work.  But we need our produce to get to market. We can’t survive without it.

This anti-immigrant, anti-undocumented worker bullshit is nothing but propaganda designed to do only one thing: DISTRACT. It’s the shiny object they’re waving while they steal the goddamn treasury out from under us.


So why haven’t you heard about this ad nauseum on cable news? Because cable news is corporate owned and they’re about to get a big pay day thanks to a massive tax cut… which is partly amusing since the fuckers don’t pay their fair share in the first place. But now they don’t want to pay at all.  We are going to be stuck with the bill, just like always.  AND WE CAN’T PAY IT.

The Romanticization of the Marquis De Sade is Sick

Wikipedia’s Marquis de Sade

Wiki gets a lot of criticism for publishing inaccurate information.  One must understand that the entries in Wikipedia depend on user input, not the admin of Wiki themselves.

There are a lot of entries that aren’t misleading or just plain made up.  One has to do a lot of reading in your research of a subject in order to ferret out what’s accurate and what isn’t.

Enter Le Marquis de Sade, aka Donatien Alphonse Francois.  Much of the information here is accurate, but the page is horribly lacking in factual information and purposely, IMO, misleads the reader into thinking that de Sade was merely a sexual revolutionary and a man ahead of his time.

In one respect, this is true.  His beliefs on sexual liberation were indeed ahead of their time.  His attitude about religion and how it needs to be no part of government was also ahead of its time… on par with our own deist Founding Fathers, who were contemporaries.


“Sadism” was coined after him for a reason.  “Sexual Sadism” to be more specific.

Donatien was, IMO, the world’s most famous serial killer and serial rapist.  His acts personified the narcissistic personality disorder.  His “fiction” is a blueprint for depravity, and as a believer in sexual liberation, I can use “depravity” in its modern form, not its archaic(religious-based bullshit).

Now, when I say sexual liberation, I mean that I believe that consenting adults can do whatever they like as long as they do no harm.  If a “sadist” wants to punish a “masochist” (one who orgasms through the infliction of pain), to each their own.  I have no qualms with proper BDSM (Bondage Domination Sadism Masochism).  Consent is the requirement.  When consent isn’t freely given (without coercion), it’s rape.

Orgies are okay.  Sadomasochism is okay.  I don’t have to be into that sort of thing in order to “approve” of someone else wanting to do it.  It all depends on consent.  De Sade wasn’t about consent.  He was all about “do what you want to anyone you want and fuck consent, decency, and the outdated ideas about depravity”.  A bit much on the over-simplification, but it’s accurate.  And you have to put aside the idiotic religious and Victorian notions about decency and depravity.  For fuck’s sake, kissing in public was considered indecent, so let’s be rational.  And back then, being gay or anal sex in general was considered a depravity.  Hell, it was only 40 years ago when the psychiatric association took homosexuality out of the perversion playbook.  Morality, decency, and depravity have changed and become more specific and less judgemental, thanks to secular laws.

All that said, de Sade was, and will always be, a sick fuck.

If you can get past the archaic language of “The 120 Days of Sodom”, de Sade’s most famous and depraved fictional book, you’ll find that the content can turn your stomach.  I have a strong stomach so saying that means something special.  The story is, thankfully, written up in Wikipedia accurately.  It says:

It tells the story of four wealthy male libertines who resolve to experience the ultimate sexual gratification in orgies. To do this, they seal themselves away for four months in an inaccessible castle in the heart of the Black Forest with a harem of 36 victims, mostly male and female teenagers, and engage four female brothel keepers to tell the stories of their lives and adventures. The women’s narratives form an inspiration for the sexual abuse and torture of the victims, which gradually mounts in intensity and ends in their slaughter.

The fictional book was banned in several countries for two centuries and was only removed from the ban in the U.S. in the early 20th century (I don’t have the date, sorry).  Now, as perverted as the book is, it should never be banned.  If Mein Kampf can be sold, so can de Sade’s books.  To me, they both exhibit forms of depravity no decent society should condone. (It’s available at Amazon for .99 cents, believe it or not.)

Have you ever read or listened to Hell House by Richard Matheson?  A book ahead of its time, IMO.  It’s one scary and sickening tale about a house haunted by the ghost of a sadistic madman, Eric Belasco, who took pleasure in other people’s suffering at the risk of his own deviant sexual appetites.  (I don’t mean homosexual.  I mean deviant.  For example, sex with animals or corpses.)

Belasco was, IMO, Matheson’s supreme example of what a modern de Sade would be like, if the character had been real.  The thing is, de Sade was the purest example of all serial killers, most of whom are and were interested in sexual sadism, which included inflicting horrible pain while raping them as well as necrophilia (sex with corpses).  He may not have acted out most of what he’s written, but he believed that people should be allowed to sexually act in whatever way they wanted.

This is not a man who should be romanticized, yet this idiot of a writer in the Wiki entry does exactly that.  They aren’t alone.  Writers of books and Producers of film have done the same thing.

I have to ask.  WHY?   Why do people do that?  Romanticize evil?  Are they willfully ignorant or sick?  It simply boggles my mind.

What doesn’t boggle my mind is the fascination with this dude.

Enough With The Anti-PC

Have you seen this bullshit?

‘Devil’s Advocate Boy’ Statue Erected On Wall Street Next To ‘Fearless Girl’

The plaque at his feet reads, “American women have access to the greatest opportunities in the world, in case you didn’t know. What? Not everyone knows that.”

No, we don’t.  And it’s just like this sexist prick to think otherwise.  Why?  Because they feel threatened.  They have such low self-esteem, such low self-confidence, but it’s coupled with a bizarre arrogance that lets them think that it’s okay to hate women again.

WTF is up with that?  Answer:  Snowflake Backlash.

For the past 20 years or so, there’s been this backlash about Political Correctness. People who have no problems with PC hear it and they don’t pay attention. WHY?
Let’s be clear about something. “Political Correctness” is a term created by bigots, sexists/misogynists, racists, and other hate mongers. It wasn’t created by we rational thinkers who prefer not to denigrate or outright hate “the other”, those groups we’re not a part of.

This PC complaint is about haters who WANT to hate and are sick and tired of not being able to. Oh, you poor little snowflakes. You can’t use the N-word anymore. You can’t sexually harass a woman. You can’t tell women to go make you a sandwich or get in the kitchen or lie down and take it. Poor you. You can’t call people spicks or chinks or any other ethnic slur. Poor you. And fuck you, you backward troglodyte. You are now “the other” and you don’t like it. Boo fucking hoo.

Yes, there’s such a thing as being “too” PC, where some have overreacted to being slighted in some way that’s gone too far. You need your space, your safe space, and that’s okay. But don’t fuck it up for the real reason for political correctness: To stop hatred.
Bill Maher created a show called Politically Incorrect. Despite his being a pot head and part-time liberal, he’s a special little snowflake who goes way overboard when it comes to giving anti-PC folks a chance to air their grievances. And now in his new season on HBO’s “Real Time”, he’s taken things further just to get attention. To be talked about. Well, congrats, asshole. You’ve just dumbed down America.

Haters do NOT get a voice anymore–except for the bullshit election that’s once again given them that voice! That was the whole problem to begin with! Don’t you assholes see that? I’m guessing not. “He tells it like it is.” You mean he’s a soul-sucking demon who gets to shit all over everyone while stealing your wallet? Oh, that’s supposed to be okay again?

Stop being so anti-PC. There’s a reason why we’re supposed to evolve and get past *irrational* hatred. Hate the murderers, the rapists, the demagogues, the KKK, the Nazis, the corrupt. Hate the haters. Don’t fall into the trap of accepting everyone because that condones the crap. It’s fine to want to stop hatred, but be specific, not all-inclusive. Hate has its uses as long as it doesn’t return to old habits–and unfortunately, it has.

Arkansas Legal System and Others Conduct Hideous Miscarriages (or can I call them abortions?) of Justice

And it isn’t the only one.  But I present it here as a microcosm of a justice system that has failed by factors of infinity.

At the Pacific Standard’s newspaper:  The Fight for Disability Rights Must Extend to Death Row

This article isn’t only about the wrongful execution of Ledell Lee, which they carried out April 20th, 2017.  It’s also about executing people with mental disabilities.  I think it’s also about the failure of the justice system to label defendants properly when it comes to their ability to assist in their own defense.  Ledell Lee couldn’t assist.  He couldn’t even get a new public defender when asked.

Lee’s case wasn’t just that he was mentally disabled.  It was a hideous example of a corrupt legal system.

  1.  Lee’s lawyer was a drunk who babbled during court proceedings.
  2. The judge and the prosecutor were having an affair and later married.
  3. The “science” used to link a hair to Lee was unsound.
  4.  Lee’s ability to assist in his own defense was never examined and tested.
  5.  The state of Arkansas doesn’t use valid scientific testing.  In essence, they are anti-science.
  6.  The courts in Arkansas and D.C. refused the ACLU and The Innocence Project’s request for a mental disability examination.

The state of Texas doesn’t use scientific analyses and psychiatric examinations to determine if a defendant is mentally disabled.  They use, instead, a stupid and insane “test” by comparing a mentally disabled defendant to that of a **literary character**.  Specifically, John Steinbeck’s Lennie character in “Of Mice and Men”.

What. The. Fuck.

What is it about certain states’ irrational and unlawful methods of so-called jurisprudence that compels them to act with such blatant corruption and legal malfeasance?  Further, why in the hell don’t the people of these states stand up and scream for a better execution (if you’ll pardon the term) of their legal systems?

Due to the flagrant mishandling, identification, and so-called respect for “State’s Rights”, the “conservative” element of political views infects all jurisprudence in a state’s ability to carry out justice.  Meaning:  If a state is run by “liberal” ideology, then conservatives in higher courts of law (and Congress, which is supposed to have no say) will say that the state has to conform to “federal” (i.e., Congress) orders.  If a state is run by “conservative” ideology, then the cry is “State’s Rights”, which means that they alone will conduct their affairs as they see fit and the federal government has no say.

Most of the time, “State’s Rights” is a code word for “We’re a bunch of racist, misogynists, and corrupt politicians who refuse to follow the rules of law set down by the Supreme Court and other federal seats.”

Their position is duplicitous, self-serving, and hypocritical.  How?  Marijuana legislation.  According to the DEA, pot is a schedule 1 drug.  This is bullshit.  It isn’t comparable to heroin, cocaine, or other narcotics.  You can’t overdose on it.  You *can* get a bad batch, or a badly made strain, but you still can’t overdose on it.  Point is, this is a State’s Rights matter, not a DEA one, but because it’s pot, suddenly conservatives and irrational zealots like Jeff Sessions claim that State’s Rights don’t supersede the federal government.


So, if you want to execute people how you see fit and ignore an individual’s rights to a competent defense, then your State’s Rights can’t be interfered with.  If you’re a circuit court or a Supreme Court and you order a state to obey its rulings, it will only abide by the law if that state decides it will.

On the one hand, this is anarchy.  On the other, it’s “State’s Rights”, good or bad.

So who gets to decide to execute a mental disabled man whose legal defense was incompetent, the prosecution and judge corrupt, and the legislature refuses to behave in a competent manner?

The State.  And according to new junior, neo-conservative Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, fuck the new evidence, fuck the corruption, the state can murder a retard.

When the state executes an innocent and/or mentally disabled person, all legal actions taken prior to that execution must be halted, deemed corrupt and illegitimate, and new trials, examinations, along with legal appointments and elections, must be carried out along with a restructuring of criminal law.  When this is not done, the murder of innocent and disabled persons will continue.  It is up to We The People to put a stop to it.

Executions Must Stop Because they Violate the 9th Amendment

Arkansas Plans To Execute Seven People This Month, Continuing Long Tradition of Assembly-Line Killing

“Executioners will start by injecting them with a sedative called midazolam, never before used by the state, but which is supposed to render them unconscious for the two lethal drugs to follow. No one, apart from a handful of officials, knows where the drugs will come from, or who exactly will do the injecting. Those are secrets under the law. Most importantly, no one knows how well the midazolam will work, if it works at all.”

This is bullshit.  Midazolam seizes the body in a rictus while giving the feeling of being “burned alive”.  This is the very definition of cruel and unusual punishment and thus violates the 8th Amendment.  “In Wilkerson v. Utah, 99 U.S. 130 (1878), the Supreme Court commented that drawing and quartering, public dissection, burning alive, or disembowelment constituted cruel and unusual punishment.”  Just because there’s no literal burning doesn’t mean that this drug is considered “safe”.

If you really want to murder people without “cruel and unusual punishment”, bring back the guillotine.  But oh no, we can’t do that because BLOOD.  This is insanity.  There is no such thing as a clean death anymore.  The drugs for lethal injection no longer exist b/c the company that makes them has decided it won’t participate in legalized murder.  As a result, states have been using inferior “cocktails” that fall under “cruel and unusual punishment”.

“Capital Punishment” (aka, the sanitized language for Legalized Murder) must be outlawed.  It is nothing but Revenge Killing.  You can also call it Honor Killing.  Hyperbole?  I don’t think so.

First of all, you can’t punish someone if they’re dead.  The fact that you’re sentencing someone to die is the very essence of saying, “We fear death, so death is a just punishment.”  Bullshit.  You can’t punish someone if they’re dead.  Punishing someone by telling them they’re going to die IS a form of cruel and unusual punishment because if that person is also afraid of death, you’re terrorizing them.

Second, and to repeat, murdering someone as a means of punishment is both illogical and unconstitutional.  The condemned killed someone.  Or many someones.  So to punish them, you’ll do the same thing?

Let’s go through this reasoning for killing a murderer by using two examples of serial killer.

  1.  Theodore Robert Bundy
  2.  Gary Leon Ridgway

Both Florida and Washington have the death penalty.  Ridgway was given consecutive life sentences for the murder of 49 women.  Bundy was given two death sentences for the murder of 3(although in total, he killed up to 30).

Why the disparity?

Well…  Let’s put aside the fact that Florida is death sentence happy.

a)  Bundy’s victims were “upstanding members of society”.

b)  Ridgway’s victims were, primarily, street prostitutes.

Had Ridgway murdered “honorable” women, he’d have been given a death sentence.  Instead, he murdered “throwaway” women (except for one woman, who was a school teacher, if memory serves).

So, for killing sorority women and a girl, Bundy gets the chair.  For killing 49 prostitutes–and earning the moniker as “the most prolific serial killer in American history”–Ridgway gets to live in prison until he dies?

It doesn’t matter that the sentences were carried out in different states and that it’s up to the states to decide who gets to live or die.  What matters is that there are different rules for the murder of women and girls depending on what type of women or girls they were.  If they were “upstanding members of society”, i.e., they weren’t prostitutes or women/girls in the slave trade or being used as pedophile slaves, then the murderer gets the death penalty.  This isn’t a hard and fast rule.  Some murderers of prostitutes were given death sentences, but most weren’t.  Plus, there’s also a difference in gender and sexual orientation.  Kill gay boys or men?  Life Sentence.  Kill “regular” members of society, death sentence.  That isn’t a given either (John Wayne Gacy was executed) but the majority are given life sentences.

Because the death penalty is dished out in an unbalanced way, and because many *innocent* people (mostly men) have been murdered via a death sentence, that form of punishment needs to end.  When *one* innocent life is taken, then that method of punishment is no longer valid.

Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Florida are among the worst offenders in Capital murder.  They kill indiscriminately–innocent and guilty alike.  Plus methods of murder qualify as cruel and unusual.

If you want the victim, the so-called guilty, to die, then kill them in as painless a method as possible:  the guillotine.  Sure, it may horrify them to know they’re about to get their head lopped off, but it is any more horrifying to know you’re going to get electrocuted?  That you’re going to get injected with a cocktail that will cause severe pain?

All forms of “capital punishment” cause pain.  If you want to commit illogical revenge by murdering someone for murdering other(s), then guillotine the bastards.  But nooooo, we can’t do that.  There’s a head and blood and ew, that’s gross.  We need “clean” deaths.  What fucking hypocrisy.